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The fiftieth gate of Binah. This allows the thirteen streams of pure balsam (13 dikna, conduits of Mercy) to flow directly into our world. Understanding is very good.

The sages understand from parsha Barashit (Genesis) the order of creation, knowledge of astronomy and the universe, the calculation of the molad (calander) and tekufos (seasons), and all sorts of other knowledge which is hinted at in the count of letters, gematriyos, and their secrets. Knowing all this the Ramban in his essay “Torah GODTemima” writes that the meaning of the story of “ma’aseh barasht” (the work of creation) is hidden and he does not understand it.

 Yitzchak Avinu (Issac) was the first to receive a “brit milah” (Circumcision) on the 8th day. YHV”H multiplied by 8 (the eighth day. )= a gematria of 208= יצחק

YHV”H multiplied by 7= 156= “Yosef” equals, Indeed Yosef continued right where Yaakov had left off. 

Abraham is from chesed within Ima, in Z”a. Isaac gevurah within Ima. Yacov included gevurah and chesed within Abba within Ima and descends into Z”a. Moses also included gevurah and chesed. But Yakov is from Ima, acting as a garment on Abba. While Moses expressed “penimi” aspects of Abba.

. Every name is a spark of the Divine and a glance into the person’s essence and the unique role the he is to play throughout his life.


Judah haNasi once directed Rabbi Afes to write a letter in Judah’s name to Emperor Antoninus. Rabbi Afes wrote: “From Judah the Prince to our Sovereign the Emperor Antoninus.” Judah read the letter, tore it up, and wrote: “From your servant Judah to our Sovereign the Emperor Antoninus.” Rabbi Afes remonstrated that Judah treated his honor too lightly. Judah replied that he was not better than his ancestor, who in Genesis 32:5 sent a message saying: “Thus says your servant Jacob.”

Rabbi Jacob bar Idi pointed out a contradiction between God’s promise to protect Jacob in Genesis 28:15 and Jacob’s fear in Genesis 32:8; Rabbi Jacob explained that Jacob feared that some sin might cause him to lose the protection of God’s promise.[85]

Rabbi Eleazar taught that Obadiah hid 50 of 100 prophets of God in a cave in 1 Kings18:4 because he learned the lesson of dividing his camp from Jacob’s actions in Genesis 32:8–9. Rabbi Abbahu, however, said that it was because the cave could hold only 50.

Reading Jacob’s beseeching God in Genesis 32:10, “O God of my father Abraham, and God of my father Isaac,” a Midrash asked whether Esau (from whom Jacob sought God’s protection) could not have made the same claim for God’s favor. The Midrash taught that God affords God’s protection to those who choose the Patriarchs’ ways and act as they did, and not to those who do not.

Rabbi Yannai taught that when people expose themselves to danger and are saved by miracles, it is deducted from their merits and so they end up with less merit to their credit. Rabbi Hanin cited Genesis 32:11 to prove this, reading Jacob to say to God: “I am become diminished [that is, I have less merit to my credit] by reason of all the deeds of kindness and all the truth that You have shown to your servant.


