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June 17, 2012, 11:16 am
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The demon Lill”y is among the souls of lazy people (who wont even make a serious effort to explore spirituality) she is the mother of the “Erev Rav” (Mixed Multitude that left Egypt with the Hebrews), she contaminates like a mentruant where they sit, and they contaminate the Righteous who dwell among them.

Only six hundred thousand Israelites survived the plague of darkness and made it to stand at the sea. The six hundred thousand who made their way to the sea were 1/5th of the original population of 3 million. Rabbi Akiva explains that 4 out of 5 who left Egypt were not Jews but the Erev Rav, this amounts to 2.4 million Egyptians (EREV RAV) left with Israel. The remaining 4/5ths of the Israelites who died in the plague of darkness were “replaced” by Erev Rav ?

In the Zohar it states that in the period called “messiah’s footsteps” the “Erev Rav” (The mixed multitude who left Egypt with the Hebrews) will return to be the shepherds of Israel1 The “Erev Rav” are the souls from the world of “Tohu” (chaos), They are incarnate in every generation. They they are the arrogant, bold-faced men of the generation. This is whats referred to by our sages when they say in the period of “messiah’s footsteps” impudence will increase. The “Erev Rav” desire to be the spiritual authorities and great status for this they jump forward to teach.2 They jump forward to teach and to take the crown of `let us make for ourselves a name’. These are the ones who are argumentative, they destroy the world and extinguish the light of Torah, as they sabotage the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts. Of them Solomon said:

grasp for us the foxes, little foxes that destroy the vineyards”.

The “Erev Rav” is our greatest enemy, he is what separates the two Messiahs,The “Erev Rav” husk operates only by deceit and indirectly. Therefore the war against the `erev rav is the most difficult and most bitter, and we must use all our remaining forces to win this war. Whoever is not engaged in actively fighting the “Erev Rav” becomes an automatic partner to the husk of the “Erev Rav”, and whoever this may be it would be better for him had he not been born.

The “Erev Rav” instead of quarreling with the nations of the world who cause us distress, they choose to argue and quarrel with the faithful of Israel. There “Erev Rav” has a lot to occupy in so to establish and firmly root a rebellion against Torah tradition  and the veneration of new theories of social engineering, morality and religion have been the engine for the  unfortunate assimilation we find today. As Jews turned from being Torah Jews living a noticeably Jewish live.  To Jews for Nothing, Jews for Socialism, Communism, Secularism, Nationalism, atheistic Zionism, Reform, Conservatism, Reconstructionism, Femininism and other assorted theories and movements that become trendy  it is to these things that have helped to shape the secularization of much of whats left of the Jewish people  



The difference between a conversation and an argument is that In a conversation, two people can have different viewpoints and still converse with each other in friendship and respect. They might disagree, but remain in a healthy and dynamic relationship. Good people, even when discussing a point, still question themselves over-and-over again, and find room to give the other person the benefit of the doubt. “Erev rav” people do not and cannot, since their self-image is built upon their being right. In Aderet Eliyah it is taught that there are 5 types of Erev Rav 1) Create strife and speak loshon Hora, 2) They chase only Physical desires, 3) Thieves who pretend to be righteous, 4) Those who pursue honor to build a name for themselves, 5) Those who chase after money and argument.

In an “Erev rav” argument, the starting point is that one is against the other. One is separate from the other. Hypothetically, in an argument it’s a fight – either way, the ideas are the same. A argument not for the sake of heaven is for selfish reasons. It is not only unproductive, it is extremely self-destructive. Rashi teaches that the Bait Din (Torah court) gives capital punishment only to the perpetrators of a crime, and only if they are physically mature, and Heaven metes out capital punishment only once a person reaches the age of 20 years, but Korach’s dispute resulted in the death of the perpetrators and their families, including the children.

1Safra ditz’ni`utha, chapter 1

2Yahel Ohr, commentary on Zohar 1:28

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There came a mixed multitude out of Egypt & can said to be the influence behind the making of the golden calf that delusion unto the day denoting the many alters figured within the Masonic Israeli supreme court . The mixture has been so full that physically they cannot be segregated but are spiritually separated . To this it concerns the whole of man & not just a few, this separation is the Wheat from the Chaff, lest all of man be destroyed like at the time of Noe.

Comment by abey

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