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The Happiest day of the Year is almost upon us — Festive days are Coming ! ! !
September 11, 2013, 3:50 pm
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UPDATED oct 14th 2018

In Talmud and “poskim” we see that one who does not believe that Hashem atones for his sins on Yom Kippur,  his sins will not be atoned for.

Yom Kipor is a day that can atone for our sins. It is a day of “mesirut Nefesh” (self sacrifice) this shows how powerful  “mesirut Nefesh” is when applied to the commandments ! Did you live up to you potential in the year preceding Yom Kipor ? Being mediocre is NOT acceptable ! Since you have been formed, there must be a reason for your being, a mission that you must fulfill, something that only you are able to accomplish. Consequently, your existence is of crucial importance not just for yourself, but for the whole world.  You probably need to confess on Yom Kippur, that you have not been living up to and fulfilling your mission. That you have failed terribly and if that is so, then your entire existence is called into question. This is what the sages inferred by the words of the Yom Kippor prayer “now that I have been formed, it is as if I was not formed”. It is this awesome idea is the focal point of Yom Kippur. The question concerning all men on Yom Kipor is : Am I worthy to continue living ? Or, have I lost my right to live?


Its stated in the Talmud Bava Basra Yisrael had no festive days as great and joyous as Yom Kippor, when forgiveness and pardon for Transgression is Given.

The Sata’n has the numerical value of 364, corresponding to 364 days of the year that the Holy One allows him to put difficulties in a mans path. Only on one day is his power restricted, and that day is Yom Kipor.

Yom Kippor is the only day we can wear a Talit at night as the other side cannot take energy form it then as on other nights of the year.

It is concerning that day that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi says in the Holy Zohar that this day saves them from falling into the wrong hands, and being judged with rigor. So that all can come out innocent on the earth through his mercy. Which is like a Father to his children.

All depends on actions and words

It is also stated in the Zohar that when Yisrael are in exile if they pray all day on Yom Kippor then radiance of face and perfect Joy prevails. Yisrael enters into freedom on that day. Freedom and Joy reign manifestly.

Silver is the color of Atonement.

The Cohen Gadol’s sin offering is a bull. Only a small part is offered on the alter. This represents his Physical part. Most of the Cohen Gadol is beyond the physical. He also offers up a ram that is completely burnt on the alter. This corresponds to his complete devotion to God. If a Cohen Gadol was not on such a level he would die on this day. They would have to drag him by the rope out of the Holy of Hollies where he would fall dead. For the rest of the people who are full of many fundamental faults A goat is taken outside the temple completely, and killed. As the opposite of the Cohen Gadol their lives are mostly outside the Holy realm.

In the Temple no one wore shoes, all were barefoot. On Yom Kippor  You can come before the Holy One like one of the ministering Angels  in heaven Barefoot (at other times its forbidden to pray with out shoes without food or drink in peace !

When Moshe came close to see The Burning Bush God said to him, “take off your shoes” (Exo. 3:5), this is a hint to separate from his body, which is the shoe, to dress himself in another body.

Maimonides, The Rambam, in his masterwork, the “Mishneh Torah”, In the section that deals with the Yom Kippur service in the “Beit Hamikdash” (Holy Temple), Writes that before the “Kohen Gadol” would do the Yom Kippur service the elders of the Sanhedrin would make him swear to do the service according to the oral tradition. Specifically, they made him swear to burn the incense only inside the Holy of Holies. The “Sadukim” (Sadducees), denied the authority of the Oral Torah and would place the incense on a burning fire-pan outside the Holy of Holies first and later the “Kohen Gadol” should carry it inside the Holy of Holies. The Sanhedrin made the “Kohen Gadol” swear not to perform the service in the manner of the Sadducees. After this both the “Kohen Gadol” and the elders would weep.

The Kohen Gadol cried because they suspected him of being a Sadducee. The elders would weep because there was reason to suspect him. The Rambam enshrined this tragic touching sequence of events in his “halachic” writing , The Mishna Torah which designed as a practical manual of halacha. And that make this unusual as most of Book is only practical laws and not much else. The Sanhedrin would do this because one year the “Sadukim” proposed a compromise which they said would be for the sake of peace. They proposed that the “Kohen Gadol” should light the incense outside and then take it inside the Holy of Holies, That though that this way the sages could observe Torah the way they understood and the way of the “Sadukim” would also be fulfilled. . The sages concluded that add a mitzvah of the Torah, is forbidden. As adding or subtracting from the Mitzvot of the Torah is one of the 613 commandments. The knew that to refuse would make them seem uncompromisingly indifferent to Jewish unity, but the Rabbis had no option but to follow the Law and not change it to fit the whims of others..

The bottom line is that we must always no matter what guard the Torah and not compromise concerning the instruction The God has given us. We must only do things His way ! We see from this that there are times when the guardians of the Torah have to stand up for what right NO MATTER WHAT. This teaching it seems the Rambam thought was so essential to transmit the Rambam broke himself his format of writing by including this story in the Mishna Torah.


