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April 8, 2013, 7:56 am
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It is not Written in the Torah what happened to Moses between the time when he fled Pharaoh , when he was 18 until he became Jethro’s shepherd and son-in-law, at about the age of 77.

We learn in Midrash Moses slew the Egyptian when he was 18 years old and fled to Ethiopia. There he joined the Ethiopian army and 9 years later was coronated king. This is when he married the widow of the previous king of Ethiopia. He remained king of Ethiopia for 40 years. At the age of 67, he left Ethiopia and went to Midian. After the incident with the shepherds at the well, Jethro imprisoned Moses for ten years. Zipporah fed Moses secretly during these ten years, and finally convinced her father to release him. At the age of 77, Moses and Zipporah were married, and shortly after had their first son, Gershon. The incident of the burning bush occurred, when Moses was 79 years old. This is all according to Safer Yashar.

    The Holy Ar”i teaches that Mose actually married Ethiopian women, and lived with her as man and wife, as is recounted in the accounts of Moses’ life but he did not approach her physically,

Moses’ soul returns in every generation, he is that generation’s next leader. He needa a teacher to teach him. So he prophet Elijah will come and teach him, then the generation will then begin to shine within him.


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