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November 16, 2010, 8:39 pm
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The main thing of Nanhaga (Divine guidance of the worlds) is involved in “gilgullim” (reincarnation of souls). There are 2 kinds of gilgullim of  “Nashamot” (souls).


1) According to the actions of man, “gilgul” is given for his tikun (correction)

  Souls need to work hard to fill lackings, and make a complete “tikun”. To each is a different “nanhaga”. These are the “gillgulim” of (within) Mattatro”n. The garment of the Shechinah (Divine Presence). All these gillgulim in Matto”t need to fix their six corners (emotional sefirot-Ruach). To do this they must become the aspect of a “servant or slave of God”.

(most incarnations are like this)


2) There are Nashamot (Intellectual souls) that gilgul to refine the Malchut (The Divine Presence in the earth). This is as the Avot (Abraham, Issac and Jacob), Noach and his sons. These are gillgulim for nanhaga, not to fix themselves, but the whole world. This is gilgul in the aspect of the Shechinah.


There are gilgul of and from the upper source (Moch Stima) of Adam and from the 2nd brain (avir and skull). Moshe and the Avot go out from here. From here is “chuk” (rulings) of gilgul involving all aspects, what will be born, according to the needs of the time.


There are times when things are not in tikun. When there is not merit to Yisrael, and their sadeek (Holy men) does not rule. It is like the connection is broken, God forbid. Then by the mercy of Heaven there is another connection made in a hidden way to help Yisrael. Then Z”a and Nakavah both descend to dress in Matto”t who is their servant. This is hidden below in a angel that includes all powers of angels. He is the sar (prince) of all angels. To him is all nanhaga of the world, he is called “Sar Olam” (prince of the world). This is the first and ancient Matto”t servant of Hashem. He is in the form of the likeness above. All that there is in the sefirot, there is in his powers. To him are all orders of the markava, but they are all disconnected. As there is not Godliness (below). He works for the needs to sustain the world, and recieves flow from Zu”n. By Zu”n in zivug dressing in him. Then his Markava is assembled, and he can provide for the needs of the world. For its minimal maintainance. But there is not seen there “ahavat Yisrael” or God (with this flow, providence). There is only what is needed of God’s concealed guiding of the world. God descends in hideness. This is like Matto”t is like the name of his Master, the name Sd”y. The secret of covenant of assembly. In the secret of connecting Israel, in this he does not (cannot) rule. Matto”t is completed in his own place, he takes power of the upper sadeek, to make zivug of Hashem. But this is all in hiddeness.

  The upper yesod (foundation, gateway of energy) includes many supernal Hvyh in great power. For making zivig of Hashem. They are the secret of flow going in great love, all in the secret of supernal names. The orders of the powers and guidance of Matto”t includes many names of “temurah” ( letter exchanges) they all dress in their markava of Adon”y. This is the Markava of Yhv”h, to this markava the other side has no portion in. It is for Yisrael to build, assemble supernal construction. The world was only made to flow Kidusha, spreading out the Shechinah below. But the otherside rules by yetzer hora in the world, its damage and (control of ) the nations, and all that is enjoined in the Markava of Matto”t. As it guides nahaga in Klipot noga, which is “chol” (non Holy), sending flow to the stars then to this world. Even if in Matto”t klipot inhibit flow, a Sadeek does rule by it in minuchah (Shabot rest), without having to dress in klippa. or difficulty. On Shabot the sadeek rules, He is malchut (and he is from the Malchut). All Nanhaga below is the malchut. The refined Malchut is “minuchah” (Shabot Rest), as it needs no work. She actualizes the Yh”v. But the Nanhaga of Matto”t is called here “work”. It is nanhaga that is only as this world (appropriate providence), but all is for tikun of Yisrael (to achieve gods ultimate purpose of creation). Matto”t was created for nanhaga of the slave Hashem put to do the work of this world. It is in the Malchut (sadeekem). This is the difference between God’s children and his slaves. This is as sadeekem and angels. Sadeekem by love cleave in the shechinah in “zivug” (union) in all their actions. But with Matto”t and the rest of the angels there is no devekut (cleaving) or zivug (joining) at all. They are called standing under the Shechinah raising her. Ruach Hakodesh is the aspect of Nashama, mammash of malchut. It is aspect called Nashama of Sadeek that is involved in all nanhaga. This Malchut joins in the Nashamot of men. Nishmat (souls) of Sadeekem are Ruach HaKodesh and Revelation of Elohut (Godliness). To Nashamot this is the “crowns in the heads”, “delight from ray of the Shechinah”. Without this it is impossible to comprehend Elohut. There are many ways to reach Ruach HaKodesh.  There are those who have much and those with little, and to those to whom it is completely hidden. But it is always there to guide Yisrael. All who are fit to have rest upon them as in Tanna DbeEliyahu “Even a slave can have rest upon him Ruach haKodesh. So it is always written “do not work as a slave (he is the lowest level). Ruach HaKodesh is received according to one’s yichus (relationship) to Malchut . Yichus to the Malchut (above) by the sadeek is according to how refined the Sadeek is in their 6 corners (Ruach, emotional soul). Because of din of Tuma there is not found ruach ha kodesh. It is only found in Nashamot Gadolot (Big Nashamot). But at times for the needs of nanhaga it can descend into lowly Nashamot, as a slave. But not the Nashama of a Sadeek as they have Ruach HaKodesh. Because of this their Nashama is free from having to occupy in such work.




