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“Supernal Holiness” and the will to GIVE
April 13, 2010, 7:56 am
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In order for one to have a desire and a craving to cleave to the Creator. one must make great efforts until he acquires a second nature, which is the will to bestow.

When one is imparted by God with the will to bestow, he is qualified to receive the Upper Abundance with it. This is “Supernal Holiness.”

All the flaws come only through the will to receive for oneself alone.

The Creator is the giver and does not receive anything, for He lacks nothing. He gives not because of a want. If He had no one to give to, He would not feel it as a need to give

We must perceive it as a game. That is, it is not that when He wants to give, it is something that He needs; but this is all like a game. It is as our sages said regarding the mistress: She asked, “What does the Creator do after He has created the world?” The answer was, “He sits and plays with a whale,” as it is written, “There go the ships of the sea, and Leviathan (the sea monster), which You have formed to sport in it”.

The Leviathan refers to the souls of the righteous cleaving  having connection to God.

This means  the purpose of creation is the connection of the Creator with the creatures, it is only God’s sport; but not a matter of desire or  need. God has no lack.

It is only playful.

When one acquires , the will to bestow, which the Creator must give. One then is qualified to serve the Creator in completeness !

One who has already exerted what he can to obtain this force, he is considered to be awaiting God’s giving him the will to bestow.

Then one cleaves to the Creator, and considered as having risen to the top.

It is the opposite with one whose work is only in self-reception. One who thinks that he will have reward from his work in heaven or a portion in the world to Come.

It is all about attaining the power to bestow. Rabbi Meir was prayed that wicked people in his neighborhood should die, not because they bothered him  but so that they would not live long enough to receive all their reward for the few good things they did do in this world, and could have then some reward in the world to come. So Rabbi Meir hoped the would die soon and not live long.

Based on teachings of Rav Baruch Ashlag