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December 20, 2013, 1:38 pm
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Miriam was named after the  Hebrew word “maror” (bitter), since when she was born, the exile became very bitter. Since Miriam was 86 during the time of the Exodus, we can thus know that final 86 years of exile were very bitter, while the previous 117 were were soft judgement., 117 -86=31 years. the two periods of 31 years and 86 years correspond to two Divine names א”ל – Gematria 31, and אלהי”ם – Gematria 86



Pharoe then commanded all his people saying: ‘Every boy who is born must be thrown into the river; but every girl shall be allowed to live.’”(Numbers 1:22)

Pharaoh’s astrologers told him. “Today the Hebrew’s savior was born, we do not know if he is a Egyptians or a Jew. According to Rashi, The Egyptians male children were also drowned, just like the Jewish children. Thus is is written

“Every son that will be born must be thrown into the water”

and it does not say: “Every son born to the Hebrews” Pharoe was really bad man one can not underestimate evil. Another important lesson :

In Pirkei Avot (Saying Of Our Fathers) we learn: In a place where there are no men, endeavor to be a man. This is telling us that when nobody stands up to care for the needs of the community then those who are capable must take that responsibility upon themselves and do what needs to be done.

We see this with Moses. In our parsha we read:

It was in those days when Moshe was grown that he began to go out to his brothers and he saw their burden. He saw an Egyptian beating one of his Israeli brothers. He looked all around and when he saw that no man was there, he killed the Egyptian and hid his body in the sand.”

  It says “He saw that no man was there”

There was nobody to turn to during this difficult time. There was nobody who would step up and save the man who was being beaten. Therefore Moshe took it upon himself to save the man who was being beaten by killing the Egyptian.

There comes a time when one must do the right thing

We see this also with Batya the daughter of Pharoe 

When Pharaoh’s daughter drew baby Moses from the water in the basket. By this she was rebelling against here father’s decree (to kill the baby boys) and adopted Moshe. The fact that Pharaoh’s daughter still wanted Moses twenty four months later shows further that this action of saving Moses was not something she did impulsively. Looking deeper into Batyah Pharoe’s daughter we find her mentioned in Divrei Hayamim (Chronicles) we read.

: “And his wife, the Jewish woman, bore Yered, the father of Gador and Hever, the father of Sokho and Yekutiel, the father of Zanoach. And these are the sons of Batyah the daughter of Pharaoh whom Mered took.” (Chapter 4 : 18)

In Vayikra Raba 1:3, we learn that Mered is the same person as Calev. He’s called “Mered” (Rebel) Since Calev (along with Yehoshua ben Nun) rebelled against the spies and did not speak badly about the Land of Israel. Calev saved the “sheep”, the nation of Israel by his bravery and Pharaoh’s daughter saved the shepherd ,Moses. Calev, like Moses and Batyah when the time came to stand up and do the right thing went and did it. This brings us to another issue. The story of God seemingly wanting to kill Moses because he had not yet circumcised  his son  is one of the the most difficult stories to understand in the Torah. How could God threaten the life of Moses who He had just chosen to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt ? Its written  “And God encountered him and sought to kill him.” It is interesting that Moshe’s name does not appear in this verse.  Who did God want to kill ?

It is strange that nowhere in the Torah does it say the name that Moshe received from his parents at birth ? Why was Moses mostly called by the name he received from the daughter of Israel’s tormentor: “And the child grew and they brought him to Pharaoh’s daughter, and he was a son to her, and she called him Moses for from the water I drew him” (Shmot 2:10). Not only this.  The Torah also omits Moshe’s original name.  The Torah also does not tell us the names of his parents, Amram and Yocheved, at first only telling us “a man of the house of Levi” and “a daughter of Levi” (Shmot 2:1)  They are introduced to us with striking anonymity. A similar anomaly is found with Moses’s family. Moses’s brother is not known at all until Exodus 4:14. Moses’s sister also remains nameless for another fourteen chapters (15:1) Whats this all about ?




To get the most out of the Spiritual path taught here one needs to begin with the writings under the category called “The Guide”. The teachings there make a vessel so that one’s soul can ascend, and work with the meditative practices taught here. From learning “The Guide” one will become familiar with the terms also that are necessary to access this wisdom. So Enjoy and Grow ! https://godssecret.wordpress.com/category/the-guide/

Go ahead and learn !

