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December 22, 2013, 9:18 am
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UPDATED July 18 2018dots 2018


Compare the story of the Spies in Parashat Beshalah and today how “leaders” don’t encourage or even discourage people from living in the Holy Land. In parsha Bashalah the people should have listened to Moses, Joshua, and Caleb and not the horrible short sighted words of the spies.

There are those who would like to believe God will forgive all the sins of secular Jews because they can be all be considered under the Torah legal status as be “tinnokot she-nishbu” (a child stolen from Jews and raised by gentiles as a gentile). Such a thought may seem comforting but does not really have what to stand on ! It is a Jewish obligation to pass tradition to the next generation, this is a Torah commandment. One of my teachers once said “You are responsible to be responsible”. If one honestly believes they live in a culture that makes it impossible to educate their children. They then have to move to an environment that allows them to pass on their Torah values. We certainly cannot allow a status quo that produces children who we have to categorize as a child stolen from Jews and raised by gentiles as a gentile !

“Picking and choosing” among the mitzvot of the Torah is not correct. Pretending Aretz Yisrael does not matter ? Is evil and stupid ! Its obvious the main hold on Jews by the the “other side” has always manifested keeping Jews from living in The Land of Israel. Torah of Aretz Yisrael hits a raw nerve for many religious Jews who don’t live in Israel. You hear those religious Jews who live in ‘galut’ (exile) always saying God will bring me out of the exile, like God is their chauffeur. They will say “we have no obligation to build the Temple…..it’s Gods job.  Meanwhile every passover every Jew is obligated to bring the “passover sacrifice, which can only be brought at the Temple mount. Still they say  “we do not have to lot a finger to build the Mikdash (Temple)…..it will come down from the sky” This is  pie in the sky Torah…..But in truth a Jew must strive physically and financially to ascend to Israel.. It is a Torah obligation to ascend to live in “Aretz Yisrael”, this is the rule not the exception.
Will it be like this for America’s and the worlds’ religious Jews outside of Israel until it’s not practical to live in the USA. As was the case in Europe. .It was not until the Jews of Europe tasted death and destruction of the Holocaust that they understood God’s Divine will demanded the Jews to leave Europe and move to Israel. Despite the fact that the Talmud is full of the Torah of Eretz Yisrael and it’s all over the Bible and atleast 200 of the 613 mitzvot (commandments) depend on it living in “Aretz Yisrael”. Which means all mitzvot in essence depend on it. As soon as a person prays one realizes the “tefila” (prayer) given to us by our prophets and sages direct our attention to dwelling in The Holy Land. This is so as Eretz yisrael is the lifeblood of a Jew. So, if you are not doing everything you can to live, thrive build and conquer the land of Israel you are missing out of the most primary part of the Torah and Divine service. If one rejects living in the Holy land or does not even really consider it  then one is prone to suffer from all the curses that a Jew endures in exile…..The choice is always yours. Don’t forget as Rashi brings down :


Rashi brings from  Siphre  the idea that we observe commandments outside of Israel so we will remember how to do them when we are in the land of Israel. So the purpose of keeping the commandments is only practice for the days when we are in the land of Israel.


What would a golfer think he could accomplish even if he had the best golf clubs, golf cart and golfing lessons but never went to a golf course. This is just like observing the Torah all one’s life outside of the Holy land when it was possible to ascend..

Rashi brings from  Siphre  the idea that we observe commandments outside of Israel so we will remember how to do them when we are in the land of Israel. So the purpose of keeping the commandments is only practice for the days when we are in the land of Israel.

Leaving Egypt means transcending our limitations and ceasing to be slaves to our evil inclinations, but identifying ourselves as servants of God is not the ultimate escape either but only another aspect of slavery, it is not complete freedom but may be a necessary step along the way. The free man is the one who does not serve God as a slave but as a lover.

Torah and mitzvos  are obligations that reach beyond the framework of everyday existence as they are of the world to come,

Rise above material concerns and engage in deeds “for the sake of heaven”.

There are two ways one may go to the left way is the path of suffering. The right is the way of the path of The Torah, the path of the light.  The left way goes away from the direct path to the God and invoke the Divine rod to compels us to return to God’s ways if one merits, or they are so evil they are just left to parish.

Everything that happens to us is only to lead us  so that we may correct ourselves, meaning to give  us vessels and to draw the light that fixes us and the world towards God’s desire.

