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Vayichi Bs”d                                                                       January 27 2018

Why is the parsha “Chayah Sara” (the life of Sarah) where Sarah died ?. Why is our parsha called “vayachi” (and lived) when in the parsha Yisrael passed away. Because it is as is said a sadeek is more alive when he has departed from his body, then when he has a body in this world. As it says in Perke Avot this world is just a corridor leading to the inner chamber. As only in this world does one have the opportunity to gather provisions for the other world. Provisions they will take with them when they meet their creator on the day of great reckoning as spoken of by Rebenu Bachyah.     The  Zohar teaches that we can attain eternal life here in this world. The secret to attaining eternal life is not in how many years a man lives, but in how he conducts his life. The body disintegrates, but man’s true identity his inner essence, his soul lives on according to the way in which he lived his life while in this world. Rebbe Yose says… It is not written, “And the day of Yisroel’s death neared,” rather “days” (Bereishit 47:29). On how many days does one man die? But in the moment a man dies and leaves this world.  All the days that the man lived in this world pass before Him… Praiseworthy is the man whose days come before The King without embarrassment and not a single day is cast aside. (Zohar Vayechi 221b-22a). The days of one’s life turn into eternal “garments” to one’s soul. Man is not really the coming together of body and soul, but the union of soul and Divine Light. in Pirkei Avot Rebbe Yaakov says this world is like a corridor to the next world. Fix yourself in the corridor in order that you can enter into the palace. He would say greater is one hour of repentance and good deeds in this world than the entirety of the world to come, and greater is one hour of bliss in the next world than all of this world. (Avot 4:16-17). Thus every day is intrinsically very demanding requiring us to take responsibly, to live each and every day in a most exacting and full way. To  fill each day with positive content and not let a single day waste away. Be careful not to squander the potential embedded in any  day or moment.

This really says a lot “Greater is one hour of repentance and good deeds in this world than the entirety of the world to come”. Only in this world can we attain eternal life. Here we form our eternal identity throughout our respective lifetimes. Thereby each day  we built our eternal legacy.

  Even if one does not remember what occurred in the past or if they are unaware of what  happened in their life, these life-events are  ingrained in his body and soul. This explains a lot. . The Nashama is eternal; it existed before one is born and continues on after they die.

For Yaakov Avinu’s  funeral, the tribes came across the Jordan to a place called “Goren Haatad”, and there was given a great eulogy. Yosef ordained a seven day morning period for his father (Bereishis 50,10). Rashi writes that Goren Haatad means a threshing floor of thorns. The Talmud in Sotah explains that  Both the kings of Cannaan and the princes of Yishmael massed together to prevent the burial.  When they saw Yosef’s crown hanging on Yaakov’s coffin they had a change of heart and relented. They then hung their own crowns on the coffin in tribute to Yaakov. With a total of thirty six crowns hanging from it, the coffin resembled a field surrounded by thorns and the area was therefore named for that event.

In the Zohar HaKodesh we see that one is aware of things near the time of their passing more than at other times. We see this reflected in the parsha as it says “ It was told Yaakov that Yosef was coming into his chamber. Who told him ?, maybe this was by Ruach ha Kodesh. We also see this from the verse ”And Jacob called to his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.” One does have a higher awareness at the time of their passing. Yet the same verse concludes “Yisrael strengthened himself and sat up on his bed.” It is know that Yisrael is the name referred to Yaakov when he comes to a state of consciousness which is like Shabot, when he has minuchah (rest) from feelings of all anger and pain, but exists in a state of serenity as is tought by the Aor ha Chyim. In this one sentence where Yisrael speaks he goes from being Yaakov to Yisrael. As is mentioned before a person has a higher awareness at the time of their passing. How blessed is the passing of those who have prepared themselves to see the Shechinah. As this has been the only object of their life. Rabbi Snair Zalman said when the Russians put a gun to his head threatening him “ I have one God and 2 worlds”.

A man who sins and recieves “corait” (cut off) causes the cord of his nashama (Soul of Divine intellect) to be separated from him, leaving him only with a ruach ((Soul of Divine emotions) and a nefesh (animal soul).1 The gematria of corait=rashiam(evil doers). Rashiam turn mercy to judgment, sadeekem (Rightious person) do the opposite.2 The lowest place in

Gehenom (Hell) is called “Avadon”. Where souls never rise from but parish, heaven forbid, as when a soul receives “corait” all aspects of the nashama are cut off. “Rashiam” can take another person’s portion in Gehenom in addition to their own.3 Sadeekem when they pass on from this world see the light of the wheel of intellect. His nefesh is separated from his body according to the level of his cleaving in the light, he sees the light according to his Merit. 4 30 days before one dies there goes away then the makiff (Surrounding light) of their Nashama. In the moment he dies they all return. If the man passing is a Sadeek (Rightious person) there is a great “yichud” (unification) below of sparks and of surrounding lights.5 “Chuchamim” die in a way by which they are not slaughtered in a way disfiguring them with disease as others.6 If someone is buried on the day his soul departs in the Holy land the spirit of impurity has no dominion over over him at all. All who die do so by the angel of death, except those who die in in Aretz Yisrael (Land of Israel), who die by a angel of mercy. They ascend into “Kodesh Elyon” (Supernal Holiness)7 All buried in artz yisreal are as buried under the alter and are thus atoned for.8 One who lives outside “Aretz Yisrael” draws upon themselves a strange “Ruach”,one of impurity. When they die if their body is brought to “Aretz Yisrael” this is a abomination. They defile the land.9 The day of one’s death is called day of YHV”H.10 When the soul is ready to leave its body. It then asks leave of each limb, and its separation from the body is only with great violence. As it says in the Song of Songs “ Love as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave”.11