Each (higher soul) Nashama reveals torah according to the source of its soul. These seventy faces of the Torah parallel the seventy children of Yaakov who entered Egypt. These souls express themselves as sixty myriad. Moses included all these source souls so he knew all 600,000 explanations to the Torah.1The Nashamot of Aaron and Moses originate in the Yesod of Abba in Z”a.The Torah Moses was given in ”pardes” (the orchard-variety of levels of Torah) He taught to all Yisrael. All ”chidushim” (new ideas) in the Torah are through the Nashama of Moses that illuminates in each and every Righteous person sadeek by Moses’s הודקרני (horns of light) in each and every generation.1 Dat (knowledge) is where Moses spreads out to the 600,000 root souls of Yisrael. One sees the Shechiniah Divine Presence according to their dat. The humility of Moses attained all levels of dat , by attaining all levels of humility. By recognizing he was only flesh and unable to do “avodat GOD” (service God) he came to be dependent on the “chayot” (angels of the ruach). This is how the merit of moses is earned.2 Moses was joined with mida (attribute) called by the name צור which is Malchut.3 Rabbi Yisrael Rozin teaches that one who serves GOD (God) and learns Torah by their own power will not have the help of GOD. In truth these things are ruled by the power of Holiness and when accomplished properly they are not doing the work at all, but GOD does. GOD walks before him giving him Dat and intellectual powers, He walks before him. GOD sanctifies him at all times more and more by him subduing himself and his humility. In truth he is nullified to GOD, he becoming טפל (himself being secondary).4 Moses did not tremble when he heard the sound of a angel or the Supernal King.5 Moses went up to the firmament and learned Torah from the angel Matto”t every day near sunset for 40 days. During that time Moses spent 1000 years learning the secret ot Matto”t . Matto”t showed him things of the depth תהום which he could not understand, such as how many letters are between א and מ ?.6 The 49 gates of Binna (understanding) are 49 faces of purity from Matto”t it is the vowel ”cholem”. Moses is Teferet (harmony-beauty) as it says ”a crown of Teferet on his head”. All light of Torah is revealed from Binna (Divine understanding) dressing in Teferet. This is the secret of Z’a (source of the emotional soul called Ruach) and Moses. The 50 gates illude to the 2 ”Yichudim” (unification of God in the worlds) of the ”sma”. At the 50th gate vessels turn to light, becouse of a lack of malchut of malchut of vessels and a lack of Ketter of ketter of lights.The 50th gate reveals complete tikun (fixing correction). The first ה of יהו”ה has 50 gates Bina. Matto”t in “Malachim” (angels) is the aspect of Moses among ”Nashamot”.(higher level of soul-Divine intellect)7 Before there was created the world all the “ruchot” (spirits) of Sadeekem were hidden in the ”Nashamot” of sadeekem.8 The soul of Moses goes out from its ark which is ”hachel Lavanot Hasaphir” (first palace in the world of Bria) which is ”chasmal” (Small still voice) called flesh. This ark is made to Imma (The source of your Nashama Divine intellect). The ark is the 248 limbs. בשר (flesh) is dinim (judgments), that are given measure for measure. The portion to Z’a cleansed is called chashmal, the portion not cleansed is called Noga. Chasmal and Noga are 2 separate parzufim. The aspect בשר is אלהים it is ”mochin” of ”yonika” which is only 6 corners of Bina that makes ג”ר of Ruach. בשר is ב– dat, ש– chuchmah and ר– bina. These being three ”Meloy” of אלהים , with י which is ”moch” ) brain) 6 corners of Chuchmah (Divine creative wisdom) is gematria ש .These are the ”chayot of consuming fire”. ”Meloy” ה “moch” Binna it has no chassadim and ”meloy” א is ”moch” Dat, it has chassadim and givurot . Chuchmah must be enclosed in Chuchmah to revealed. Achoryim of אלהים is gematria ר , it is inside Chasmal. From Z’a of Bria till the end of Malchut are 120 sarufim ”Elokim Kadoshim”. Outside these is Chasmal. Chasmal is names of אלהים.

The Ar”i teaches in Safer lekutim that there are seventy aspects of evil, corresponding to the seventy nations, and the Jews must be exiled through all of them in order gather all the souls that fell into each particular form of evil. So why do we speak of only four exiles. In fact the Jewish people were exiled amongst all seventy nations, as is known?

There are four letters in the Name Havayah, which are the source from which the 72 Names Havayah are manifest, as well as the 72 other Divine Names, which are branches from these roots. These four letters in the Name Havayah, are the four rivers of the Garden of Eden. Similarly, in the realm of evil, there are four rivers, by the same names the Pishon, the Gichon, (the Tigris, and the Euphrates). Which divide (flow) into seventy nations. Our sages say: Pishon refers to the Babylonian empire. The river name of the second river Gichon’— refers to the Medean empire or persia etc. Since all seventy nations are included within these four “rivers” therefore the entire Jewish people were exiled to each of these four nations Babylonia, Medea, Greece, and Rome. But the other seventy nations are just particulars and branches of these, and each of these other nations took only one type of soul When Yisrael will finish gathering all the souls from amongst the seventy nations, it will be the time when “His feet shall stand on Mount Zion,” as mentioned in the Zohar and then the verse, “Death will be swallowed up forever” will be fulfilled.

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