The Prohibition of Bathing on Yom Kippur and SHABOT

On Yom Kippur washing one’s body is Forbidden, with some exceptions. The spirit of the day is to be marked by deprivation and refraining from physical pleasure. So the prohibition to bath on Yom Kipor is a prohibition against deriving PLEASURE FROM BATHING.

Bathing is permitted where no pleasure is received. The gemara (77b) informs us of the permissibility of washing hands which have been sullied on Yom kippor.

Rabbeinu Chananel permits washing of sullied hands and feet only; apparently, full body bathing is still forbidden. Even though pleasure is not the stated goal, an act of bathing still occurs and this represents a violation of the prohibition.

The Ittur rules that one may wash hands when waking up on the morning of Yom Kippur because of the mitzva of “netilat yadayim.” Similarly, the Shibolei Ha-leket (siman 319) rules that one may wash in the morning (interestingly enough, only AFTER relieving oneself). This permissibly is based upon the gemara (Yoma 88) which allows someone who is obligated to immerse himself (e.g., a nidda) to go to the mikva on Yom Kippur. Again, even if the prohibition is defined as a formal act of bathing, “netilat yadayim” in the morning and immersing in a mikva are CATEGORICALLY different than washing since they are performed under the rubric of SPECIFIC MITZVOT. Just as cleansing a dirty body is not considered bathing,

.  If a man urinated and used his hands or defecated and then cleaned himself, it is permitted to wash his hands since they are soiled. If someone is sensitive and can not concentrate until he washes his face with water, then it is permitted.

  If one is going to the house of study or to visit his father, Rabbi, or someone of greater stature than him in wisdom, or if required to do a Mitzvah then one is allowed to travel over a body of water until his neck both when arriving and returning.  This is only if one does not lift his garment over his arms and only if the waters are not turbulent.  Because if they were turbulent, then it is even forbidden to travel through them on a regular day because of the danger involved even if they only reached until his hips.

May one shower with hot water on Shabbat and Yom Tov?

Bathing is prohibited on Shabbat and Yom Tov regardless of whether a violation of Shabbat or Yom Tov laws took place.

The Talmud reports that washing specific parts of one’s body, such as one’s face and hands, were not included in the prohibition.

However, Ha-Rav Akiva Eiger provides a loophole. He contends that a person who is in pain may bathe on Shabbat even if he is not ill. Therefore, the decree did not apply to a person who would feel pain or anguish if he did not bathe. Such a person may use hot water with no violation of Shabbat (Glosses, Rav Akiva Eiger, Orach Chayyim 326:1).

On Shabbat, it is forbidden to heat water. Therefore, the use of hot water, even if it was heated before Shabbat, was prohibited in order to prevent heating water on Shabbat itself. However, on Yom Tov we may heat water for drinking or cooking purposes. In addition, there is a rule that states that when an item is permitted for purposes of food, it is also permitted for non-food purposes (mi-toch). By this logic, since one may heat water for a meal, it should also be permissible to heat water for a bath. It is still customary that many religious Jews who smoke do so on Yom Tov. Although smoking is certainly not the general custom, the rabbinic world does not protest against those who smoke on Yom Tov. The halachic position of the smokers is that it is necessary for them to smoke even on Yom Tov. This rationale should also apply to the people who bathe every day. It is necessary to feel clean (Shmirat Shabbat ke-Hilchata, Chapter 14:7, n. 21).

Also, it is permissible to heat water on Yom Tov in order to wash one’s head. Bathing may have been forbidden on Yom Tov because of the prohibition of sechita – wringing or squeezing – on that day.)

Therefore, a person who seeks to bathe with hot water on Yom Tov should be directed to shower, since showering appears to be somewhat different from the type of bathing covered by the original rabbinic decree.

The above discussion does not apply to a mikveh that is used for the performance of a mitzvah. The use of warm or hot mikva’ot is a separate issue.


Yom Kippur has five prayers. These prayers can elevate our consciousness to the word of truth, To “Tree of Life” consciousness.

Those five prayers elevate us, step by step, to the peak of Yom Kippur – the prayer called Neila.

Each prayer reveals a different level in the Tree of life to our souls:

Mariv – Sefirat Malkhut, Shaharit – Sefirat Zeir Anpin; Musaf – Sefirat Bina; Minhah – Sefirat Hokhma; Neila – Sefirat Keter.


On Yom Kippor we make Viduy (Confession)

The word Viduy וידוי in Hebrew is as the Hebrew word “vadoy” meaning certainly. As by the true confession we are confirming to God at that moment we will make sure that our selfish behavior will not repeat itself. These bad deeds we are confessing to come will not happen again.

Azazel is S”M and the Nukvah of the luminous

“klippa” [shell], to whom the goat is given on Yom Kippor. The Samael and the evil Nukvah, the male and female of the evil side are called “ depths of the sea”. They are that which remains after the dross of the kings of Edom was purified called the “ shadow of death.”


It is said that Yom Kippor is “c” (like) purim as on Yom Kipporim no one is as themselves, but we all act on this day like angels. It like we have a costume on like on Purim. On Yom kippor we read from the book of Yonah to remind us the improperly placed “religious” piety (severity) should not block compassion.

Happy feasting fasting and feasting and Visions……………………………


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