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May 6, 2013, 6:41 am
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Dr.Charles Hall is currently working as a Nuclear Physicist and data base manager. With all the children grown, he and his wife Marie maintain their empty nest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Charles Hall claims to have been a weather observer near dreamland area 51 Nevada. He claimed there were UFOs around the area and eventually met a race of aliens who worked with the heads of military

Charles Hall had a number of encounters with a race of human-like extraterrestrials – the “Tall Whites” (TW) – during a two year duty assignment at Nellis Air Force Base from 1965 to 1967. More specifically at a desolate outpost on the ranges of Indian Springs AF Auxiliary Field, ninety miles northwest of Nellis AFB proper called “Creech AFB”.

Hall writes that he was able to view the Tall Whites’ main hangar entrance high in the mountains 30 miles north of his Range 3 theodolite position on the desert floor.

Twenty years after his discharge from the Air Force, Hall began writing down his experiences, and after another twenty years, published them – at first presenting his books as works of fiction. Later he acknowledged them to be true stories and claims he changed the names to protect the identities of some of the characters.

On one occasion the beings even turned on Hall without warning, grievously wounding him in the neck, and leaving him to bleed his life away in the desert dust. In that desperate situation, alone and miles from any human help, Hall found a way to save his own life by using his body weight to press his wound against the soft earth, stemming the flow.

Hall describes these beings as tall – ranging upwards of 6-7 feet in height – and quite thin and frail. The skin color is chalk white.

They have the faculty of speech, but some of their speech sounds are outside the audible spectrum for humans. In other words, we can’t hear the sounds.

Normal speech sounds “like a dog barking or a meadowlark singing”. However, some Tall Whites can mimic human speech and in fact carry on normal conversations with humans. Some have demonstrated an ability to imitate specific humans so well that the imitation cannot be detected when used over a telephone.

They also can use a device that projects speech so that it is heard by humans within their head. This works only over a short range (several feet) and requires the human to turn the head sideways to the Tall White.

Although they can be friendly, they are at times arrogant and insulting. They appear to be sensitive to our social structures (i.e., classes), for example cultivating relations with high-ranking military officials, some of whom were often seen working with them, while holding lesser-ranking persons in disdain. Hall got along with them by letting them treat him as their “pet”, a term they used in his presence.

“Teacher’s Pet” became Hall’s code name that was respected among the ETs and the ranking military who were aware of his activities. He was selected by “both governments” to function as the point man in a pilot program to explore paths of cultural acclimatization between the tall whites and ourselves. Because of everyone’s tendency to panic, and the ETs to strike with their weapons, Hall was awarded commendations for the rare bravery that he exhibited during this period.

The Tall White group at Nellis have family structures, not unlike our extended families. They often point out family members – uncles and cousins, etc., – who are living and working with them on the Nellis Base. 


Paul Hellyer a former Minister of Defense of Canada knows Dr.Charles Hall and substantiates much of what he has  revealed. Paul Hellyer has himself said that Some ETs Species who have visited and still visit Earth from Zeta – Reticuli , Pleiades, Orion and that “Tall Whites” are living on US Airforce Property. Watch his video here :


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