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Is this like days of Purim or What ?
July 7, 2013, 12:18 pm
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Egyptian soldiers keep guard as heavy equipment destroy smuggling tunnels beneath the Egyptian-Gaza border in Rafah

Egyptian army Destroying Hamas tunnels at Border !

Is this like days of Purim or What ?

Morsi being transported to Tora prison, where his predecessor Mubarak held – unconfirmed reports

Thread: BREAKING: Morsi arrested over contact with Hamas, killing officers, prisoners & kidnapping soldiers

Tora prison ?


Hamas Isolated After

Coup in Egypt

Since the military coup in Egypt, all activity has come to an abrupt halt in Rafah’s smuggling tunnels. No gasoline is getting into Gaza. Raw materials and consumer goods are not passing through the tunnels. This is certainly a sign of things to come. These days, Hamas is meeting to rethink its future, but it really has very few choices. It has no one to lean on for support, and it now looks like it is on its own, isolated and despised. The military government that Egypt announced yesterday [June 3] is a mortal blow to Hamas. This is the time for the Egyptian Army to settle its longstanding account with the movement.

Just one year has passed since thousands of people came out to celebrate on Gaza’s main street. Led by the military wing of Hamas, they honked their horns to express their joy that the Muslim Brotherhood had come to power in Egypt. Now those same people of Gaza are left without gas for their cars and without hope for their future.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2013/07/fall-egyptian-brotherhood-trouble-hamas.html#ixzz2YMQZACl8

Egypt and Algeria: took down the Moslim brothers and extremists !!!!!!!!!

Sooner or later, Erdogan will fall, too. The tide is turning. Obama’s support for the moslem extremists, is not wanted by the people.

Egypt’s army is preparing for a large-scale military operation in Sinai, an army official said Sunday, as forces sealed more smuggling tunnels along the Gaza border.

An Egyptian military official told Ma’an the army was preparing for a major operation in Sinai “to clean it up from terrorist and criminal cells.”

The army official said “coordination is ongoing between the Egyptians and the Israelis to bring military vehicles, troops and jets into Sinai to fight terror.”

Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa second, the Emir of Qatar ordered the Moslem Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, to leave the country on Tuesday and revoked his Qatari nationality. He also ordered the closure of all offices of the Muslim Brotherhood



GREAT MERCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Egypt is lost in riots and the revolution, their economy is devastated and there is no jobs so they’re killing each other to stay busy. The Gulf countries are helping them with billions of dollars – it won’t help them at all, Egypt is like a bottomless pit.

Syria is continuing to be erased they are consuming themselves. Lebanon, Hizballah and Nasrallah are being destroyed, broken down and shattered. They thought tthey were heroes, thought they were strong. They pretended to be victors.  They are dying in Syria.

The King is shaking in Jordan. He really afraid of and hopes their won’t be a revolution in Jordan.


Islamists now in power find it hard to hold

The decision Wednesday by Cairo prosecutors is the latest move in a crackdown by authorities on the Islamist group following the July 3 ouster of Mohammed Morsi in a military coup, the AP reports.

“They are killing us,” said Waiel Yahya, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, in the aftermath of the bloody conflict.

Egypt is not the only place where Islamist groups are facing wrath. In the past few days Muslim Brotherhood offices have been ransacked in Libya, and thousands marched against the Islamist-led government in Tunisia.


The unrest is seen by some as a backlash against Islamist groups that emerged politically powerful in the aftermath of the Arab Spring revolutions but are spurring anger and disappointment with their governance.

All in all it looks like the Arab nations are fighting the Gog and Magog war between themselves.



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