The female slave in parsha mishpatim is the “am haAretz” (common man) that dresses in the good of klippa Noga. The mother, slave and handmaid are souls of Bria, Yetzera and Asiyah. At times a Nashama is sent without a garment in the secret of “Yhv”h is a man of war”. Whether a Nashama is a mother or hand maid the source that is sending this nashama dresses it in angels. This is the secret of  the “man Gavrial”, as the source of his (the mans) garment, is in him  (this Angel). It, his source is from the side of Givurah so to subdue the other side so that it cannot overcome him. But their Nashama are uniquely from the givurah even before being sent in garment of the angel, so the other side is subdued by him much more than by other souls. But the body of this Nashamah is from the right side. These bodies of the right side illuminate with the light of their nashamot. This is their tikun. While bodies from the left side find tikun in being subdued by their Nashamot.



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Please tell me who is this person? Did you say he is Moses; according to himself? How was this evidenced. The Holy Bible says two witnesses will return in the end. The difference is they did not die. They were translated.

I do not know of anywhere in my Bible that makes such a statement.

I would however caution you with regard to the things you are taking about. I explain this by saying; God is a Jealous God, he is the great “I Am”.

Did he or did he not say; as the tree (soul) falleth so shall it lie. If there were any chance of reincarnation it would be in the Holy word of God!

God never told us don’t worry you little boobalina, I will reincarnate you so you can act like you have not sense?

However there are people who deal in witchcraft and sorts of the occult who speak this type of nonsense. The devil would like everyone to believe that, then he has your soul for all eternity.

If you think that is true, then you give yourself every open opportunity to sin? Why would you be good, you can just come back 10 or 20 or 30 times til you get it right.

God said he made hell for satan but if he condemned all of the fallen angels there what for you and I. You better lead your life according to the laws and the precepts, not the dribble of the occult.

I think it is crime against the Father and you should repent for having it on your website.

Do you remember the statements in the Holy Bible or as you call it the Torah about; “they went a whoring”. They sought after idols, false dieties, sacrificed under every high tree, made the first child that came through the womb to be sacrified? There is only one God. Why would you practice any faith with these thoughts?

It seems to me that you either believe in your God or not? He isn’t a God of foolishness like the dribble on this site today.

As a sister through the vine of Jesus Christ, I ask you to cry out to the Father in Heaven for forgiveness because he is a God who loves greatly, he is long suffering but the word says don’t temp him.

Out of love I tell you, you are out of order and the speak above is occultism. If you love the God we serve apologize to the people who view your sight and pray for yourself and all involved that you may be forgiven. I say this in Love, and first go to the Lord and confess your sin he as the savior is faithful to forgive.

I don’t get it you couldn’t believe in Jesus Christ who was a Jew; but you could let one come and call himself the reincarnated Moses.

Please cry out for yourselves in prayer, these are the last days. You know where you are, in the mist of a nightmare for you and the world.

But God will fly you on wings of an Eagle to safety. Have respect for the Holy word and yourself that you may see Heaven with the mercy and glory of God.

Don’t be so nieve did you thing God ran out of power, petro, angel fuel, or his vehicle is in the shop, how did he pickup Elija?

God himself is the angel over Israel, he shows up himself for his children? Think about it why would he send someone else reincarnated after Moses, he had an after thought? Did God see the beginning to the end before he did creation? yes, so what he had a change of plans? What would be the necessity?

These statements out of the mouth of an unbeliever? yes, Out of the mouth of one with no understanding? Yes, but out of the children of the Jewish Faith who has suffered so much? Was the price of so many before you of so little value.

Raise him up, elevate our Father. He is worthy to be served, praised and worshiped.

I would like to know who passed this on to you? I am almost afraid to ask.

God gives gifts to the body of the(Jesus Christ) Lord in the church. Those gifts help teach or bring the things that are needed, tongues of words, prophetic dreams/visions and all needs. Not a re-incarnate when we ask from him, God who is above answers.

Have you ever seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread?

I pray for your understanding and acceptance of Jesus Christ. I pray for you, because of this resistance to accept what God gave to us. You are in the middle of a war that the whole world is involved in.

