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Reincarnation — Gilgul Nashamot— Ibor—
January 28, 2011, 2:28 pm
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Peace be with you;

The word says;

So as a tree falleth, so shall it lie. A man passes into death and the condition of him is the same at the rising to judgement before the Lord.

So how could it be possible that there be a reincarnation?

But I actually wrote to see how you are all doing. Just to give words of encouragement from
the USA where God has many praying for you.

As I received word from another Rabbi that is also in Israel. He said you are compassed around by great forces on all sides.

Our prayers are with you. We have several prayer teams praying for you and your peace and the return of the Lord. Be of good cheer, because the God who was with you in the 6 day war is the same one with you today. He never changes and will never forget the apple of his eye.

You are very much loved and all of the Jewish people are owed for the great thing done for the Gentiles that we may be saved because of you.

Be blessed! I wish there was some way to do something for you to stop the terror and hatred of those who seek to do you harm.

But from where we are in the USA, prayer is more than any other thing. Because the one who holds us in his hands makes all things possible.

Be good cheer and be blessed.

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