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June 19, 2012, 5:07 pm
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Korach בס”ד

We all must stand up for that which is right and oppose those things which are not good. This is the right thing to do. One can not be complacent. We also see here that one must careful no to follow the masses to sin.

Korach and his group rebelled against the authority of Moses, against the Torah. They thought they knew better. The result was that they were all killed by GOD. In Europe for the first time since the writing of the oral tradition of the Torah almost 2000 years earlier people dared ,like Korach, to rebel against this tradition. This was the foundation of the reform movement. Again before the reform movement of “Judaism” since the writing down of the Oral tradition almost 2000 years earlier there were not different versions of Judaism. There was only The Torah of Moses as found in the Mishna, explained in the Gemora, Zohar and other Holy books. These rebels as Korach dared to defy the Divine authority of the Torah and we all know the results. Much like what happened to Korach and his crew, but this time 6 million were killed. From these lessons we should learn That publicly going against the Truth of GOD’s Torah is a stupid thing to do. But some people never learn.

We also see from parsha Korach what those who fear GOD and love his Torah should do when confronted by such a situation. When confronted by those who deny the truth of the Torah, by those who claim to know a better way. We cannot stand by idly indifferent to such evil people. This is a time to take a stand, to stand up for GOD and His Torah. One cannot just standby such a desecration of the Name of God. As what kind of love of God does a person have who would act like this. It is a time for action. Moshe told all Yisrael to “remove yourself from the evil company of Korach, take no benefit from them. Or you to will be swept away because of all their sins also.”

We should learn from this parsha from the actions of Moshe that one must stand up against those who try to lead the Jewish people away from the true way of the Torah. False leaders must be denounced. Those who love GOD and His Torah will not be found in the company of false leaders, traitors against the people of Yisrael. Those who deny the truth of the Torah. They certainly will not be friends with such evil men. Certainly those who love GOD will not be joined with these evil men so to benefit financially. Be certain as Moshe said “remove yourself from the evil company of Korach, take no benefit from them. Or you to will be swept away because of all their sins also.” In simplicity those who believe in the way of the Torah are those who should be close to us. Those who lead the Jewish people in a way not according to GOD’s Torah, or publicly speak against the truth of the Torah. It is these who those who believe in GOD’s Torah must stand against, and those who keep company with them. The evil reckless action of these false anti Torah leaders has already brought about the birth of terror state in Azza. We cannot let them lead this Jewish community to the destiny that befell the community of Korach or that of Europe.

It should also be noted that there has been similar themes in the last 3 parsha, so take these ideas to heart. In parsha Bihalotecha it said “when you go to war with the enemy in your land, sound the horns”. As we said this refers to not responding quietly, but with full force spiritually and physically. This refers to the enemy who comes from within, as Korach and those of other nations. In parsha Shelach lecha we learn again concerning false leadership, and not acting according to divine will. The result of the sin of the spies was much like that which recently befell the Jewish community in Europe, they all perished.


When Moses went up to receive the Torah, the angels gave him with presents. As it is written “You ascended on high, taking booty, receiving gifts among men” (Psalms 68:19). The Angel of Death presented Moses with a gift: the secret of the incense.


From the parsha we can see that the Temple incense has the power to prevent death it does this by uniting together all Forces in the world with their source in good. Even the forces of death and destruction, contribute to the development and perfection of the universe. By this standpoint, the force of death also serves as a force of life. The incense reveals harmony and the inter-connectivity by uniting together the core essence of all forces. The incense also encompasses the forces of destruction, so that they may contribute to building and perfecting the universe. As the Hebrew word for incense itself, “ketoret”, is related to the word “keter”, meaning to ‘bind’ or ‘knot.’ Among the many fragrances bound together in the “ketoret” includes galbanum or in Hebrew “chelbenah”, it is an essential ingredient, despite its pungent, unpleasant odor. In this way, there is sweetening of the the bitterness of the universe within the incense itself.


