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Shvi shel Pasach

The 7th day of Passach teaches us that God has given us potential we could not even imagine like when a cold and impregnable sea bars your path? Don’t give up, anything is possible, the impossible is possible. One just needs to Move forward in truth with Divine faith and when you do, you will see the insurmountable barrier yield and the ominous threat will just fade away. You will see that despite all the “evidence” to the contrary, you have it within your power to reach your goal. But one will only come to realize this if they keep moving forward. One can come to see from Svi shel Pasach that the sky is not the limit. All depends on God as He is the one who gives all abilities. And there is nothing He cannot not do. It is we by separation from Him, who limit ourselves greatly.

When Israel first left Egypt they did not have enough merit themselves to be redeemed. They were redeemed because of the promise God made to Abraham. However, God wanted Israel to be worthy of redemption by their own merit. So after their faith had been strengthened by the three days they traveled under the wings of the Shechinah guarded by the clouds of Glory God tested us to see whether we would choose to give up and  return toward Egypt or trust in God and enter into the Reed Sea.  By this show of faith trusting in God even at risk of drowning showed Yisrael to be worthy in their own merit of being redeemed. Do not forget this lesson, merit to be be redeemed in the final redemption and merit the “Reshimu” of “mochin gadlut 2 ” of seder night that returns to be revealed on Svi shel Pasach !

  The secret to the 7th day of Pesach is not the splitting of the “Yam Suf”  (Reed sea) but  On Seder night a conception take place and Shvi  shel pesach is the birth.

Like Seder night there is revelation of Gadlut ב though on the Seventh Day of Pesach is only a “Reshimu” (tracing of it)  Being the 6th Night of the Omer, Yesod of Chesed, the gateway for the expression of kindness in all its manifestations. This festival evening  is different from all others the Arizal said that marital relations are required on this evening, unlike every other festival night.when it is not required. As found in the Sefer Shulhan Aruch of the Ar”i by Yakov Semach. Something also unusual on the 7th day of Pesach we do not say the blessing “shehyanu” as we said before it is nothing new only a “Reshimu” tracing of the “Gadlut” (expanded consiousness) of the “Seder” night. The seventh day of Passover is not a separate Festival in its own right, like Shemini Atzeret, the last day of Sukkot. But it is the conclusion of Passover so we don’t recite the “shehyanu”  blessing after Kiddush or when lighting candles. Even if the seventh day of Passover marks the day when many miracles were performed for our forefathers at the Reed Sea.

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe (z’l) teaches that Until “Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore,” they remained in dread of Egypt’s military might; some were even prepared to submit to slavery again rather than risk death After the Splitting of the Sea, however, all fear of danger ended and they experienced true freedom.

In the Zohar  R. Shimon teaches that  when Israel stood by the banks of the sea and sang, God and His Heavenly community appeared to them and they recognized  their King Who had performed all of the miracles for them. Each and every one of the people understood and saw that which the world’s prophets had never seen or understood. As testimony of this, At the Sea all Yisrael sang together the same words at the same time, the “Song of the sea” a song none of them had heard before, but they all sang it together.. Even the unborn in their mothers’ wombs sang this song together, seeing a manifestation of God’s Presence that even Ezekial the Prophet never saw.. When they concluded their song, the people’s souls were enraptured and longed to see even more. So overwhelmed were they that they refused to leave. At that time Moses said to God: “Your children, in their great desire to see Your light, do not want to leave the sea.” What did God do? He concealed His glory and He was both apparent and unapparent. Moses urged Israel to leave a number of times but they were still unwilling, for they were still enraptured by God’s indirect appearance. It was only when they understood that His glory was in the wilderness, that Moses was able to lead them, as the verse (Exodus 15:22) states: And Moses led them from the Red Sea… and they went into the wilderness of Shur. Why is it referred to as the wilderness of Shur? It was a wilderness where they sought to see the glory of their great King, for the Hebrew word “Shur” connotes seeing.

“He turned the sea into dry land.” The material world hides the Godliness within it. Like waters cover over whatever under the sea. Selfish material existence conceals the Godly life-force which maintains your existence. Transform the sea into dry land see what is under the surface perceive God’s  involvement in our physical world. Recognize God’s constant presence and influence in your life. His Torah is the  means of establishing a connection with Him. Transform the sea into dry land and see The God is right there just under the surface of all that’s happening all around us all the time. One just needs to be able to see a little deeper. The sense of God’s presence becomes more evident as one’s commitment to the Torah and its mitzvot Grows


Moses worked with 72 three letter Divine names at the Red sea and the sea parted then the Children of Israel walk on dry land in the midst of the sea !


Avraham Abulafia teaches that if your heart runs return it to it’s place, by this is cut a covanant. By this way there is recieved 72 names.1 This is the unification of right and left. The Ar’i explains it this way in Shar Mimori Rasb’i Supernal angels at midnight rise up to the upper supernal angels, and enter the ”penimi” (internal) aspect of holiness of bina (Divine understanding) and intellect. “Penimi” of the sefirot is portions of the “Nashama” (Soul of Divine intellect). Opposite this is the “chitzon” (external energy) this corresponds to the physical body and Angels. Midnight is the spirit of all spirits. The Nashama is able to rise above with zu’n (source of Animal and emotional soul) through self sacrifice in ” kidush” Hashem (Sanctifying Gods name). By this one draws the vessel from imma (source of Soul of Divine intellect) of his Nashama. This is from the 216 letters of the 72 names. This is the vessel made at midnight.2 ”.


