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The MARKAVA and the Sitzet square
April 13, 2011, 7:14 am
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UPDATED June 7 2016

Ezekiel said, “And I saw behold a storm wind came from the north, a big cloud, and the consuming fire” (Eze. 1:4). These are three which ride upon the three letters יהוה. The king comes only with a small still voice. The small quiet voice is the י from the name יהוה and the י from אדני, from there come the king who is יהוה.

The “Shechinah” is מה, the name יוד הא ואו הא because she includes the ten sefirot, her chariot is the angel Matto”t about this it says, “the chariots of Hashem are two myriads, thousands of שנאן angels” (Psalms 68:18). What is שנאן, ששור ננשר אאריה ןאדם . This is the secret of the מרכבה (Chariot) it is certainly the words רכב מה .

And the angel Matto”t he is the ark. The body of the written Torah, which is the middle pillar. He is the table, the table of the Shechinah is the heart as it says the heart understands, and it is to the left. Therefore the masters of the Mishnah said (Yoma 21B), “the table was in the North”. (Tikunim)

The Tzitzit contain 5 knots these correspond to the five strings of the harp of King David. The 13 “Chuliyot” (windings) on the “Sitzet” and the 5 knots, to each side equals 72. This is, “and he set his throne up in חסד=72. This all alludes to the 72 names. Anyone who is clothed with the wrapping of the commandment, it is as if he set up the throne for Hashem. With the corners of the mitzvah ) we learn a secret, it has eight strings on each side, to represent the four faces and the four wings of each Chayah and in small gematria of Chanoch, alluding to Matto”t.(Tikunim P 26A)

The Holy Ar”i teaches in Lekutim that the

“Chyot” (beasts) in Ezekial’s vision

are the four celestial “Chyot” that carry

the Divine chariot. “ Their appearance is

as human figures, but each one had four

faces, and each one had four wings. Their

faces and their wings were alike on the

four of them. Each one had a human face,

each of the four “Chyot” had a lion’ face to

the right; each of the four had an ox’ face

to the left; and each of the four had an

eagle’ face in the back.


The kosher domesticated animals of this

world are from the face of the ox in the

chariot. The kosher wild animals are

derived from the face of the lion kosher

birds are derived from the face of the

eagle. Forbidden animals and birds are

from their corresponding faces of the

beasts of the unholy chariot. 

The animal soul of man

descends from the human

face of the chariot, whether

the holy or the impure one, as

expained in the Zohar.

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I have been very busy writing books ,

Building the Markava

and working the Divine Names

For the sake of Posterity I am going to put a lot

of scanned  “SECRETS” here

Here is a flow chart of the 32 paths of

the markava (divine chariot)

the square

and the flow of the

sitzet (biblical fringes put on corner of garments)

The “Tefilin” is the face of man. The “Sitzet” is the face of the “Chayot” and the wings of the “Chayot”.


Speak to the people of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a thread of blue”

(Numbers 15:38)

The chart show E-East , W-West, N-North and S-south fields

Sefirot correspondence

Chayot of the Markava (Ezekiel)

and alludes to alot more :




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