I don’t understand, have you no feelings for God to say such a thing.

God is Jesus Christ, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, The great I am, The alpha and Omega, The Lion of Judah, The Beginning and The End, he is The Bright and Morning Star, and so many other names; he is the one who Loves us as his Babies and if he were as human flesh, I think he would continually cry for the things we think in our hearts and say.

NO there is no such foolishness as reincarnation but there is the spirit of the Holy ghost, there are Angels from God and there are gifts of his body that make our way.

In the church which is the body of Christ, and to the righteous he speaks, he also sends gifts of dreams/visions, he sends angels to encamp about us. He loves us, please please please remove this off your website and ask the Father to forgive you that you misunderstood.

The word says write his commandments, laws upon your heart, your arms, remember his precepts.
Have no other Gods before him, love your neighbor as yourself.

I pray I have not offended you with my words; but God who wrote or inspired the whole old testament is dead serious.

What about the man who picked up the ark and died, what about the sons who went into the tabernacle with strange fire and they died. What about Pharoh and all who followed the children into the red sea, they died? These are but a few.

Should he be taken so lightly? Look at all he has done for you? Does he deserve reverence.

Don’t misunderstand I know God scourges those that he loves. You all have suffered much, but is any of that because of this type of thoughts or permitting the enemy in the camp of your salvation?

The children of the vine/Jesus Christ have had the worse living year of their lives it would seem in 2010.

But know this, God is preparing the way, he is coming back to earth again but only after the thing that must and will take place there. Because our Lord and Savior does not lie, what he gave to your forfathers, will be yours.

Everyone of the the earth will be pulled down in the middle of it basically. Who knows for the USA, what will be. I just stand on the wall in prayer daily for my Jewish Brothers and Sisters and for those of the USA and all of the Sisters and brothers around the world. For Gods children are peace loving, they are of him. He gives peace where there seems to be none. I know you are living in a strain daily. I give to the love I can gather-together in my heart.

The great revival, the outpouring of the Fathers spirit is coming. This is spoken of in the old testament. The falling away, hopefully is passed.

Please understand my words if they seem harsh but I don’t want you to be judged and go to hell and me to be judged for letting you think these.

Remember to he who is given much, much is expected. You are Gods chosen children you have a position that should be reverenced. We are coming to the end of time.


Comment by Pattie Farm

I am a Messenger for Peace!

Please read all of this. Just believe, I am not telling anyone to abideth in this, your choice; not mine! Pray for Peace! I want it.

Letter: Law of Moses! I am not Moses/ Meshua!

Greetings & salutations fellow Christians of all denominations & hello to anyone who is of other religious faiths (that includes Judaism, Islamic, Wiccan) that receive this letter of my testimony & faith in good intention. My name is +Victor Michael Lashewitz. I am 39 years old. I will turn 40 in two months. Born 3/31/71! I have a unmarked body. Pray for me. For Once this letter goes viral on the internet my life will be in constant danger.

My Holy Angels tell me millions will find the true Christ Jesus through this letter. That comprehension is beyond my level of imagination. I have traveled all over & I have also received one of the best educations in the world. I am not Elijah to come, the Messiah Jesus Christ, or one of the two witnesses.

Though you’re all unique being diverse beings. They’re noticeable differences in each of the hundreds of church denominations on the planet. Aswell as the few thousand different religions that exist here also. Each of these factions have different precepts & laws they take heed in & abide by. These added sources only make it harder to live & bring division amongst the separate factions of believers in God for he did say don’t add to his works given by my Servants to mankind by revelations from the Spirit of Truth or extra folly would come your way.People remove the hidden veils that blind you.

We need only recognize The commandments of God & Jesus Christ. That is to obey the Ten Commandments of God & the two golden commandments Jesus Christ taught us. Which is love God with all your Heart & love your neighbor as they self. Don’t deliberately offend another for it will come back to you sevenfold. Also realize all Human Beings need to learn to get along, protect women from getting raped, protect children when we find they have been physically or sexually abused, take care of the orphaned, fatherless, the widower & most important issue to solve in the world is to cease wars & make peace treaties.

They’re are things we need to learn about spirituality. People need to learn God has set up Universal Laws. God put them in place to make life fair for all. For example the Law of Cause & Affect & what you Sow you Reap also called karma are very important Universal Laws. Karma & Disciple are Aramaic words!

Many fear the great unknown, many are afraid of dying because they doubt or don’t believe in the spirit world. Love unites us all. The real reason I believe each religion on Earth doesn’t have the full truth is because each one casts stones on other’s faith. We instead of embracing & learning from one another close doors without seeking knowledge & wisdom. Many Earthlings have become spiritually stagnant. We need to embrace love together as one entity for each of us is a part of the whole. If one transgresses we are all effected by that person’s choice somehow.