The 32 paths are from the Yesod (foundation-gateway of energy) of nature. They make 248 limbs (bones in the body). They are the secret of רי”ו (216) with 32 equals 248.3 The surrounding fire on Sinai was chasmal (source of revelation of voice of God). Chasmal is given to deliver these inside, from those not proper. In Chashmal are 4 punishments for the wicked from the 4 letters of אדנ”י . One who is proper comes close by the ד of אדנ”י, others rise in the נ. 216 letters of Givurah (severity) burns in fire to push away those not proper.4 72 colors are 70 of the sanhedrin with Moshe and Aharon. These illude to 7 sefirot each including 10. Moshe and Aharon illude to their source being the secret of 9 tikuney dikna (conduits of Divine will and Mercy). 7 include 10 and 2 are the source of all.5


60 is awakening of the first masiach (Messiah). In 6 more is the awakening of the 2nd. This leaves 6 more years until 72 (it is now 5769, or maybe its 72 years since the birth of the state of Isreal). At that time the redemption will take place.


According to the Zohar on page 119a of Vayera: The redemption of Israel will come about through the mystic force of the letter vav (in Hashem’s name), namely in the 6th millennium, and more precisely, after 6 seconds and half the time that remains. This is the Zohar’s way of saying the 666th year of the 6th millennium, 6 ½ months into the year. This of course is the first day of Pesach which is 6 ½ months after Rosh Hashana. 6 ½ days later is the seventh day of Pesach.


The year 5666 was 2/3 of the way through the 6th millennium, from that point onward Mashiach can be coming at any time. So the Rebbe Rashab instituted four cups of wine at the meal for Mashiach as part of the third meal for the afternoon of the last day of Pesach.

The Divine Name “ kara Satan,” tears open the the womb of the deer. The word satan [plus the kolel] is the same as that as the word for “nachash” [snake]. This “tearing” is accomplished by means of this divine name. “ kara Satan,” Thus there is birth in “Katnut”. (Cavanah Svi shel Pasach)


There will be 4 redemptions corresponding to the 4 “Chayot” (angels).6

Nachshon ben Aminadav, the Nasi (leader) of the Tribe of Yehudah, jumped into the Reed Sea, followed by his tribe and then by the entire nation of Israel. They entered the sea till their nostrils. Only then did the sea split. It takes self-sacrifice to make “it” happen.  One needs to decide that no matter what the obstacle their resolve will not be shaken. This is the kind of dedication that brings one to the ultimate freedom of God and the Torah. It needs to be one’s life, that’s the only reason one would be willing to give their life for it  IT IS A LOVE AS THIS THAT WILL BRING REDEMPTION !


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Shvi shel Pasach

Moses worked with 72 three letter Divine names at the Red sea and the sea parted then the Children of Israel walk on dry land in the midst of the sea !

Avraham Abulafia teaches that if your heart runs return it to it’s place, by this is cut a covanant. By this way there is recieved 72 names.1 This is the unification of right and left. The Ar’i explains it this way in Shar Mimori Rasb’i Supernal angels at midnight rise up to the upper supernal angels, and enter the ”penimi” (internal) aspect of holiness of bina (Divine understanding) and intellect. “Penimi” of the sefirot is portions of the “Nashama” (Soul of Divine intellect). Opposite this is the “chitzon” (external energy) this corresponds to the physical body and Angels.  Midnight is the spirit of all spirits. The Nashama is able to rise above with zu’n (source of Animal and emotional soul) through self sacrifice in ” kidush” Hashem (Sanctifying Gods name). By this one draws the vessel from imma (source of Soul of Divine intellect) of of his Nashama. This is from the 216 letters of the 72 names. This is the vessel made at midnight.2 ”.

The 32 paths are from the Yesod (foundation-gateway of energy) of nature. They make 248 limbs (bones in the body). They are the secret of רי”ו (216) with 32 equals 248.3 The surrounding fire on Sinai was chasmal (source of revelation of voice of God). Chasmal is given to deliver these inside, from those not proper. In Chashmal are 4 punishments for the wicked from the 4 letters of אדנ”י . One who is proper comes close by the ד of אדנ”י, others rise in the נ. 216 letters of Givurah (severity) burns in fire to push away those not proper.4 72 colors are 70 of the sanhedrin with Moshe and Aharon. These illude to 7 sefirot each including 10. Moshe and Aharon illude to their source being the secret of 9 tikuney dikna (conduits of Divine will and Mercy). 7 include 10 and 2 are the source of all.5

60 is awakening of the first masiach (Messiah). In 6 more is the awakening of the 2nd. This leaves 6 more years until 72 (it is now 5769, or maybe its 72 years since the birth of the state of Isreal). At that time the redemption will take place.

According to the Zohar on page 119a of Vayera: The redemption of Israel will come about through the mystic force of the letter vav (in Hashem’s name), namely in the 6th millennium, and more precisely, after 6 seconds and  half the time that remains. This is the Zohar’s way of saying the 666th year of the 6th millennium, 6 ½ months into the year. This of course is the first day of Pesach which is 6 ½ months after Rosh Hashana. 6 ½ days later is the seventh day of Pesach.

The year 5666 was 2/3 of the way through the 6th millennium, from that point onward Mashiach can be coming at any time. So the Rebbe Rashab instituted four cups of wine at the meal for Mashiach as part of the third meal for the afternoon of the last day of Pesach.

There will be 4 redemptions corresponding to the 4 “Chayot” (angels).6