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Plato learned Torah
December 5, 2011, 9:10 am
Filed under: 2nd temple History

Aristobulus of Paneas wrote in Greek to the Greeks  160 Bce  he was a Hellenistic philosopher of the Peripatetic school

He also used Platonic and Pythagorean concepts. Like his successor, Philo, he  fused Torah ideas with those of Greek thought.

Aristobulus was among many philosophers of his day who argued that the essentials of Greek philosophy and metaphysics were derived from Jewish sources. Philosopher Numenius of Apamea echoes this position in his well known statement “What is Plato but Moses speaking Attic Greek?” (1.150.4)

Aristobulus maintained, 150 years earlier than Philo, that not only the oldest Grecian poets, Homer, Hesod, Orpheus, etc., but also the most celebrated Greek

thinkers, especially Plato, had acquired most of their wisdom from Jewish sages and ancient Hebrew texts (Gfrorer i. p. 308, also ii. 111-118) (Eusebius citing

Aritobulus and Numenius Ev ix. 6, xi. 10).

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