You all that receive my investigated information written in this memo that walk in the same faith all believing in Jesus Christ. Whether you believe me or not or doubt anything one iota in this document. It is your God given right. I don’t expect many to comprehend much of why the reason this letter needs to be given out. Nor do I expect most to understand much of the contents of the text in each written paragraph especially the last subject written about in this letter anyway. I do ask that you accept the jargon of knowledge I put in this as being truthful. You do not have to believe anything about the research of my family name amalgamations or my beliefs of what titles I claim.

We know our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon. Know our walks in services of giving charity, faith, & hope(The greatest of these being charity!) to others in need of clothing, food, running, water, medicine, & at times even shelters has not gone unnoticed by the Lord.

We all have made sacrifices for the needy during times of distress on Earth. When we were called to service for the Lord. We became bright candle lights for all those that couldn’t find the light easily. God has not forgotten the works of the worthy. Neither has God forgotten those that cast inequity in their dimming candle light shadows.The Lord hopes these lost ones would seek out repentance.

The hope your beloved guardian angels have is undivided love for their individual charge they have looked over from the beginning of existence. The angels of humanity have faith all would accept Jesus Christ as Lord & king believing he was hung on the cross as the symbol of our salvation & the shedding of his blood on Earth some call Gaia was to make clean those that wanted atonement for the remission of their particular sins against the commandments of God & Christ. We as Christians believe this to be true. The angels are sad when their charge sins & denies Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

Take heed Earthlings for these signs listed below in the next paragraph will have to take place soon. Once these mysteries in the Heavens & the wonders on Earth do happen on this world to us the unforgettable & terrible day of the Lord will come to pass on this planet. Beware this day is fast approaching.

Soaring in space a unnoticed comet will strike Earth in thirteen years or less splashing into two oceans & one continent. The governments of the world will first target this comet with a tactical nuclear device. This will cause this rock to break into three smaller fragments. More then likely at full size this comet would of destroyed all life on Earth. This will trigger a series of events that will unfold on Earth. Then massive Tsunamis will strike several coasts of the Indian & Pacific oceans resulting in devastation & much loss of human & sea life. Massive Volcanic eruptions will occur around the world when the comet crashes into Earth also causing many tremendous earthquakes all over the planets surface. & the volcanic ash will cover parts of the planet’s upped&r& atmosphere in a circle pattern of ash blanketing a third of the Earth from the Sun during daylight hours & a third of the Earth will be blanketed from the starlight & moonlight. There will be great loss of life but if this comet doesn’t strike Earth & these sequence of events don’t unravel, unfold, & come to pass taking place; life on Earth will parish.

In nine years or less a great famine will strike the whole planet. Chem trails are going to be the cause of this worldwide famine. The pollutants coming from dozens of daily flights of airplanes around the world for over seven years now destroying the air we breath, the water we drink, & the soil we use to grow food, plants, trees, etc…. I believe Extra-Terrestrials might be behind this or fallen angels. I could be wrong. Maybe a secret faction of rich bureaucrats wanting to control the world too. The two main toxins coming from these planes is broken down aluminum & barium trace elements of Earth being sprayed in very large quantities.

The New World Order has pigeon stools ready to take front stage once the great disappearance of people happens. Whether you believe in the rapture or not a great disappearance of religious people will still happen in the next ten years. Whether this is caused by man, ET’s, or God it will happen. During this time 144,000 Jewish Males will accept Jesus Christ as the Moshiach(Hebrew word that means Messiah!). A few entities will step on the world stage claiming to be able to solve the world crisis’s of famine & economics of the time ending suffering if they accept them as the truth. They will be able to clean water in large quantities. They will have seeds of foods & plants they claim will grow in the polluted land that they were the cause of. These seeds will be genetically bioengineered. These seeds will make the secret faction of humans, fallen angels, & extra-terrestrials very rich given them more reign & tighter control of Earth’s climate & human inhabitant’s very quickly. A computer chip will be offered to the citizens of the world. The rulers will preach making the elect & masses believe it is their for their protection because as time goes by their will still be no logical or scientific explanation for the great disappearance of many religious people. The world governments will unite. Israel the country will make a seven year peace treaty. They will start animal sacrifices again, also. The ones really in charge during this period on Earth will know what really happened to those that vanished mysteriously. It will be coined & labeled “The Great Disappearance”.

We are all called together those that have pure hearts, those that are chosen, & those that are beheaded killed for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ to be the *BRIDE* after the seven year tribulation. All that are chosen each being one part of a assembly of God to be the whole Bride of Christ. The Earth’s is soon to prevail & start having birth pains ready to move to a higher vibration to be closer to God.

