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The Date may be later than most think
December 20, 2011, 11:59 am
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Promises of Redemption from God, are written in to the very fabric of Creation. One way or another, these events will come to pass. The Messiah ‘s immediate arrival is dependent on our merit. With repentance Redemption will happen in a pleasant and quick fashion, with out suffering. Redemption comes little by little. The Redemption come little by little  like the rising of the sun in the morning, Efforts below here on Earth, gets Heavenly Assistance from Above added to what we do. With the Redemption comes the end of the forces of impurity. The forces of impurity know this, and therefore they will use all their strength to prevent this from happening.  

Asav lives an unexamined life, he seduces and beguiles his friends and those he knows, even his family. Through his charm he attains his desires sometimes without even asking. Asev is a master of subterfuge and deception. He can live in bad faith and inauthenticity it, will not bother his conscience.  

Look what happened to Hosni Mubarak he was a friend of the American state department and a frequent guest to the White house. Until they threw him to the dogs.

R. Akiva and R. Meir  were the greatest of second century sages they were descendants of Esav. Souls from the side of Asev Can do very great things for mankind, they can also do horrible things if they follow their evil inclination.

The descendants of Asev in our time comprise the majority of Christian Europe and most peoples who emigrated from Europe to other parts of the world. Aisav is associated with the color red, and almost all the nations of Europe have the color red in their flags.

We see the hand of Asev  in the evil of the Holocaust. “Thus lived Esau in Mount Seir; Esau is Edom.” (Gen 36) Edom in Hebrew means “red” which is because of his “blood thirsty nature”.

The fall of Yishmoyal will signal the beginning of the reign of Yitzchak. The beginning of the reign of Yitzchak will signal the fall of Yishmoyal.

Whatever the truth, facts on the ground are proving that the Jewish people have returned to a large part of Eretz Yisrael and Yishmael is in the process of decline. The international revolutions are opening the way to big changes that can lead to the ultimate redemption.

Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon, and the the rising of Radical Islamic influences in Morocco and Saudi Arabia are signaling the free fall of these Arab entities. They are falling into a pre-Hell initiation called Islamization. These countries will deteriorate into Islamic republics which will draw the world into confrontations on a scale not yet experienced in history.

We are leaving the exile of Edom. It says of Edom that “Esav hates Yaakov”.  

. It is written  “With great mercy I will gather you” (Isaiah 54:7).

But it is also written  \that a “Zion and Jerusalem will be a refuge”(Yoel 3:4)  

This implies that there will be those who will need to escape from the exile in the end of days because of persecution.

The Redemption will as last result be “in its time”.This is a promise that we will not have to wait the very very last moment, the year 6000. In merit or because of the great evil of Israel’s oppressors is can come before 6000.

When we check dating of events of the exile of  Bavel in Torah chronology against secular dating, we find a striking discrepancy of 163 years. According to secular dating it is not now the Biblical year of 5772 but add the additional 163 years and its now 5935.




When this historical process has come to its end, please God, the Jewish people will have returned to their homeland and the Messianic era will be ushered in for the whole world.

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I think you are so right and I feel the time is near according to the things to be fullfilled for the return of the Messiah.

I was given the gift of dreams as a young girl, it was actually at the time I gave my life to Christ. In the past year I have had visions besides dreams.

I have seen in a dream where the countries in the middle east broke out in fires of over throw about 6 months before they occured. I have seen something coming to the USA unless due to prayer that the Lord change is so sad,

About a week ago I was awaken and given a vision of a big dog lying on the feet , and on top of the dog was a woundup group of green snakes which had their eyes open.

I am told I believe by the Holy Spirit that the feet are the age of time spoken of in Daniels dream, the dog is the United Nations and the green wod of snakes as if hibernating is Islam. They were sleeping but were made to wake up. I know this part as it is a part of a dream from last year. Here alittle there alittle, precept upon precept according to the word.

The next night I was awaken again for the second visions, I saw a black cloak with a spine and bones but no head. To me
it signifies the black horse and the time of starvation, sickness from evil things done by the red horse which came to steal the peace from the earth.

I can not say the time these things will happen, as when I God does speak he does not give a time. some times we are lucky and with much prayer they are stopped or delayed. The visions and dreams I have had from God in the past 3 -5 years scare most people. They don’t want it to be the end of time or to hear evil is coming. He wants sorrow? None but we are all to want to go home and to be with God.

Pray for the peace of Israel and stand on the wall with her and her people that god bless them and protect them and keep all Jews and believers around the world.

Peace and love and blessing to the writers of this site as God is
moving to tell you of his coming. Pray, he loves us all. We just have to accept him.

Comment by pattiefarm

//சகல திறமையுà®®் பொà®°ுந்திய நமது இராணுவம், காவல்துà®±ை இவற்à®±ைவிட தீவிரவாதிகள் பெà®°ியவர்களா? உளவுத்துà®±ை என்ன செய்கிறது?//à®®ிக ஆழமாக கருத்துக்களை à®®ுன்வைக்குà®®் பதிவு.இன்னுà®®் à®®223015;ள்à•µிகளுà®®்,சந&#30#1;தேகங&#30&1;களுà®®் வருà®®்.

Comment by Minerva

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