Rabbi Eliezer taught that the five Hebrew letters of the Torah that alone among Hebrew letters have two separate shapes (depending whether they are in the middle or the end of a word) — צ פ נ מ כ — all relate to the mystery of the redemption. With the letter kaph (כ), God redeemed Abraham from Ur of the Chaldees, as in Genesis 12:1, God says, “Get you (לֶךְ-לְךָ, lekh lekha) out of your country, and from your kindred … to the land that I will show you.” With the letter mem (מ), Isaac was redeemed from the land of the Philistines, as in Genesis 26:16, the Philistine kingAbimelech told Isaac, “Go from us: for you are much mightier (מִמֶּנּוּ, מְאֹד, mimenu m’od) than we.” With the letter nun (נ), Jacob was redeemed from the hand of Esau, as inGenesis 32:12, Jacob prayed, “Deliver me, I pray (הַצִּילֵנִי נָא, hazileini na), from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau.” With the letter peh (פ), God redeemed Israel from Egypt, as in Exodus 3:16–17, God told Moses, “I have surely visited you, (פָּקֹד פָּקַדְתִּי,pakod pakadeti) and (seen) that which is done to you in Egypt, and I have said, I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt.” With the letter tsade (צ), God will redeem Israel from the oppression of the kingdoms, and God will say to Israel, I have caused a branch to spring forth for you, as Zechariah 6:12 says, “Behold, the man whose name is the Branch (צֶמַח, zemach); and he shall grow up (יִצְמָח, yizmach) out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the Lord.” These letters were delivered to Abraham. Abraham delivered them to Isaac, Isaac delivered them to Jacob, Jacob delivered the mystery of the Redemption to Joseph, and Joseph delivered the secret of the Redemption to his brothers, as in Genesis 50:24, Joseph told his brothers, “God will surely visit (פָּקֹד יִפְקֹד,pakod yifkod) you.” Jacob’s son Asher delivered the mystery of the Redemption to his daughter Serah. When Moses and Aaron came to the elders of Israel and performed signs in their sight, the elders told Serah. She told them that there is no reality in signs. The elders told her that Moses said, “God will surely visit (פָּקֹד יִפְקֹד, pakod yifkod) you” (as in Genesis 50:24). Serah told the elders that Moses was the one who would redeem Israel from Egypt, for she heard (in the words of Exodus 3:16), “I have surely visited (פָּקֹד פָּקַדְתִּי, pakod pakadeti) you.” The people immediately believed in God and Moses, as Exodus 4:31 says, “And the people believed, and when they heard that the Lord had visited the children of Israel.”

A Midrash interpreted the words of Genesis 32:13, “I will surely do you good (הֵיטֵב אֵיטִיב, heiteiv eitiv),” (in which the verb is doubled) to mean both “I will do you good for your own sake” and “I will do you good for the sake of your fathers.”








an overview of


Including :1)The Owner’s Manual to Prosperity and the Soul for Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone else

2) “The Definitive Biblical phenomena”

3)The Souls speak

4)”The Owner’s Manual to the Soul” Part 1 The Gate

5)“The Owner’s manual to the Soul” Part 2 THE KABALLAH

6) “The Message”

7)The Book of the Angel Mattatro”n

8)“Book Of ELOHEME”

9)“Teffilin The Owner’s manual”


11)“The Divine structure of unfolding of Heaven and Earth”

12)”The book of “יהוה Yhv”h

13) “Markava”  The Divine chariot





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So-called modern thought clouds people’s understanding and this greatconfusion is compounded by there appearing to be several versions of Judaism. All this is far from the truth, for the Torah is ancient, having been transmitted in unbroken suc­cession since the time of Moses, and one can only do harm by disregarding the commandment “Do not add or subtract from this law” (Deut. 13: 1). We have seen the consequences in this generation: unprecedented assimilation and spiritual annihi­lation. Contemporary attitudes only rob our brothers and sisters of their spiritual heritage, by letting them believe they are living as they should, fulfilling what their Creator has asked of them-when in reality the glory of the holy Sabbath has passed them by. As the Rambam1 taught in the Mishneh Torah,2 “Moses received all the mitzvot (commandments) (Ex. 24: 12). ‘And I give to you the Tablets of Stone, and the Law and the Commandment.’ The Law refers to the Written Torah; the Commandment to the Oral Torah, its explanation. Moses taught the whole of it in his court to the Seventy Elders, as well as to Joshua. Pinchas received it from Joshua; Eli from Pinchas; Samuel from Eli; David from Samuel; Ahiyah from David; Elijah from Ahiyah; Elisha from Elijah;