& Lord Jesus Ekklesia (true Church/Greek word) is the body of Christ to help those called forth that need repentance for transgressions committed against the Ten Commandments (book of Exodus chapter 20!) of God and against the precepts of the Lord (book of Exodus chapter 16:28!).”And the LORD said unto Moses, How long refuse ye to keep my commandments and my laws?” & also those that do not heed that break the Golden Commandments taught by Jesus Christ recorded in a few verses scattered throughout the New Testament of the Holy Bible’s four Gospels. Which is to Love God with all your heart & to Love your neighbor like yourself.

We therefore read particular scriptures of the Holy Bible New Testament passages in the Four books of the Gospels, book of Romans, & the book of Hebrews mainly & clearly are very precise like surgical incisions. They teach us that the tender mercy & justice of God is a gift called grace. Believing that the Lord Jesus Christ is the path that leads us to finding salvation in this realm by believing in his resurrection on the cross once you repent completely you will be numbered in his flock. Forgiving others & yourself cost nothing.It is expression of gratitude, love, & understanding. Once you learn to forgive another & not judge them you learn what an example of God’s glory, mercy, & grace is truly like.

God’s gift of eternal grace was for all of humanity that existed on Earth to partake of before & till the time of Adam & Eve to accept freely. This was so before Adam & Eve fell from the grace of God hindering other human beings who also existed at that time by eating the forbidden fruit being deceived by a possessed entity blinded by Lust the Great Serpent Leviathan desired to bed with Eve though the Serpent had his own kind. He tricked & deceived Adam & Eve being a Wiley Spirit of deception. Grace of God now comes once you believed that the shedding of Lord Jesus Christ blood on the cross for the admission of guilt of one sins. & believe in the atonement of the cross being free of all crimes once each individual came to complete repentance believing the ultimate sacrifice of God’s son begotten on the cross for remission of sins.Believing Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross was to believe that the shedding of his blood cleansed you fully of one’s insinuations, crimes, sins, transgressions, inequities, & infirmities once those who fully came to realization & understanding repented wholeheartedly.

My hope is that we all might find a way to forgive all we find fault with. We need to believe redemption comes from confessing are faults & doing then no more. & salvation also comes to a few precious individuals who have undying love & compassion for those in bondage.

& God the Son’s resurrection was a light & beacon to save as much humanity(souls) as possible. For a few seed from birth learned early in age the savior was hung & nailed to the Cross shedding his blood for them & everyone. & those few they wouldn’t or didn’t render or waver to the dark side. & they certainly figured out to remain as spotless as they could during the course of their lives. They didn’t commit follies of evil actions on others, harm another’s feelings, do deeds of wickedness, or causing tragedies of injustice on in the world. These few starting at birth having a full life will be sanctified, saved, & given glorified crowns of light when passing on.

Why is there a need for one to seek repentance during the course of one’s life? To answer that question seriously! You need to realize first there is a development in your environment’s surroundings when you do a assessment & self-analysis. Take a portrait of everything that is critical & meaningful. In this reflection instead of being happy you are sad. If there is little joy or no joy but only discomfort where there should be zest or passion & you see depression, sadness, desires, & or hurting in you or others don’t let these terms start to control you. It is time to step back & take a glance at your attitudes & moods.These examples of depression mentioned above can be felt by you, others or both parties involved. You usually don’t start looking for solutions to problems until a series of events in your life cause separation from reality when you notice things such as signs you show pain, sorrow, regrets, or you have crying spells or notice crying spells in another or other family members. Many times a spouse hurts the feelings of their partner(this includes boyfriend-girlfriend spats!). Reasons mentioned above can trigger family issues(such as mental, physical, infidelity, sexual, incest, sexual abuse on child(ren)), friends(verbal or physical fighting), cheating on spouse, work(stealing, embezzlement, not getting along with boss or fellow employees), finances(not enough funds, low salary) religion(doubting your faith, not sure if there is a God!), current events, the country you live in politics, your residence, education level(not smart or not enough funds to educate yourself) & your health. Any of these events I mentioned here as well as many other issues or situations I don’t mention. once you figure out how to remedy or rectify the cause of what is bothering you or you figure out what is bothering the ones that have a issue with you. Try to resolve the issue believe you can and do it. You need to stop do serious reflecting on how you treated others. Apologize & make restitution to those you offended hoping for peace & forgiveness praying that your peers, family, friends, & lover will not judge you believe you will get amnesty, be pardoned & find clemency. Remember you can’t change the past or relive times when you feel regrets because you missed out on opportunities.

For the light you have inside to show One needs to take a deep look at how they treat others. To repent means you realize ceasing to work deceptions, stop lying, stopping accusing others & stop tempting others passions.

