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Please refrain from “evil speech”
January 22, 2017, 9:34 am
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The Jewish people have to suffer in exile without being redeemed. Because there is enmity among them and they speak badly of each other, these particular sins cause punishments to befall our people because when the Jewish people hate each other and speak “Loshon Hara” (evil speech) and other words of gossip,  angels are given permission to accuse the Jewish nation. Bringing God Forbid collective accusations against our entire people. The result therefore can be collective punishments on the entire Nation of Israel, rather than a Divine decree on a  individual.

11The more careful one is with regards to the mitzvos (commandments) that apply only to Hashem (The God), the greater is the damage he causes when not treating others according to the Torah’s principles. The reason for such a tremendous damage is that the more “religious” a person is, the Higher source of the light his reaches and the more damage they can do to the worlds.

“Loshon Hara” is a terrible transgression. As Loshon Hara is exactly the opposite of learning Torah, where one uses their speech and other powers to speak Holiness..