Wicked people intentionally harm themselves and others.. An ordinary person is neither good nor bad. He just lives like any other animal and is not involved in Divine service. Such a person is controlled  by Nature, God as “Elokim” under most circustances. And there are those who will choose to occupy in a Divine mission with their life and they will become Holy and surpass their nature and nature in general. They cleave to יהו”ה

Some people can remain in religious environments many years, like those who learn in “yeshivah” all their life and still not “get it.”

This can happen if they start learning and have major character faults and only spend time learning “halachah” (Torah Law) and “Gemora”. This is why it taught that “Derech Aretz” (proper character traits) must precede Torah learning.  As learning only the technical laws of the Torah will not always improve one’s character. For the corrections of ones character traits we have teaching called the “Tanach” (Bible), “Agada”, “Midrash”, “Mussar”, Chassidut, Kaballah, and other Torah teachings.


We are like a adulteress wife to God , turning away and cheating when we turn aside from what we are supposed to be focused in our Divine service which is required of us by our marriage contract the Torah and instead are more occupied with which baseball, basketball or football team won the game and  wasting hours on You Tube ,  thirsting for millions of dollars instead of “Ruach HaKodesh” (The Holy Spirit). Feeling very connected to the host country of our exile instead of living in Israel the Land that God ordered us to live in. When we take more concern for which sport team  looses the game, what’s politically  happening in the Holy Land.

Many fail to realize their true purpose in this world.

With this test the Jews will be tested during seventy (final) years of the last exile. A poor person will be considered like dead, and as if his soul was taken. The body, soul, and money are all considered equal, whatever is your favorite give it over in love for your Master. Then it will be as if for you the world was created. He that does not give over his soul, body, or money in love of his master in the time of need, it is as if he returned the world to chaos and void. He who gives over his soul, body, or money, in the time of need, in love of his master, he is certainly called the beloved of the master, there is no higher than him.

The Egyptians in the time of Yosef and Yaakov were vegetarians. Even more, sheep were seen by them as gods. for this reason they saw “shepherds” who raised cattle or sheep for consumption as a abomination. but they had no problem throwing the jewish babies in the nile.

Do not worship idols

by chasing after :

money, power, lust,

gluttony, evil speech,

baseless hatred, “bittul

torah”, wasteful

behavior, arrogance,

immodest dress, eating

unkosher or by having

thoughts that do not line

up with the torah’s








Small consciousness

or non God consciousness  leaves us with the impression that the world is governed by a plurality of opposing forces. This gives rise to  disorientation and confusion

THE SPIRITUAL WORLDS HIDDEN WE NEED TO MAKE THE UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS, THAT WHICH IS HIDDEN REVEALED. tHIS TAKES US OUT OF THE EXILE AND INTO THE REAL REDEMPTION, DIVINE THOUGHT. Exile was part of the God’s plan for Yisrael. But it has its limits. The trick is to leave exile when its end come. The god signals this to us by increasing anti sematism. If excessive Jewish BLOOD flows in exile this showS the jewS stayed in  that exile too long ! As the anti sematism is gods’s way of saying its time to  move to the holy land ! Know, even when jews observe god’s commandments in exile the “sitra achra” (other side) takes its portion through the angel over the exile country. When the people of the exile country become morally and intellectually corrupt, and its jews spiritualy weAk from not observing the commandmentS

the “sitra achra” becomes strong and God forbid the exile community is in danger. as the “sitra achra” will use the corrupted souls to do its bidding.

 Know, when evil is rampant by weak morality suffering may be coming to the world. The sages warn of this when they say : “all punishment comes to the world because of the Jewish people” (yavamot 53a)

Here are a couple more interesting thoughts. The sages say that until the time of Yaakov people were always healthy and never fell ill. When it waS time for them to die they would sneeze and their soul would go out from them. For this reason we always say “God bless you when people sneeze” We say “la Chym” when we drink because the “Bait din” would give alcohol before imposing the death penalty, so we say this drink should be for life and not death !

