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Personal Providence
November 19, 2010, 9:54 pm
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 “What you borrow you will have to repay.”


 The purpose of making the heaven and earth is the Light of the Shabbat (Sabbath).


This Light should come to be revealed to those of this world.

It appears through learning Torah and doing Mitzvot (commandments)  and other good deeds.

At the end of the correction the Light will appear in its completeness.

Meaning at the end of this period of Divine providence, known as this world.

Before the end of this period of Divine providence through an awakening from below.

By learning Torah and doing Mitzvot (commandments). before even before the end of this period of Divine providence there is revelation of the spiritual energy of Shabbat.

 It is called “A likeness of the next world.”


This Light of Shabbat shines in both the individual and the public as a whole.

It changes the world, mostly though in a subtle and concealed way.

This Light of Shabbat Comes by merit.

By your exertion for the sake of Holiness during the preceding week.

Draw this light !


Then it is easier to unite with the Creator.

Do a good deed serve the Creator in wholeness.

Make all your actions for the Creator.

And you are the owner of the HOLY act.

One cannot come to the Creator with a complaint that he deserves a reward.

 To You, the Creator is not in debt.

One who is learning Torah and doing Mitzvot (commandments) of the Creator, will be favored in the eyes of the Creator, and comes into his authority, and also finds grace in the eyes of man.

Such a one is rewarded from the Creator for this Torah in this world and the next.

The Creator honors him for studying Torah.


He who is working only for the Creator, will see that everything is conducted from Above.

The Creator will want to grant him active engagement in the Torah.

 He is  worthy of receiving the element of truth.

Through this cause one engages in the Torah.

And he “sees”.

Praise the Creator for even when one such as this is in a state of lowness.

 The Creator will not leave him he gives him power,  fuel to want to engage in words of Torah.

If you pay attention to this act, noticing that the Creator is motivating you.

You are never alone.

God does and will do all the deeds with you.

Yet, one who not put any action towards good deeds.

Doing the God’s will, His commandments.

They are always very alone.

They cause their separation from God.

He is not in their thoughts, they are to busy pursuing others.

The truth is that the Creator is the cause and He is the reason that compels him, if one opens up a space a time in their life.

But so many are too busy for that, so they think.

They are afraid time will pass them by, while it really is.

 For the one who is “working” for God the Creator is robed in him.

 In clothing of his Mitzvot, in his fear and love.

So attribute the good deed you do to the Creator.

With you he is the doer of the good deed.

You are not alone, this is very comforting.

This is so simple and true, God is with you.

This is “real” personal Providence.

It cannot be attained by a person prior to their attaining awareness of Divine reward and punishment.

With this comes the awareness that all is done by the Creator.


One only needs to cooperate.


With this awareness one is united the act with the Creator.

Awareness of Divine reward and punishment.

With out this one has not begun, they have nothing.

Yet such a one will complain that they deserves reward.

They feel to them the creator is indebted.

What could be more foolish than this.

It is they who are greatly indebted to the creator.

Each day is borrowed time, it is they who are living on credit.

The mercy of God.

Eventually the God allows his debt collection agency to move in on them, that is the other side.

 Then they become compelled and forced to act against their own will.

As they refused on their own to nullify their own will before God.

Now they have no choice, only to comply.

Such is the way of the world.

It is one way, or another.

But if one will only perform self-examination and decide that they will finally engage in the Torah.

 This tosses off God’s debt collection agency. known as the other side.

As they are now working only for the Creator.

 One should immediately say that everything is conducted from Above.

 The Creator wants to grant them engagement in the Torah.

 They must only be worthy of receiving the truth.

The choice is there own.

Once this choice has been made.

The Creator does not extend the separation , of course not.

Then the truth is that the Creator is the cause and the reason that compels him to the heights of Holiness.

The Creator is robed in him in clothing of his Mitzvot.

This was all started by his awareness of the fear and love of God

This is so simple.

One does not want to do a thing for a Mitzvah for God, until they embrace awareness of fear and Love.

That there is Divine justice and a judge.

That all is and will be brought to account.

Personal Providence cannot be attained by a person prior to attaining the matter of awareness of Divine reward and punishment. 


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