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  The fiftieth gate of Binah. This allows the thirteen streams of pure balsam (13 dikna, conduits of Mercy) to flow directly into our world. Understanding is very good.

The sages understand from parsha Barashit (Genesis) the order of creation, knowledge of astronomy and the universe, the calculation of the molad (calander) and tekufos (seasons), and all sorts of other knowledge which is hinted at in the count of letters, gematriyos, and their secrets. Knowing all this the Ramban in his essay “Torah GODTemima” writes that the meaning of the story of “ma’aseh barasht” (the work of creation) is hidden and he does not understand it.

 Yitzchak Avinu (Issac) was the first to receive a “brit milah” (Circumcision) on the 8th day. YHV”H multiplied by 8 (the eighth day. )= a gematria of 208= יצחק

YHV”H multiplied by 7= 156= “Yosef” equals, Indeed Yosef continued right where Yaakov had left off. 

Abraham is from chesed within Ima, in Z”a. Isaac gevurah within Ima. Yacov included gevurah and chesed within Abba within Ima and descends into Z”a. Moses also included gevurah and chesed. But Yakov is from Ima, acting as a garment on Abba. While Moses expressed “penimi” aspects of Abba.

. Every name is a spark of the divine and a glance into the person’s essence and the unique role the he is to play throughout his life.


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