He that does not give over his soul, body, or money in love of his master in the time of need, it is as if he returned the world to chaos and void. ( In a other version) He who gives over his soul, body, or money, in the time of need, in love of his master, he is certainly called the beloved of the master, and in that world there is no higher than him. (Tikunim)

EZRA the Prophet and the Anshe’ Knesseth haGadolah (men of the Great Assembly) CURSED the sages who lived in Bavel and did  not go back to” Eretz Israel”. They called them  “Stupid Babylonians”, בבלאי טפשאי. This expression is repeated MANY TIMES, all over the Talmud. Many use these sages as a excuse for not moving to Israel , NOT SO FAST !


Resh Lakish was swimming in the Jordan River. Raba bar bar Chana came up to Israel  from Bavel to learn Torah and offered his hand to Resh Lakish to help him get out of the water. Resh Lakish said to him: “I swear that I hate you, Jews of Bavel”. Rashi there explains “all the Jews of Bavel who did not come back from Bavel with Ezra, and prevented the Shechina from coming upon the Second Beth HaMiqdash, as it is written in Shir HaShirim 8:9: “If she is like a wall, I’ll build for her a castle of silver; if like a door a closure of cedar”, that is if you had made yourselves ; like a wall, had come all together at the time of Ezra, you’d have been like silver, that rust and rot do not touch; but now that you came up like doors, you are similar to a cedar, that rot rules on it” (Gemora Yoma p.9)

Resh Lakish would not curse another Jew, actually all the sages of Bavel, because of  a minor thing, but because they REFUSED A FUNDAMENTAL OF TORAH THUS ENDANGERING ALL OF ‘AM ISRAEL !

The “Mitzvah” of living in “Eretz Israel” is a”Mitzvah” encompassing all of the “Mitzvah” of the Torah”  (Sifre Parsha Rae  12:29)

“One should rather live in a city in The Land of Israel where all are idol worshippers than in a city outside of it where the majority are righteous Jews.” (Ketuboth 110 )

Rabbi Yaakov Emden sums this all up well “When it seems to us in our present and peaceful existence, outside the Land of Israel, that we have found another The Land of Israel and Yerushalaim (Jerusalem), that is to me the greatest, deepest, most obvious, and direct CAUSE of all the awesome, frightening, monstrous, unimaginable destructions that we have experienced in the Diaspora“.

The Kli Yakar said Yitschak Avinu was not allowed to leave The Land of Israel because here the Shechina resides, not outside Erets Israel; because the lands outside of The Land of Israel are called “ארצות הטֻמְאָה”, “the lands of impurity”…and have the “halakhic” standing of a cemetery…

In all times, a Jew is forbidden to leave The Land of Israel for Chuts LaArets (outside the land); except to study Torah, or to marry or to rescue Jews from gentiles, and then he must return to the Land. One is also permitted to leave temporarily for business, but to dwell outside of the Land of Israel is forbidden, unless there is a severe famine there.” (RaMba”M, Laws of Kings, 5:9)

Living in the Land The Land of Israel is not a matter of personal choice. It is the underlying basis of Torah (Rambam Sefer HaMitzvot, positive commandment 153)

The Mitzvah of living in The Land of Israel is a Mitsvah encompassing all of the Mitsvot of the Torha`(Ohr HaChaim on Devarim 30:20)


If you detach yourself from the centrality of the land of  Israel you have no portion in the God of Israel. (Brachot 63a and 63b)

The Shechinàh (Divine Presence) does not reveal Herself in  “chutz laAretz” (LANDS OUTSIDE ISRAEL) –( The Mechilta, Parashat Bo)

The Shechinàh did not talk to Avraham until he was in the land of  Israel (Midrash Tanchumah)

In the Exodus from Egypt 80% of the Jews did not want to leave the fleshpots of Egypt and perished in the Plague of Darkness—– ——————————–   LOOKS LIKE NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED !

The sin of the spies was the rejection of “Aretz Yisrael” –The sin of the spies was a sin much worse than the sin of the golden calf. For the latter only three thousand people were punished, while for the sin of the spies the entire generation was punished and perished in the wilderness. That great sin was not only among the masses, but also and foremost among the leaders of the generation.”


We can see how important this matter of living in The Land of Israel is. This  “Klipah” (evil shell)  attacks even the biggest Tzaddikim (righteous men)  to negate the great thing, the settlement of Israel. For the whole power of the “Klipah” is in the existence of the  “Galut” (exile). With the cessation of the Galut, the “Klipah” comes to an end !

Rabbi Chaim Elazar Wax, at the end of Responsa !

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