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The cost of redemption has been PAID IN FULL !
March 14, 2011, 9:51 am
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The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced that a rare half-shekel silver coin was found in an excavation in Jerusalem.

A silver coin that was used to pay the half-shekel head tax to the Temple was found in what was the main drainage channel of Jerusalem in the Second Temple period.

Before reading the Scroll of Esther, all devout Jews will contribute a sum of money, “a reminder of the half shekel” which was paid by every household in ancient times for the purpose of maintaining the Temple. Today, this sum is translated into local currency and donated to the needy.



After the Holocaust one has the right to beg G-d for some answers just to keep from going insane, as how can God allow such cruelty ? Perhaps it is this extenuating circumstance alone along with the years of grueling Jewish suffering at the hand of our twin brother (Esau) that gives us the right to hear an answer that earlier generations could not hope to hear. So let us contemplate. What is the 1/2 of a shekel coin given before purim about ?, How does it relate to the Final Redemption ?

The business deal alone, the transfer of 10,000 kikar silver to Achashvarosh, the King of persia, and the handing over of Achashvarosh’s ring (seal of his authority) to the wicked Haman along with the money to carry out the dirty business of genocide were all done with Achashvarosh’s name missing. This is reflective of the name of god not appearing in the whole book of Ester. This deal was bigger than the story of Purim in the story of Ester. So Achashvarosh’s name here was omitted.

Its written in the Bible :

Every thing that opens the womb in all flesh, which they bring to the Lord, whether it is of men or beasts, shall be yours; nevertheless the first born of man shall you surely redeem, and the firstling of unclean beasts shall you redeem. And those who are to be redeemed from a month old shall you redeem, according to your estimation, for the money of five shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, which is twenty gerahs.

(Numbers 18:15-16)

Before the Golden Calf, there was a mitzvah (commandment) for giving a Half shekel with silver coins. The original purpose of this donation was to redeem Josef from the slave owners to whom he had been sold. Yet, since those slave owners were dead at the time the mitzvah was given, the donation was given as a penitence to the Creator’s Mishkan (desert Tabernacle). The ten brother’s who were partners to the sale received a total of 20 dinar one shekel was worth 4 dinar. This means that Josef, Rachel’s first born was sold for 5 shekels. It makes sense that the redemption of every first born after Josef would also be with five silver shekals. Because 10 brothers benefited from the sale, each brother received 5/10 or 1/2 of a shekel from the sale of their brother to the Yishmaelim (Arabs). This was the true original sin of the Jewish people. The day of his sale was the 9th of Av (the day both Temples were distroyed). The silver that is placed in the Temple treasury as a redemption for Josef who was sold into Egypt, is really Josef’s property since he was stolen from himself in the sale. Therefore when the mitzvah ( half shekel) was first introduced to Yisrael, we were being given the tikun (repair) for the sin of the sale of Joseph. In short we were buying 1/11 of ourselves back from the Yishmaelim (Arabs), but depositing the money instead in the Treasury of the Mishkan. The calculation is as follows. 600,000 Jews in the desert gave a total of 300,000 shekals. These 300,000 shekals divided by 5 shekals/ Josef = 60,000 Josefs.

Since all 603,550 Jews participated in the Golden Calf, except for Hur and the Levi. No longer would it be possible for the 600,000 Jews at the sin of the Golden Calf to simply donate their with a contrite heart for the sin of selling Josef, purchasing back 1/11th of themselves from slavery. Now all 600,000 would need this pidyon ( 5 shekel-price of redemption) for the sin of the Golden Calf. In order to accomplish this, 6 million would need to give Half a shekel. 6 million would give 1/2 a shekel equaling 3 million shekels. These 3 million shekels would then redeem the 600,000 men who participated in the sin. There would have needed to be at least 12 to 14 million Jews at Sinai to accomplish this task so that the number of Jewish males in the world would add up to 6 million. This possibility of self-redemption from the Sin of the golden calf would need to now wait until the End of Days.

We are told that Moses collected 100 kikar of silver for the 100 Adanim (sockets) holding the Krashim (planks) together for the structure of the Mishkan + 1775 shekel of silver for an assortment of other vessels. Since the 1775 Shekals correspond with the 3550 individuals above 600,000 who gave it, the 100 kikar of silver must have been given by exactly 600,000 Jews. Therefore 300,000 shekel must be equal to 100 kikar. This means that we now have a conversion factor of 3000 shekel per kikar. From this we see that Haman placed 10,000 kikar times 3000 shekal/kikar in the King’s Treasury equaling 30,000,000 shekel of silver. How many Jews did he purchase? 600,000 Jews at the Sin of the golden calf, became like Josef, needing to be redeemed because of the Sin of the golden calf. We remember that Josef was sold for 5 Shekals. Therefore, Haman gave 30 million shekels divided by 5 Shekals/Jew equaling (purchasing) 6 million Jews for slaughter.




The Holocaust makes the Final Redemption not just possible but almost mandatory.



This sin of Golden calf was done by 600,000 souls

600,000 x 5 (shekel) = 3 million shekels

There was needed 6 Million people giving ½  Shekal to redeem the 600,000 who sinned by the Golden calf

Moses got 100 kikar of silver from 600,000 people each gave a ½  Shekal, so

100 Kikar=300,000 Shekals

Haman gave to the King Achasvarosh to kill the Jews 10,000 Kikar of Silver, since we know 100 kikar=300,000

10,000Kikar x 3000 shekals/a Kikar= 30,000,000 Shekals

The 30,000,000 Shekals  that Haman gave gave to the King Achasvarosh to kill the Jews At a redemption rates as it says in the Bible of 5 Shekals a soul bought him 6 million Jews.

Now that Persia-Iran is at it again

It appears this may be the end of the story


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My Hebrew Bros. and Sisters,

Shalom from the USA

Don’t give up because you will be redeemed, he makes this promise to all Gentiles who live in Christ.

We will also be redeemed because we accept the redeemer who lives, his name is King Jesus Christ.

Christ paid our price, the price that couldn’t be paid by blood sacrifice of animals but required the spotless without blame or blemish. He who took on the spirit of man, he who conquered Hell and the grave. He who took our stripes for inequities and sins. He who had the perfect blood, he our redeemer lives and is the spirit of God, he who is our comforter at times of trouble and joy and he when accepted lives and not only lives but lives in us and with us.

We the Gentiles are graphed into the tree of life and with the Jewish Children we have the promise of life because of a Jew.

The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords lives and is coming, look up our redemption draweth near.

Pray and keep watch for him, time is not yet but near. We know that God shall keep you as he is not a man that should lie, his word is truth. He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Put on the helmet of salvation, the garment of praise, take the sword of the spirit with which to fight, use the shield of faith to put out the firey darts that the enemy sends, put on your shoes of gospel peace with the belt of truth about your waist and sing songs unto our maker who loves you with all of his heart.

The Jewish children are the apple of the Fathers eye.

We are praying for the peace of Israel and all nations where the Jewish and Gentile children of God our provider resides.

Let us pray that the unbeliever shall believe and accept our God who is savior to us all.

Who shall stalk the Lion of Judah? None are able and no one is great, none are greater than the “Great I am”. Who shall over come him? None

He and he alone shall over come your enemies, he has been with you always, he shall never leave us nor forsake us. Let not your heart be troubled, he is your bridge in troubled water.

Shalom with the mighty Blessings of Yeshua from the USA your Gentile sister in God.

Comment by Pattie Farm

The fact that you are here trying to learn more about G-D is proof positive that the messiah has not yet arrived. Your jesus will be long forgotten and repented for.

Comment by hey

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