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YOUR LIVER IS A BATTERY, CONCERNING CARBS, PROTEINS, FATS and how the ‘other side’ kills many
July 26, 2012, 12:48 pm
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Imagine what would happen to a publicly traded company and their stock price if they announced Here is a cure cancer or other chronic illnesses. One needs only take this herb or pill for thirty days and you will never have a relapse ever again. A herb cant be patented. If it only costs three dollars.” That company would lose billions of dollars in potential profits and valuation. Its stock price would plummet. Therefore the drug companies have no incentive to cure illness !


Your body converts proteins to sugars

fat to sugars

starches are sugars

fats become sugars


Simple sugars are easily digested and used up quickly, starch protein and fat take longer.

Pure table sugar is usable to the body in about 1 minute. It can be absorbed through the mouth.

Starches/carbohydrates usable to the body in about 30 minutes. They are already in a form the body wants to use.

Proteins usable to the body in about 1-4 HOURS. This is why one should have some protein with every meal. By this you will feel full for a long time.

Fats are absorbed first and then broken down. If there is too much fat a “healthy” body will expell it. Fats double to triple the absorption time needed to digest carbohydrates and proteins. If fats are not broken down and excess fat expelled it clogs the blood vessels.

This God forbid, causes strokes and heart attacks.

Your liver is a “battery”. It stores sugars for later use, and releases sugars (energy) as needed.

Any extra sugar that the liver cannot store goes one of 2 ways :

For long term storage it is turned to BODY FAT.

Or it goes out of the body as the white foam of the urine when you pee

(it looks like the head of a beer)

Understand now the way your body is using what you eat.

By lowering sugar and carbohydrates you can increase fats and slow protein abosorbtion, and thus feel full longer.

MODERATION IS THE KEY, INTAKE MUST BE BALANCED ! Now there is a very important aditional perspective which one needs to be aware of.

The liver separates impure blood from pure blood. When any part of the body is burning up from heat this illness is caused by the gal bladder. It can engulf the body as a storm at sea. The Shechinah (Divine Presence) calms the waves.1

From the Gal Bladder comes evil, it cleaves to the liver.2 The liver receives first it devours fat, then it is offered to the heart. In the body are pure and impure fat, clean blood and blood with wastes. Impure fat is a danger to the heart and brain. Impure fat are called by modern science low density Lipoproteins (ldl) .This is the stuff that clogs up circulatory vessels and causes heart disease. High density Lipoproteins (hdl) have enzymes that brake down Cholesterol deposits,and they also take bad Cholesterol back to the liver to become bile. Which absorbs and digests fats. H.d.l. Does not stick to the linning of the arteries, but reduces the risk of disease. A malfunctioning Liver can cause an imbalance in good and bad cholesterol. Liver and heart disease are caused by the “yetzer hora”. The liver produces Cholesterol everyday to be used to make bile for digestion and fat absorption. The liver also removes wastes and toxins from the blood. Cholesterol levels are high if little bile is produced. The liver for the evil forces discharges impure fat, which science calls low density Lipoproteins (ldl) into the arteries. 3

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