  1. Moses Maimonides

  2. The Book of Knowledge

Jehoiada from Elisha; Zachariah from Jehoiada; Hosea from Zachariah; Amos from Hosea; Isaiah from Amos; Micah from Isaiah; Joel from Micah; Nahum from Joel; Hebakkuk from Nahum; Zephaniah from Habakkuk; Jeremiah from Zephaniah; Baruch from Jeremiah; Ezra from Baruch; Shimon HaTzaddik from Ezra; Antigonus from Shimon HaTzaddik; Yoseph ben Yoezer and Yoseph ben Yochanan from Antigonus; Yehoshua and Nittai from Yoseph ben Yoezer and Yoseph ben Yochanan; Yehuda and Shimon from Yehoshua and Nittai; Shemaiah and Avtaliah from Yehuda and Shimon; Hillel and Shammai from Shemaiah and Avtaliah; Rabban Shimon from his father, Hillel. and from Shammai; Rabban Gamaliel the Elder from his father Rabban Shimon; Rabbi Shimon from his father Rabban Gamaliel the Elder; our teacher, Rebbe Yehuda the Prince, from his father Rabbi Shimon; Rabbi Yochanan, Rav, and Shmuel from Rebbe Yehudah the Prince; Rav Huna from Rabbi Yochanan, Rav, and Shmuel; Rabbah from Rav Huna; Rava from Rabbah; and Rav Ashi received the Torah from Rav. All the sages mentioned here were the great men of the successive generations. Besides them, there were thousands and myriads of disciples and fellow students. Ravina and Rav Ashi closed the list of the sages of the Talmud. The Talmud is an exposition of the Mishnah, which was compiled by our teacher, Rebbe Yehuda the Prince. The Talmud elucidates the abstruse points of the Mishnah, ex­plaining what is permitted and forbidden, what is unclean and what is clean, what is unfit and what is fit, all in accordance with the traditions received by the sages from their predecessor in unbroken succession up to the teaching of Moses, “father of all prophets.”

The above is the true tradition of the Torah as it was passed down generation to generation.

The fundamental difference between a Orthodox outlook and the Conservative Judaism outlook is that according to the Orthodox the Torah is divine. End of story.

The Conservative movement, by way of contrast, rejects the idea that any part of the Torah is divine (both oral and written). Both are the products of man, with varying degrees of “divine inspiration” That is a big difference.

The prophets were Divinely inspired and they were many. The sages tell us that the few works of the Prophets have now are but a small sample of the many prophets who lived and spoke to Yisrael.

The Torah is completely unique. The Rambam in Moreh (II:39) explains that the prophesy of Moses was unique. As it is written “If there is a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known to him in a vision, and will speak to him in a dream.Not so with my servant Moses, for he is the trusted one in all my house. With him I speak mouth to mouth, manifestly, and not in dark speech” (numbers 12) Rabbi Soloveitchik explained that Torah is categorically distinct from prophecy. No other Prophet created or could create Torah except for Moses.

The Conservative movement sees no difference between the Divine inspiration of Moshe, Jeremiah, perhaps even the Talmudic sages, etc. The Conservative movement believes their human hand was guided to compose great works of inspiration that contained the truth of Judaism.

Orthodox Judaism holds that the Torah is unique. The significance of the event of Mount Sinai is that a new CATEGORY of revelation introduced into the world that transcended any other prophecy or Divine inspiration. Therefore the giving of the Torah could only occur through Moses , the only Prophet who attained this level of Revelation.

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In the Holy Zohar on Pinchas is  says

The lord buildeth Jerusalem”(Psalms)

He and no other. It is for this building that we are waiting, not a human structure which cannot endure. The Holy One , GOD, will send down to us the first house and the second house together, the first in concealment and the second openly. The second will be revealed to show all the world the handiwork of the Holy One, Baruch HaSem, in perfect joy and gladness. The first which will be concealed, will ascend high over that which is revealed, and all the world will see the clouds of glory surrounding the one which is revealed and enveloping the first one which ascends to the height of the glorious heavens. It is for that building that we are waiting. Even the future city of Jerusalem will not be the work of human hands, all the more so the Temple, GOD’s habitation.” Zohar III221a


Nachemya”h and Ezra offered Sacrifices on the the Temple mount even before a Temple was built ! In another place the Zohar says the Temple will be built before the exiles are gathered. So that the Shechinah first returns to the “mikdosh.” But if we are then only returning from exile the cloud of glory will be seen on the wise, great and Chassidim. All depend on what we do.

