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November 12, 2012, 9:05 am
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Upated May 22

The measure one’s success in life is the spiritual influences one leaves behind, after they have left this world. This means the children one raises and one’s deeds.

People in a minute of life can change everything for the good. There are those who acquire the World-to-Come, in a single moment of Holy virtue.

Know, no one knows the merit of their prayer or its effect completely, if at all.

The Divine influences that dress to Prayer can be spontaneous and simultaneous causing a reaction on someone or something at any place spontaneously simultaneous and immediately being “reactive”. Its effect may even be perpetual. Something just “happens” at one point it is transmitted to.

This is accomplished by the power called ” faith”. Faith is the absolute conviction that expresses itself as mental willpower- force, that can transform and impell changes in physical and spiritual reality.. This power called “faith” must be revealed by one’s mental, emotional, verbal and physical powers.

Think about what it is that Heaven wants and expects from from you and do it.

Do not delay.

If one DOES NOT live A spiritual existence, there is drawn little Divine light and chaos ensues If he does not actively build invoke reality by Divine will and God forbid goes against it the chaos of nature takes over.. But he who lives a spiritual life then the Divine light will flood Creation through him and he will exist in a positive reality, surround by the Divine will he has invoked. This banishes chaos. This is why “Pardes”, the spiritual worlds exists. By working Divine will through the “sefirot” the greatest potential for reality in general and specific aspects can be brought into being including all potential history. One who knows how to work these Divine mechanisms can consciously impact the creation and their own life, even in miraclulous ways as the Holy wonder workers of old as great “sadeekem” do to this day. It is like this that a human becomes a partner in the “tikun” (fixing) and development of the Creation, enjoying a more intimate and beneficial relationship to Divine Providence.


You are free, when you have a real strong connection you have built with the Light of the Creator of everything. Free from being a slave to you lower desires, your ego and the pressure from surviving in this world most people must face. As long as you ” can’t ” act or speak like your true self. You are still in the proverbial Egypt. (exile from Godly consciousness). When one attaches themselves to some thing unholy by their thoughts speech or actions they become “bound” to it it blinding and desensitizing them till they get to the point where their “soul” and God are no concern to them at all, they could care less. Know, that self centered behavior breeds caos in one’s life and those around them, such behavior defies the natural “order”. Do kindness and share. Then we can leave our self imposed, self centered exile and take concern for the rest of us.  Through worldwide prayer and meditation the God will help solve world problems before they happen. If you haven’t noticed the world is looking pretty unstable these days.  Let us make not greed but sharing the dominant force in the world then suffering pain caos and evil will come to and end and every one will enjoy peace in every way.


But take note, we got a ways to go to get “there”