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May 20, 2011, 2:30 pm
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In our parsha called “In my Statutes” we find not “statutes” discussed. These being the Biblical laws which defy human rational explanation, but what we find here are  “mispotim” ,  this is the category of laws involving social regulations. We find laws concerning vows, specifically when one vows a vow to dedicate something to give to Hashem.. Beginning with  a person’s valuation, then is discussed vowing a animal, his house or field and finally the parsha and the book of Vayikra (Leviticus), also called “Safer Cohaniam” concludes discussing miser, the tithe of produce and the herd and the parsha ends with the words בהרסיני. The name of last weeks parsha.. Again we see the idea as in last weeks parsha, that the social laws, “mishpotim” are essensial and fundamental thus they are delivered under the title called  in “Har Seni” . This being a internal aspect of the Torah.as its written “You shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the Lord.” (Lev 19) , is the essential principle of the Torah.  

   But why in the beginning of our parsha does it say Bichucoti (In my statutes) when “statutes” are not discussed in the parsha. ?

In my Statutes” literally alludes to the commandments called “mispotim”. As Rabbi Bergstien once said that one must first express the love of their fellow men before approaching the True love of God. Once this is achieved one can ascend upward through the love of Hashem through the “chukim” (Statutes). This in the midst of the statutes are the “mispotim”, of as the marrow of the bone is where the blood is produced. This is enough for those who understand.


The parsha begins telling us of Blessings for observing Gods Laws and curses for their non observance. The Torah requires from us observance of Its “mishotim” (Social Laws). They being a revelation of love for our fellow creations and proper conduct in society. While the inner aspect involves the expression of love of Hashem , that is expressed by “chukim”.  “Chukim” are the major body of laws in safer Cohaniam, where we find laws concerning the service of  the Cohaniam in the offering of the Holy Temple..

But in our parsha “Chukim” are not taught but our parsha discusses vows  which are  of the group of mitzvoth called “mishpotim”.. Vows are fundamental to all, as all depends on honesty. As the Torah is called Torah אמת. Thus we see here that to be in this state of “har sini” requires complete honesty.  

One may think that if they say one thing and do something else it is no big deal but in our parsha we see many curses for one who does not stand by their word. So let us never forget ouR “obligations” and keep our “word”. The sages say that to not fulfill what one says reflects a lack of honesty. Thus we see how careful one must be with their word.

Being in “Har Sini” is being in Truth. To separate from this is to separate from life itself. Thus we see all the curses in the parsha. How much better is it to walk in truth. The Torah itself is called “Truth”. Then we can see the worlds of our parsha fulfilled “ You shall eat the old, and bring forth the old because of the new you bring out” with our righteous Mashiach quickly in our days.  


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Please if you are an American, do the right thing and protect our nation Israel. President Obama asking to go to the before 1967 boarders. Sending a letter to the US congress through your congressmen may provide the best protection to our brothers and sisters. Below my name is a form letter to be used or please change it to your liking but act. Lives are counting on us and so is God. He checks every mans heart?

Pattie Farm
Please get the word out for everyone in the USA that is a Christian and against dividing the land that God gave to Israel; that sending a letter by Monday to their congressmen may save out lifes. The Father said he is for whom ever is for Israel and he who is against he is against them.

A sample of a congressman letter we are sending is attached below my name. In the name of Jesus Christ do the right thing for Gods’ family. Israel is the apple of his eye and we are the vine graphed into the tree of them.

Pattie Farm
God bless you
Urgent – Open letter to Obama and Congress regarding Israel

Dear Congressmen _________;

God is watching and I pray that you have roots and know the Bible since we have people who don’t know about our Country and “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

If you involve yourself in dividing the land that God gave to Israel and don’t stand against those who don’t know God you will bring a sorrow upon our country and our families. Please pray and do what you were put in congress to do, serve our people and our roots.

We are a nation of God-fearing people and it was why our country was always blessed. The killing of innocent people and acting like God doesn’t care about the laws being invoked is wrong. All leaders according to the word of God will stand before a judgment bar and give count. His coming is soon, don’t get caught up with non-believers and loose your soul.

With the 13 murderous revolutions occurring across the Arab/Muslim world -beautifully labeled the “Arab Spring,” – President Obama has the audacity to divert attention from the bloodletting, to focus on restarting the Israeli/Palestinian supposed peace process.

President Obama, the big lie is over! Israel is not the cause of Mid-East violence and instability -as now witnessed by the bloodlust by the Arab leaders on their own people! And by the people to each other! -Such as the murder of the Coptic Christians and mass rapes by Arab militaries.

Now, with the whole Arab world exploding in violence you want Israel to give land to Hamas and Fatah? -Two internationally recognized terrorist organizations? Too cut up Jerusalem? Do you really have the hubris to accept the responsibility of defying God and the Bible that Israel is the God given land of the Jews? As you’re planning to give away Jerusalem, the heart of Israel, do you not find it “coincidental” that the Heartland of America is flooding, being submerged in a giant Mikva (cleansing and purification?)

When Israel went into Jenin to uproot the terrorists, they went house to house to minimize civilian casualties -losing 17 men when they could’ve just carpet bombed the place – then they set up checkpoints to stop infiltration. Disgracefully, the U.N. condemned Israel. The U.S. abstained, condemning Israel with their silence. Later, when we went into Iraq, we had to go house to house and our soldiers had to set up checkpoints, at the horrendous cost of many American lives.

When the anti-Semite Jimmy Carter called the 330-mile wall that Israel built to keep the suicide bombers out an “Apartheid Wall,” (that reduced suicide bombings by 99%) the U.S. remained silent. By “coincidence” the United States now has to build a 3,300-foot wall across its southern border.

This Friday you are meeting with Netanyahu to share your new “ideas” for mid-east peace. Keep in mind that every Empire that has turned on THE NATION ISRAEL has gone by the wayside – crumbled into the trash-bin of history. Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, British, Third Reich, The U.S.S.R. and others.

This Friday, the United States prays you choose wisely. Urgent – Open letter to Obama and Congress regarding Israel

Comment by Pattie Farm

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