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Wolf Messing


is a man who harnessed the mysterious powers of the brain like no other human being known to history. He was a telepath, a mind reader, a psychic, a remote viewer, and a lucky survivor who avoided both the Holocaust and the death camps of Joseph Stalin. We may never know the full extent of his extraordinary abilities.


Wolf Grigorievich Messing was born in 1899 to a poor Jewish family in the tiny town of Gora-Kavaleriya near Warsaw.


At the age of six Messing was sent to a religious school, where he distinguished himself by his devotion and his incredible ability to memorize prayers. Later he was enrolled in a yeshiva, but ran away after two years. Wolf’s teacher advised his parents to enrol him in a rabbinate school in a nearby town. Wolf did not want to go, until his first ‘miracle’ in life occurred. He shared this story with one of his friends, Tatiana Lungintelepath. Messing got on the first passenger train he could find, hid under a bench, and fell asleep. When the train conductor demanded his ticket, Messing picked a piece of paper off the floor and handed it to the man, looking into his eyes and willing that the man believe the scrap to be a genuine train ticket. He was successful, and arrived in Berlin with no further problems. Wolf Messing became a success. Between 1917 and 1921 Messing travelled with Zellmeister in Europe, and performed in capitals like Paris, London, Stockholm, Rome, Geneva. He then stayed in Warsaw, only to continue from 1922 onward to work and travel again as a stage performer, together with his manager. They also went to countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, Japan, and Australia.:


But such a life was not his fate as :


Once toward evening, a gigantic white robed figure appeared before me. Even now I can hear his words, spoken in a deep bass. My son! I am sent to you from above to determine your future. Become a yeshiva student! Your prayers will please heaven!. Wolf grew silent, vividly recalling his childhood vision. After pausing several moments, he started again, but his voice was much quieter. It’s difficult for me to convey the state I was in after my encounter with the mysterious giant. You must remember that then I was mystically impressionable. I must have lost consciousness, because, when I came to, I saw the faces of my parents over me, praying in ecstasy.” (from Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder published their Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain,)


Messing, he was able to broadcast mental suggestions in order to alter people’s perceptions


In 1937 Hitler put out a 200,000-mark reward to anyone who could kill Wolf Messing. Messing had previously predicted that if Hitler ‘turned towards the East’ then his war effort would fail.


Wolf Messing attracted attention of Gestapo, Nazi German secret service. He was arrested in the Warsaw ghetto and sent to prison. While he was imprisoned in the cell he used his power to gather all the personnel of the prison in one room and then bolted that door shut, locking all the Nazis in the Room. When Wolf Messing was ready to escape he made Nazi guards believe that there are diamonds scattered across the floor. The Nazi guards started collecting the diamonds while he just freely left the cell and closed the cell door after himself. After that he fled to Ussr.


Stalin took a personal interest in Wolf Messing’s abilities. Messing was arrested and then interrogated by Stalin himself. Stalin decided to put Messing’s abilities to the test.



Stalin’s first challenge to Messing was for him to perform a ‘psychic bank robbery’. This Messing handed a blank sheet of paper to the teller, whom he convinced to hand him 100,000 rubles.. Two of Stalin’s officials corroborated Messing’s account of the event; including the claim that the teller fainted in disbelief once she realized the paper was blank



Stalin then ordered Messing to gain entry into his country house using his abilities. Messing was able to gain entry. The guards insisted that he had successfully claimed to be Lavrenti Beria the most favored of Stalin’s secret police chiefs.


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Wish I could of been an understudy of wolf messing and be taught everything he knew.

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