The aspect of Yaakov called Yisrael is when He is at the level of not serving Hashem from emotions alone, but also with Divine intellect called Nashama. This is truly a thing beyond this world. This level of consciousness Allows one to live beyond the ways of this world. One who has attained this level called “Yisrael” lives in the upper worlds while still in this world, and continues after this life thus. His passing in “death” is as going from one room to the next. Or as the Gemora describes it that the passing of the righteous is like lifting a hair up that is floating on a cup of milk. While the passing of the wicked is like the removal of a hair from a course brush. As all they knew in life was this world, their body and its desires. One who has spiritual desires and actions while in this world continues with these in the life in the next world so its said in the Gemora “Yaakov did not die “.

Joseph said to his brothers: “I am about to die. God attends, He will attend to you, and bring you up from this land to the land that He swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…When God פקד (remembers) , he will remember you, and you will carry my bones up from here.” (Gen 50:24-25) It seems very clear from these words Joseph knew what was going to happen by “Navua” as he was a “Sadeek”  (righteous man). Yosef was alluding to them of the coming redemption from Egypt and in deed we find the same word by Moshe when speaking of the redemption from Egypt  “Go and gather the elders of Israel and say to them: the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has appeared to me and said, ‘Remember, I have remembered  you and what has been done to you in Egypt. And I have said, I will take you out of the misery of Egypt to the land of the Canaanites…’ They will listen to your voice” (Exod. 3:16-18) Here again “Remember” again is the strange word פקוד פקדתי. Rashi says that Joseph  was giving his brothers a code word they could use to know when the redemption from Egypt was truly about to happen. The one who came to them and uttered the secret phrase – pakod yifkod – that one would lead them out of Egypt.

Yaakov blesses Yuhuda and Yosef with Expressions of leadership :

Yehuda: “It is you whom your brothers shall praise,” “Your father’s children shall bow down before you,” “The staff shall not depart from Yehuda, nor a lawmaker from between his feet”. And to Yosef: “From the hand of the Mighty One of Yaakov, from there the shepherd, the stone of Israel,” “The crown of the head of he who was separated from his brothers.”

We know that the sages  speak of two ideal models of leadership: “Mashiach ben Yosef” and “Mashiach ben David.” “Mashiach ben Yosef” deals with the material problems and leads the fight against his enemy Asev. While “Mashiach ben David” is responsible for spiritual leadership and fights against his natural enemy Yismoyal.  These roles are set out in Yaakov’s blessings to Yuhuda and Yosef. We also should notice that unlike the rejection of Yishmael and of Esav from their fathers ultimate blessing , Yaakov knew the secret of the establishment of the nation of Isreal was dependent on all his children and none were to be rejected. And that Yisrael would be the sum total of all the various elements within the family with no rejection. The is expressed by the division of the blessings to the heads of the tribes as part of the promise to Am Yisrael. So to each Jewish soul has a big part to play in the unfolding of the Divine plan ! When Yisrael blesses Yosef, but before he does he says concerning Yosef’s sons מיאלה (who are these ?). These are the same letters as Elohem”e. It is a permutation of the letters of Elohem”e . Concerning מ”י the Sni Luchot ha Brit says that this name is the source of the Divine name Elohem”e. The Zohar tells us אל”ה refers to all created things. Thus Yisrael when seeing Yosef’s sons says מי אלה. Meaning that Yisreal when seeing Yosef’s sons designates them as being closely attached to the root of the creation in Elohem”e. As it will be through nature that Mashiach ben Yosef shall and may it be soon prepare the Jewish people by uniting them as a nation to contend with the natural enemy of Mashiach ben Yosef, Asev. By this we will be ready for the coming of Mashiach ben David, and may this be soon. Since the coming of Mashiach ben Yosef precedes that of the coming of Mashiach ben David. Yosef is blessed first. It says in Thilim “Who leads Yosef like a flock”. The sages learn from this that all Yisrael is called Yosef. Yisrael blesses Yosef saying “ The angel who redeemed me from all evil shall bless the lads”. By this blessing all Yisrael is redeemed from all evil, as shown before that all Yisrael is referred to as Yosef. So may is be that soon we see this blessing fulfilled with the revelation of mashiach Ben Yosef destroying our enemies and the arrival of Mashiach ben David and the building of the Holy Temple quickly in our days.

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