Jesus Christ is are redeemer for his works & crucifixion which is a gift from God the Most High for He is the spotless lamb & is the reason why we have grace & the mercy of God for those that believeth on him. He is the Resurrection, the Way. the beacon ray of Light, & the truth. Jesus Christ is the joy of the Holy Spirit. For I follow the Lamb of God who is Jesus Christ the Savior, Redeemer, the Holy Word of God. I ask will you also believe & accept the authority of Jesus Christ. His blood that was shed on the face of Earth when his side was pierced while hanging on the cross. Once his blood was shed the atonement of mankind happened & God gave mankind a choice at that time. Follow Jesus Christ & receive salvation & be resurrected. Or follow the wiles of Samuel, Lilith, Satan & be swallowed up in the lava pits of Earth

The Holy Spirit is that for which what the mysteries of God is for. The Heavenly Father sends forth the Holy Comforter the Spirit of Truth the Holy Spirit to watch over the progressions of wo/man and his/her dominions. Jesus Christ will soon come to the Earthly Messenger of the Covenant the mediator of Abraham’s old Covenant mentioned in parts of the Torah of God dictated by Moses & book of Jasher. Also the other messenger mentioned in book of Malachi chapter 3 of the Holy bible will soon appear on the scene. So rejoice & be glad God remembers the promise of the rainbow in the time of Noah.

The Torah of Moses which Jesus Christ did away with all its precepts including animal sacrifices because He was the the perfect spotless sacrifice the Lamb of God for he is the beginning & the end. In Greek it is Alpha and Omega. This is a symbol for the end of the old age & the dawn of a new age. Since I believe & know I am the messenger of the covenant Lord Jesus Christ should & will soon come to my body again.

Christians follow the Word of God who is King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Those that follow the ways of Jesus Christ is the way to see the Father God for Christ is the Truth. Christ Jesus wants us to preach the Gospels to all the Planet Earth giving sound report & sound testimony for report that the Savior mankind’s Redeemer from the beginning is also a sound testimony of all those that do walk in courage with me.

For we knowing who the Lion from tribe of Judah is. His second coming is fast approaching our world. We know that he overcame the place of torment a beacon to those in fetters and chains of bondage were immediately released from their sentences in the depths of Earth. & Jesus Christ was also the light the pure light & joy of the Father & he gathered the lost that happened to be cast out into outer darkness. For we that are called to service for Jesus Christ to teach the sermons taught by Jesus in the four Gospels believing the four Gospels written in the New Testament of the Christian Bible is edified by guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This is what is what the Devil Samuel did which was to think He could exalt himself over God the Father the Most High in the Highest Heaven. This entity is one of two-hundred angels that fell to Earth to cohabitate with women of man & teach abominations to HUMAN BEINGS TEACHING THEM PERVERTED WAYS OF GOD BY DIVIDING mankind into different sects of interpretations of God’s true Laws the Ten Commandments & he also subjects men & women to twisting man’s mind with different thoughts on prophecy of sacred scriptures of those that did prophesize once. Also Samuel is mentioned in the Book of Enoch. Also a third of the angels fell with Satan teaches men the natures of Homosexuality & women the nature of Lesbianism. she is also the demonic force that performs S.I.d.S on newborn infants. SIDS is a medical term for babies. It means Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

My family is from the tribe of Levi the high priest hood line of Aaron, and (ZADOK). (ZADOK’S) name means just or justified and Aaron’s name means teacher a lofty mountain of strength. I am a descendant from John the Baptist family on my Father’s Father’s side of my family Lineage. Very much older out of circulation translations of the Holy Bible scripture passages referred to John the Baptist as *John the one that Immerses (baptizes) you with knowledge* (which is what his real identity name was & his title back then was which what he as a person was referred to in name in Hebrew alphabet was spelled as John Lashahwit or in English alphabet was spelled John Lashewitz.

*John the one that Immerses you with knowledge* of your transgressions & sins preaching & teaching you new knowledge called repentance for the submission of your guilt & taught you remission of your insinuations & sins which was to commit crimes against the Ten commandments or the two Golden Commandments Jesus Christ taught us to obey them breaking these rules no more. Usually when someone spoke his name aloud he was referred to as *John the one that immerses you with knowledge*. He usually submerged your complete body in water cleansing you soul & you rise up out of the water after being submerged preaching the knowledge referred to as repentance teaching the proper 10 commandments to his flock, John the one that baptizes with knowledge, John the one that immerses one with knowledge, and he was called John the one who is the immerser of knowledge. This is also what he his name was really referred to in biblical times…the times when Yeshua of Natherith walked the Earth.

