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May 5, 2013, 11:38 am
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Our knowledge of “THE NAUTILUS AFFAIR” remains incomplete TO THIS DAY

The US government had secretly used telepaths to communicate with the first nuclear submarine ever constructed, the Nautilus, while it was under the Arctic ice pack. This telepathy project involved, President Eisenhower, the Navy, the Air Force, Westinghouse, General Electric, Bell Laboratories and the Rand Corporation. Communicating with submarines is difficult as radio waves do not penetrate to the depths of the ocean.

The US Navy gave Top Secret orders for the implementation of Project SUNSHINE.

Operation Sunshine was a brazen attempt by the Americans to steal the thunder of International Geophysical Year – came to fruition when Commander William R. Anderson surfaced the Nautilus at the North Pole.

The Russians immediately saw the sinister threat behind this adventure. No longer would the Americans have to fly over the Pole from their air bases in Greenland to menace Soviet cities. Nuclear weapons could now be fired at Russia from American atomic submarines lurking under the Polar Arctic ice near the very borders of the USSR. The Russians also reasoned that the Americans must have found a new way of communicating with these submarines while they were under the ice where radio waves cannot penetrate

In 1959, the French magazine Constellation published a feature called “Thought Transmission – Weapon of War,” which claimed that telepathy experiments had been conducted aboard the Nautilus during her trans-polar voyage. When this was followed in February 1960, by a more detailed treatment by Gerald Messadié in “Science et vie,” (2) Soviet analysts set to work. Here is a summary of the material reported in the French press:

1. A rigidly-controlled telepathy experiment on the pattern of J.B. Rhine’s card-calling ESP trials was said to have started aboard the Nautilus on July 25th 1958, and run for a period of 16 days. Since Nautilus was at the North Pole on August 3rd, this meant that the main part of the experiment had been conducted under the Arctic pack ice. The experiment was ‘successful,’ which meant that telepathy could convey information through pack ice, sea water and the steel hull of a submarine like nothing known on earth.

2. The ‘sender’ of the telepathic messages was said to have been a student called ‘Smith’ of Duke University, Durham, NC, where J.B. Rhine had his Parapsychology Laboratory. During the 16 days of the experiment, ‘Smith’ was located at the Westinghouse Laboratory, at Friendship, Maryland. The ‘receiver’, a navy lieutenant called ‘Jones,’ took take down his ‘visual impressions’ of the Zener card symbols sent by ‘Smith’ in a private cabin aboard the Nautilus 3. The officer in charge of the project was said to be one Colonel William H. Bowers, director of the Biological Department of the Air Force research institute.

4. According to the French media, President Eisenhour had received a report from the Rand Corporation in Los Angeles recommending that telepathy experiments be conducted with an especial view to communicating with submarines beneath the Arctic ice, where they were otherwise uncontactable

  1. Responding to the French magazine reports, US Navy press officers denied the experiments had taken place, or that the Navy had ever been involved in telepathy experiments.

The US Navy’s denial of involvement in telepathy experiments was untrue, since the small print on various papers published by Rhine’s Journal acknowledged receipt of funding from the Office of Naval Research.

The ESP scores reported for the Nautilus experiment were much higher than the ‘significant’ results reported by Rhine and his co-workers in the Journal.

It was established that telepathic subjects could still function inside a metal enclosure known as a Faraday Cage, which, for practical purposes, excludes all radio waves except those of Extra Low Frequency (ELF) – waves even longer than the VLF band used in normal communication with submarines.

Groups of scientists at many Soviet research institutes began to investigate and later harness psychic energy. The aim of this research was to produce deadly new weapons that could tip the balance of power during the Cold War.

The Soviet hierarchy apparently heeded Doctor Vasilev’s advice and gave support, both moral and financial, to his dynamic view that:

The discovery of the energy underlying telepathic communication will be equivalent to the discovery of atomic energy.”

…In 1963, Doctor Vasilev claimed to have conducted successful long-distance telepathic experiments between Leningrad and Sevastopol, a distance of 1200 miles, with the aid of an ultra-short-wave (UHF) radio transmitter. As a result, Doctor Vasilev was convinced that his experiments, and those he conducted jointly with the Moscow-based Bekhterev Brain Institute, offered scientific proof of telepathic communications. His next goal was to identify the nature of brain energy that produces it…

In February 1971, during the Apollo 14 flight to the moon, astronaut Edgar Mitchell made 150 separate attempts to project his thoughts from inside the space capsule back to an individual on earth.

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