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December 22, 2013, 10:18 am
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The Word of God was intended to be a light to the nations.

The Word of God is alive and lived.

The Word of God is in Earth, it is in Heaven.

The Word of God is in everything and everywhere.

You need to see beyond written word in the Bible into the living, breathing , moving Soul of the text, until that it’s Wisdom speaks out to you personally as “Ruach HaKodesh” (Divine inspiration).

All believers, like it or not stand together with the secular atheist of so called “modernity” standing against “them”

The religious dogmatist who says “God is only with them”

Deny the omnipresence of God

Christians have fought and killed each other for centuries arguing whose church is right and

whose is false.

Shiite and Sunni Muslims have also been killing each other centuries also.

One thing is known closeness to God’s “personal” revelation is not a product of superficial religious mediocrity this has only has brought us to a decline in Divine awareness and consciousness, of true love and awe of our Blessed Creator It is such behavior that has made serving God look absurd and shoved it away from its proper place being at the center of human existence. To something most people think of as only a “waste of time”. As “superficial religious mediocrity” is worse than a “waste of time”. When only the outer aspects of religious ritual are stressed devoid of any spirituality and vitality we find those who then “observe religion” are doing so out of a “unnatural” coercion. Know one’s as these who are “religious” out of “unnatural” coercion are quick to pounce on and condemn any who are independently spiritually minded, this being the opposite of their own “motivation”. They also corrupt and sabotage others who are returning to the God in a “real” way. They will do this without mercy or regard for the other person whatsoever, as they don’t see them as one like themselves, and in truth they are not. To put it simply some are into spiritual exploration, soul searching and self improvement others are not. The are only doing what they think the “have to”. Contrary to popular “religious” opinion there is nothing stagnant about Spirituality it is always a open door of opportunity that leads the way to profound transformations. True spirituality leads one to the new crossroads, to the sacred events in one’s life. Unless one strengthens them self to the point of taking a “personal” interest in their spiritual service with reverence coming from a deep abiding love of God founded in acknowledgement of the truth, it is like they are incarcerated in a  “dark prison”. Those “religious” who act like this seem to others like a light house, which has no light bulb. This has driven away the majority of human beings from exploring spirituality as they see its followers as stupid or at worst insane.

One thing unites Christians Muslims and Jews the all believe in the God of Israel , the Maker of the Heaven and Earth.

Every one will know no the absolute truth of things when Heaven decides to send our long awaited Messiah.

Behave with righteousness, integrity, morals and character, then you are acting as a child of God.

You will be judged based upon what is in your heart and the works your hands, and

not by what is in your head.

Every religious tradition speaks about Judgment as being a review of our deeds, not

our theology!

When the Messiah comes we can all gather around him and he will answer all our questions.

But, until that blessed hour comes, maybe we should all gather together as a community of righteous souls and support one another. For regardless of our differences, what unites us is even greater.



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