This ability to direct and convert destructive forces into constructive and preserving forces, is an exceptional phenomenon. The is hidden knowledge that was granted only to Moses.

Korach is the same gematria as לארבעה (to 4) referring to the river that goes out of Aden to water the garden splitting to 4 heads, these allude to the 4 basic levels the Torah is understood. May it be that these all will be revealed clearly for all to behold restoring all to its ancient glory with prophesy, the Holy Temple and Mashiach quickly in our days.

Shabot Shalom

June 17, 2012, 1:05 pm
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You cannot really tell whats happening in the world much of the time
sky lights space dark

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updated November 28 2018

It is know that certain Hebrews, anticipating the redemption from Egypt, left 30 years earlier than did Moses and all Isreal..


They were the people of Ephraim (son of Joseph), who counted [the years] to the end [of the Egyptian exile] and erred . . . (Sanhedrin 92b)



Apparently, they had counted the 400 years of exile foretold by God to Avraham from that time, when in fact, as Rashi explains, the proper starting point of the prophecy had been from the birth of Issac, 30 years later. As a result, they left Egypt 30 years before the rest of the Jewish people, and were slaughtered. It seems like they had made a tragic mistake.


However providence, God’s hand in the worlds activities “these days” is rarely straightforward, and those who treat it like it is “miss out”. As they Just don’t see or have a clue whats going on.. Many times one has to wait to see the true results of “things”. Things are kept hidden so to preserve free-will..


Of the 15,000,000 Jews who lived in Egypt at the time of the redemption, 12,000,000 chose to remain in Egypt rather than leave with Moses, these died in the Plague of Darkness. Of the remaining 3,000,000 that went out, together with an additional 3,000,000 “Erev Rav”, most of them complained in the desert, and seemed ready to run back to Egypt the moment the going got tough.


None of that generation made it into the Promised Land except Calev ben Yefunah and Joshua.

Even Moses, Aharon , and Miriam did not make it to the Promised Land.


However, with respect to the people of Ephraim, it says:


Rabbi Eliezer, son of Rabbi Yosi HaGalilee said: “The dead whom Yechezkel revived went up to the Land of Israel, married wives and had sons and daughters. Rebi Yehudah ben Basira rose up and said: ‘I am one of their descendants, and these are the tefillin (phylacteries) which my grandfather left me from them.’ ” (Sanhedrin 92b)





Each large mountain and hill  have ministers assigned to them. Depending upon the height of one mountain over another, relatively-speaking, that is how much higher its minister is than the one for the lower mountain. Each day these mountains either increase or decrease in size, though it may not be noticeable to man. It is as the Sages say regarding the Land of Israel, that it was once four hundred  parsot, but it shook and shrank. (Gittin 57a) There are some mountains that increase in size and become stronger, as result of the power of the Heavenly minister over it. Sometimes the heavenly minister is eliminated, and so the mountain to which it was assigned will also disappear by joining to another mountain to which it is attached. It will then no longer be recognizable on its own. Sometimes, they remove part of his rulership from him and divide his dominion, giving half to another minister. The result is a split in the mountain itself. Occasionally, we see large rocks that have been split into two equal halves, with no residual rocks to be found.

Rain that falls is the level of “Mym Duchrin”, there is no spring that does not have a corresponding light in the upper land.

There is also a minister appointed over each tree below, and when it is terminated the tree dries up. Not only this, but every time a leaf falls from the tree, the minister above is accordingly weakened. From what we have just written you will be able to understand many wondrous things. (Shar Gilgulim)

The hand of Divine Providence is outstretched to alert people and rebuke. This is because: “Those God loves, He rebukes” (Mishlei 3:12). The rebuke comes so they return to the proper Holy path as shown by the Torah. There is a lot of Divine Providence that comes down to lead one to human completeness, as man is the central figure of the creation. It states in the Gemara , God asks about one who regularly comes to the “beit k’nesset” (house of prayer) and then misses a day. This is because God arranges reasons to cause the person to ask to himself whats going on. The fundamental element of the Name of God is the assurance that God’s leadership will help to attain true completeness, which is to resemble walking God’s paths. Know closeness God’s leadership is the secret of His great Awesome and lofty Name.

looking down from above

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June 17, 2012, 11:16 am
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green and white tidal waves

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The demon Lill”y is among the souls of lazy people (who wont even make a serious effort to explore spirituality) she is the mother of the “Erev Rav” (Mixed Multitude that left Egypt with the Hebrews), she contaminates like a mentruant where they sit, and they contaminate the Righteous who dwell among them.

