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September 23, 2013, 4:05 pm
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When an Etrog’s Pitam breaks off, the etrog is “pasul” (not fit for use), So is it better to get a Etrog with out a “Pitam”?. That way it won’t become “pussel” is the “Pitam” falls off ?




The mishna (Sukka 34b) says explicitly that when the pitam is removed, the etrog is pasul.


The “Pitam” ? The Gemara describes it as a pestle. It is the the thin protrusion at the top of the Etrog, It emerges before the fruit itself begins to grow. At the edge of the “Pitam” is a brown crown-looking piece known as the “shoshanta”.


In Gemora Succah it states Sukka 35b If the part of the “Oketz” (stem) that goes into the indentation of the fruit is missing, the etrog is “pasul”. As this leaves what looks like a hole in the fruit.


The Rambam (Lulav 8:7) is among those who hold that if either the “Pitam” or the “Oketz” is severed, the Etrog is “pasul”.


According to the Rambam, the loss of the “Shoshanta” does not “pasul” the Etrog, only the more stick-like base of the “Pitam”.


The Rama says a Etrog that does not have a “Pitam”, is not a problem And This is usually the case. As an Etrog always starts off with a “Pitam” but it often dries up and falls off early in its growth.


If a light-color scab has formed in the place of the “Pitam”, it is a sign that it fall off at a early moment in the Etrog’s growth. This allowing the Etrog with out a “Pitam” to be Kosher.


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