CONCERNING TIME 9th Av and 72 names the moon landing, PLUTO 248
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updated September 5 2017

We know the fast of Tisha B’av was indeed observed even during the Second Temple period for it is written Mishnah Rosh Hashanah 1:3:

For six new moons do emissaries go out for Nissan because of Passover, for Av because of the fast, for Elul because of Rosh Hashanah, for Tishrei to correct [the dates of] the festivals, for Kislev because of Hanukkah, and for Adar because of Purim. And when the Temple was standing they went out even for Iyyar because of  Pesah Sheni

Interesting there is a A beraita found in Yerushalmi Beitza 2:2,  61b and Bavli Ta’anit13a saying:

All those required to immerse themselves do so in the usual manner on Tisha B’av and on Yom Kippur… R. ChananYa”h the Assistant High Priest said: The [destruction of the] House of our God deserves that the priests should lose one immersion on its account. R. ChananYa”h lived and died before the Destruction.

Rabbi Judah HaNassi planted a tree on Purim, and bathed in the market  of Zippori on the Seventeenth of Tammuz, he wanted to uproot Tisha B’av which fell on Shabbat, which is postponed  till after Shabbat. Rabbi said: since it was postponed, let it be not observed, the Sages did not agree with him..   , Rabbi Judah chose the slogan, “David King of Israel lives” (Rosh Hashanah 25a). Rabbi Judah the Prince viewed himself as the King of the Jewish people (see Horayot 11b). As a result of this Messianic mood, Rabbi Judah the Prince may have tried to abolish Tisha B’av, but the Sages of his time “did not agree with him” as they knew the ‘good times’ they were living in would not last..

Every 28 years the sun returns to the place it stood at the time of its creation. At that time the God has told us it is good to bless his name at that time in particular with these words. The text of the blessing itself is as follows:

“ברוך אתה ה’ אלהינו מלך העולם עושה מעשה בראשית”
Blessed are You, LORD, our God, King of the Universe maker of the works of Creation.

We are now in the 207th period of the blessing of the sun. The word Hebrew word “ohr-aleph-vav-resh” which means “light” has a numerical value of 207. We entered this 207 period when we made the blessing last on Wednesday, 8 April 2009 .

The seventy two 3 letter names are a timepiece with which one can understand where we are on the path to the big Sabbath. Each one of the seventy two names represents a astronomical quinary-5 degrees along the celestial ecliptic.. In 5750/1990 they left the name ייי (crab19deg.) . The seventy two names are 72 gates that are over the earth and which its passes through in its vast periods of time and civilizations.

Humans first walked the surface of the moon, in the summer of 1971 on a Sabbath which that year happened to be the day of Tisha’b’Av. It was on that day humans walked and breathed on the moon. This year Tisha’b’Av falls on Shabbot, next Sabbath could be BIG. Especially concidering whats going on in the world these days.

From the Central pillar the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three rotation, revolution and spiritual development are a great secret to the profound teachings of the “mekubalim” (kabbalists). These 3 factors provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being).

The planet Pluto veils the most hidden of the sephirot/keter, the Crown, the united highest level where all souls are united in the soul world. The planet Pluto takes 248 to go around the sun. The ancient book Sepher Hechalot/ the book of palaces teaches us that the wingspan of a Caruv is precisely 248 years distance!

Caruv were the type of angel that sat upon the ark of the covenant from which God emanated his Prophesy. There are 248 possitive commandments. 248 are the number of bones in the body.The numerical value of the name, אוריאל, is 248 which also equals the value of the angel chief – רזיאל=248. אוריאל is called “sar hapanim” (angel of the face). He reveals “Ruach ha Kodesh” (the Holy spirit). רזיאל is the angel of Secrets.

The חמה is female compared to the שמש. The לבנה is female compared to the ירח. The male sun and moon shine into the seven planets