Only six hundred thousand Israelites survived the plague of darkness and made it to stand at the sea. The six hundred thousand who made their way to the sea were 1/5th of the original population of 3 million. Rabbi Akiva explains that 4 out of 5 who left Egypt were not Jews but the Erev Rav, this amounts to 2.4 million Egyptians (EREV RAV) left with Israel. The remaining 4/5ths of the Israelites who died in the plague of darkness were “replaced” by Erev Rav ?

In the Zohar it states that in the period called “messiah’s footsteps” the “Erev Rav” (The mixed multitude who left Egypt with the Hebrews) will return to be the shepherds of Israel1 The “Erev Rav” are the souls from the world of “Tohu” (chaos), They are incarnate in every generation. They they are the arrogant, bold-faced men of the generation. This is whats referred to by our sages when they say in the period of “messiah’s footsteps” impudence will increase. The “Erev Rav” desire to be the spiritual authorities and great status for this they jump forward to teach.2 They jump forward to teach and to take the crown of `let us make for ourselves a name’. These are the ones who are argumentative, they destroy the world and extinguish the light of Torah, as they sabotage the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts. Of them Solomon said:

grasp for us the foxes, little foxes that destroy the vineyards”.

The “Erev Rav” is our greatest enemy, he is what separates the two Messiahs,The “Erev Rav” husk operates only by deceit and indirectly. Therefore the war against the `erev rav is the most difficult and most bitter, and we must use all our remaining forces to win this war. Whoever is not engaged in actively fighting the “Erev Rav” becomes an automatic partner to the husk of the “Erev Rav”, and whoever this may be it would be better for him had he not been born.

The “Erev Rav” instead of quarreling with the nations of the world who cause us distress, they choose to argue and quarrel with the faithful of Israel. There “Erev Rav” has a lot to occupy in so to establish and firmly root a rebellion against Torah tradition  and the veneration of new theories of social engineering, morality and religion have been the engine for the  unfortunate assimilation we find today. As Jews turned from being Torah Jews living a noticeably Jewish live.  To Jews for Nothing, Jews for Socialism, Communism, Secularism, Nationalism, atheistic Zionism, Reform, Conservatism, Reconstructionism, Femininism and other assorted theories and movements that become trendy  it is to these things that have helped to shape the secularization of much of whats left of the Jewish people  



The difference between a conversation and an argument is that In a conversation, two people can have different viewpoints and still converse with each other in friendship and respect. They might disagree, but remain in a healthy and dynamic relationship. Good people, even when discussing a point, still question themselves over-and-over again, and find room to give the other person the benefit of the doubt. “Erev rav” people do not and cannot, since their self-image is built upon their being right. In Aderet Eliyah it is taught that there are 5 types of Erev Rav 1) Create strife and speak loshon Hora, 2) They chase only Physical desires, 3) Thieves who pretend to be righteous, 4) Those who pursue honor to build a name for themselves, 5) Those who chase after money and argument.

In an “Erev rav” argument, the starting point is that one is against the other. One is separate from the other. Hypothetically, in an argument it’s a fight – either way, the ideas are the same. A argument not for the sake of heaven is for selfish reasons. It is not only unproductive, it is extremely self-destructive. Rashi teaches that the Bait Din (Torah court) gives capital punishment only to the perpetrators of a crime, and only if they are physically mature, and Heaven metes out capital punishment only once a person reaches the age of 20 years, but Korach’s dispute resulted in the death of the perpetrators and their families, including the children.