My last name is Hebrew and the first part of the two Hebrew words of my last name is “Lash ah” my last name is spelled using the English language alphabet now because we now reside with permanent residences in the United States. The name “Lash ah” also is a city East of the Dead Sea. “Lash ah” a Hebrew word and the first word of the two Hebrew words of my last name origins translated into English alphabet means “to Call” and if you look up this combination of words spelled together “to Call” in the English dictionary it means “to Christen.” & “to Christen” means to Baptize someone or sometimes the words “to Christen” is used as a symbolism to endeavor a solid object such as a Ship by smashing the bow of a Ship breaking a glass bottle of wine or champagne by smashing it on the bow of a Ship that is being launched. Usually a celebrity launches a ship in such mannerisms. It is a bad omen for a Ship if the glass bottle of wine doesn’t break when the Ship is launched.. My dad’s family last name Lashah refers to a city East of the Dead Sea and is mentioned in the book of Genesis chapter 10 verse 19 and has several spelling veriations (Lashe, Lasha, Lashah!). Usually if your name was part of a city back in Biblical times you were considered a Prince lots of laughter. Six plain cities that were destroyed by the Holy Angels of God the Father mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible did not include the city of my family origins.

John the Baptist took any person who thought they needed or was a believer that s/he was a sinner, insinuator, or transgressor of God’s commandments back then believing that each individual that came to Him did indeed do something offensive to another or broke a Law of God John the Immerser taught each individual that came to him what they needed to do in their lives to have resolution from their crimes that each individual He Baptized or Immersed was to abide in what John the Baptist counseling told each individual what S/He did that offended another or the Heavenly Father and the Holy Christ including what He believed was wrong also. He didn’t use Jesus Christ’s teaching on what you Sow you will also Reap eventually. This is a big reason why a fundamental Law of Karma called Cause and Effects teaches that you need to compensate those that you did something against another that was not a kind act. This is why Jesus said John the Baptist He Hath a Devil. He thought he could teach others right from wrong

From the lineage of my family names I am ordained as a Priest of God by birth rite. My dad’s family last name Lashah refers to a city East of the Dead Sea six plain cities that were destroyed by the Holy Angels of God. I am a disciple, follower, and believer of the Lamb of God. He is mine and hopefully your King of Kings & Lord of Lords. In steadfast faith in Jesus Christ may peace follow you all that harken to the four Gospels of Messiah Jesus Christ. This letter of intention I wrote is written for the whole world. In full context taken nothing I say in it of contents of this letter I am sending out to all the religious communities the masses of the world is all I can truly hope for from each of thee. Hoping you will believe everything I wrote in this whole letter. You’re probably thinking why should I bother reading anymore of this at this point. I say that last remark being heavily burdened because of what I need others to learn from me what I scribed at the of this letter and have faith to believe that what is mentioned at the end of this letter is something the world needs to know because Jewish Rebbes their brightest scholars are perverting part of the old covenant between God and Abraham and the information in this document needs to be taught to the world. I am not telling anyone to do what is written in this memo but know I didn’t fabricate this weird ritual it has been around since the time of the Abraham and Sarah mentioned in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. What God the Father has given me insight to and taught to me and revealed to me by Holy Angels because you already more than likely have gathered a solid opinion justifying your own belief against me more than likely assuming and believing without guidance of the true Holy Spirit because of the subject header that I used to grab yours and all those I send this memo out to attentions with.

Makes you automatically think I am claiming to be the prophet Moses reincarnated lots of laughter. Majority of Christians don’t believe in reincarnation because of one scripture passage of the Holy Bible that says one time it is called for wo/man to die then they’re to be under judgment.

I am saying give me a chance to swim and catch a breath of air before you lay a unrighteous judgment on me. I will either float or sink according to your interpretation of scripture passages in the Holy Bible. But do not rely only on your own understanding either. Seek more counsel I ask of you to learn about this ancient custom mentioned in this memo. Please seek more understanding from others in the church assembly gatherings. The more understanding and insight you will ascertain for as to why I wrote this jargon and sent my written letter to the masses.

I only ask that you pray for my spirit that cries out in bondage in return being also in the faith of the trinity. I am chained down by the inscriptions of the Torah because of the hardness of the Jews; me being one also. Use scripture of the Old and New Testaments if you like as references of anything I wrote in this document this letter. Regardless of what I wrote in this you have all ready gathered a opinion of me just by the subject header. Give me a chance I pray.

This letter reveals why I am the true and real Messenger of the Covenant between Abraham and God the Father I am mentioned in Malachi chapter 3 verse 1. Read Hebrews chapter 8 and 9. It says God will make a new covenant with the people of Earth and that God will write the law and put it into wo/man kinds hearts.

Look I am not a evil person for being the one who reminds humans beings on Earth while we are all free of the bondage of the Torah the Old Testament Laws because of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ on the cross. He is the reason we can do away with the old covenant the Torah which Moses wrote into existence because the Jewish people had hard hearts.

