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March 6, 2011, 3:49 pm
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The progeny of the righteous are good deeds.


The wicked are “like the chaff which the wind driveth away”.


The righteous assumes the Kingdom of Heaven.


They go above reason.



The heart of the wicked is not devoted solely to the Creator.


To overcome this state


One should say in their heart, “When will my actions reach the actions of my fathers?” Through it, one is rewarded with being a branch of the holy patriarchs.


Then they will delight in this work.


Then this work is called “the letters of Thy Unified Name,” by which we are awarded complete unification with the Creator.

This may not come so quickly but requires meditation..

As most begin with only spiritual poverty and meagerness.

They are as be a stranger in a land that is not theirs.

As he is in “spiritual “ exile.

Eventually if one persists there is a basis for faith.

This was given to us when we acquire a vessel of faith.

This is a great and very important beginning.


This is only ignorance, the evil inclination, the will to receive in us.

True faith is a power based on knowledge, but above it.

Everything that is against knowing is low and beastly.

The force of evil completely rules over souls with the statement :

Who is the Lord that I should hearken unto His voice?”

The evil inclination wishes to suck  flow from the Kedusha (Holiness).

Thus , the force of the serpent  strikes the people of the world and brings death to the world.

It would take everything into its own authority.

For  there is no way to receive Divine flow except through . Kedusha (Holiness).

So He wants to take everything from them into his own authority.



And see blessing in your Divine work.

Work in faith from reason and be occupied in giving.

Cry unto God for spiritual liberation.

Before this one is in the hands of the Klipot (evil powers).

Especially if one does not think so and they feel they have no need for the Creator’s help.

Shortcoming and detriment  is unfelt.

This completely obstructs them from cleaving to the Creator.

Faith is considered lowness to them.

They do not progress toward nearness to the Creator, but all their work sinks them deeper in the Klipot (evil powers)

They are in the dominion of the evil inclination.

The Klipot are made of this will to receive for oneself alone.

Always avoid selfishness there is no other counsel if you  want to enter Holiness.

Accept the real work of detaching yourself from physical desires entirely.

In the future death shall be swallowed up forever, and eventually all physicality shall pass.

There shall be no evil inclination.

The righteous see this and act accordingly.

But the wicked are fooled.

They believe they are engaged in bestowal and righteousness because of their evil inclination.

Those who chose to work for God.

The righteous receive Holy strength and go from strength to strength.

God hath made even one as well as the other.”

The righteous receive great mercy by the Creator, He gives them the power to defeat their evil inclination.

In a miracle.

The wicked are on the outside.

They are unaware that there is a evil inclination.

They will become dust under the feet of the righteous.

The path of faith is not built of conditional love.

It is because of the evil inclination.

The path of faith is that of unconditional love.

We specifically need faith.

Because of  the pride in us.

As it makes it difficult for us to accept faith.

Faith is a sublime and wonderful.

The lowly cannot attain or understand its preciousness and sublimity.

Because of arrogance that gives birth to the will to receive for one’s self alone.

It  is because of this that we do not want to accept faith.

Until we resolve that there is no other.

Until then they build for the other side, the evil forces.



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what is righteousness?and who is a tsadik?

Comment by hey

righteousness is the path

A tsadik is on the path “perfectly” as possible, by this he Joins the upper and lower worlds !

Comment by godssecret

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