1Safra ditz’ni`utha, chapter 1

2Yahel Ohr, commentary on Zohar 1:28

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The God when He gave us the Bible set a yearly cycle by which it is suggested to illuminate (read) in the Holy “Book”. Concerning the parsha (portion) for this week:


Parsha Shalach




Towards the end of our parsha in discussing sitzet (fringes) as it is written “ And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Speak to the people of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a thread of blue”


The Torah also states “You shall not go after your eyes or your heart that lead you astray”. Meaning away from the way of GOD. As the sitzet allude to all the comandments as the numerical value of sitzet plus their 8 threads and 5 knots equals 613 (all the comandments). Do not follow your eyes astray, but contemplate the commandments which direct us in the way which is upright. Do not follow your heart astray but love GOD. As mistakes begin when one acts in a way not prescribed by the Torah. Like in our parsha the sages say GOD never told Yisreal to send spies. That is why the parsha begins with the words “send to you spies”. The people asked for this. GOD certainly did not need them to be sent. So it should not be suprising that their mission did not turn out well. This is where things begin to go wrong. Wrong for a long time as this was the 9th of Av. The day of destruction of both temples. Since GOD did not say to send out spies, the spies became filled and obsessed with excessive desires for honor. When arrogance rises upon one’s heart, the Shechinah (Divine Presence) flees. As the 2 do not dwell together. From this they were caught in their own sin. Their sin resulted in all Yisrael losing faith. As is written “our brothers have made our hearts melt”. This is much like todays false leaders who say ”there is no way to stop the rockets that hit our cities daily”, but this is ever so far from the truth. There is a simple solution ”overwhelming military force”. (They finally did it, “Operation Cast Lead”, and the rockets have stopped for the most part now. Though in the future more ”overwhelming military force” may be required) Until it becomes learned that peace is a better way.


The sages warned us against these false leaders when they wrote almost 2000 years ago concerning these times in the ancient manuscript Signs of the Messiah we are told that before Redemption GOD will stand up kings over his people Yisreal who will reject his Torah in their dat (knowledge). They will be liars, But they will see themselves as those who serve GOD, but they do not. They will be disgusting. They will confuse all creation. Even the transgressors among Yisrael will be further removed from the redemption by these leaders who reject GOD, and the fear of Him. This will be a generation where truth is despised. At this time Yisrael will be without a king or true leader, alter or sacrifices. This generation will suffer becouse of harsh decrees that are different, strange and tragic made by these kings who reject GOD . They will make atheistic rulings against the Temple, GOD and his Torah.


Towards the end of the parsha some men went up to the land, it says ”the ark was not with them”. They went of their own accord. GOD had not told them to take the land at that time, but they went up anyway. Like the spies their action was not in accordance with Divine will, so how could it be successful ?. Only if our actions are in accordance with the Torah, Divine will, can we succeed in the end. The people could not enter the land till they were ready and could go with the Ark. With out the Torah one just doesn’t stand a chance in the Holy land. As the verse states “The land is a land that consumes its inhabitants”. R. Ostrowicze explains “its inhabitants” which literally in Hebrew means those who sit are consumed by the land. As the Holy land will not allow one to stay who is not moving higher and higher in Holiness. The prophets warn us concerning this as Isiah says:


In that day shall the plant of YHVH shall be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the land shall be excellent and beautiful for those that remain of Israel. And it will come to pass that he that remains in Zion and He that remains in Jerusalem shall be called Holy,” (4:2)


But as we see in the parsha even after the spies bring back a bad report and GOD is very disappointed with us, and wants to bring severe judgment. The intercession of Moshe saves us. R. Yochanon states ”wherever you find greatness you find meekness”. GOD wishes the world to acknowledge him, then He will suspend justice and retribution to further this end. For this reason we must appeal to GOD for mercy upon his people as the hour is ”dark”, as enemies surround us. With Divine intervention we will find protection and Peace. With a complete redemption with our righteous Messiah and the Holy Temple built Quickly in our days. AMEN