We are all still to obey the real, true, and original Ten Commandments of God written in stone by the Almighty’s finger the Law of Moses because Jesus Christ taught us to still obey and honor them. Plus he gave us the two golden commandments also. which is to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself. We as a human race as a whole and in general each need to come to a self-realization even though we are each individuals we are all also part of the greater whole. Nor am a false prophet because of the subject matter I write about in the rest of this letter’s content in great detail. Neither am i listening to seducing spirits teaching me to give a false doctrine like many will believe and assume this letter’s design and intent is a fabrication because of what I say about incarnations of my spirit and the Holy Spirit’s revelations given to me about the circumcision of Moses though Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul say this has nothing to do with the cross’s salvation for the people of God’s Jesus Christ bride. The Apostle Paul clearly states not to pervert the circumcisions’ truth. so listen to me carefully. The mystery of the circumcision is all I am going to talk about. If you judge me whoa to you for the bondage God has burdened me with because of my once blind compassionate heart. I cared to much once. Now I realize I will do God’s Will which is part of his design & ultimate plan for mankind. What choice do I or you have.

The reason people will accuse me of being a Servant of the Lawless one is because of what I am doing with the knowledge learnt by me the contents detailed inside of this written letter by me. The subject I am going to talk about in this written letter which is doing my best with the understanding the morsel I have been given by the grace of Godhead is to teach others the revelations I have been given concerning The Law of Moses Brit Milah which includes all male human beings having some understanding realize that we as a race also we need to know what the wisdom of circumcision of Moses is(Acts 15:1; Read Acts chapter 15 – though it is really just a yoke on the other Apostles at that time lots of laughter and a yoke on mankind now!). i am not joking either.

I am a very sensitive caring loving person & wonderful human being once you get to know me. I don’t know how much of the Christian Bible is the truth anymore. I say this because not only should people pay attention to the sign of the times & realize the attentions of a sect of Lawless men secretly in control of the world working with either fallen angels or extra-terrestrials.

People need to wake up spiritually. Be children of the Most High. Christians of different denominations & those of different religious beliefs. Stop bickering over minor faith technicalities like young children do. Please act responsible & unite. A divided people is easier to conquer. Realize that is exactly what Satan wants. His design anyway is to corrupt each individual, make the individual lawless, make the individual miserable that is not his, & destroy Earth if possible. & hope He can bring as many people as He can to condemnation (Hell!) with him & the rest of the fallen angels.

If you do not believe in Satan, the fallen angels,demons, Hell, his dominions, his subjects or don’t believe in other dimensions or a belief that God exists that is even better for his design.

He wants each person to suffer. For he knows his time is almost up. For it is easier to conquer those that argue over religious texts interpretations because of different belief systems. Example: a few believe you should be cremated & a few believe you should be buried thinking the other belief system will send you to Hell. Jesus Christ paid the price in full. Fear is a tactic Satan & dominions wants to instill in each of us. Don’t fear the unknown for God is always here for each individual. Yes we know God will win in the end. Know that right know Satan has been given subject and control of the powers and dominions of the world. He has not only controlled, blinded, & deceived the masses & the elect. He has also changed the words of the Holy Bible once the inspiration of Holy Spirit revelations and mysteries given to the Servants of Godhead over the centuries for the inhabitants of Earth. It is now warped & twisted words caused by the Great Deceiver.

That is because The Holy Bible has been corrupted by man over the last several hundred years(1500 years to be exact!). I say this..those that had & still do have access or influence of the scriptures translation over the centuries have been seduced by these powers(greed, power, control, & demonic influences!). They’re now thousands of interpretations of the Holy Bible. It is sad that people of intellect keep adding, & changing selected words & passages in the once divine text. This includes the hundreds of modern translations of scripture passages of the once Sacred Holy Bible. I now do know the passages of scripture I use does still have some iota of relevance in the modern world today that I do choose to use as references because my Spirit Guides the Holy Angels sent by the Holy Spirit the Comforter mentioned by Jesus Christ tells me which scriptures passages that refer to era and age of Earth we are living in. omitting, It seems like many people are not even caring to pay attention to the sign of the times.

For those that lay judgment on me without the counsel of Sophia/Doctor Love which is also the is the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit will suffer the wraith of God. You don’t understand. I hope you trust me and you also pass this information on or you will become a enemy of what God does not want of Earth anymore and that is the Spirit of Mastema aka Enmity. Yet this came from Adam & Eve eating/ -partaking the Forbidden fruit.

Please pray for me and please read this letter completely before passing any judgment on me of any sort of condemnation. I would ask that you obey and honor the Ten Commandments and the Golden Commandments Jesus Christ showed us. Read the first few passages of Matthew chapter seven that Jesus taught us to abideth in. I ask you to practice those passages I just mentioned on me and not judge me and forgive me if this information I give you freely fails you & is not a sound testimony. They’re reasons that I have to pass on the information of Brit Milah (Hatafat Dam Brit!) and teach the world this ancient Hebrew custom many Jewish men of renown today call this bizarre ritual hogwash now and they are not obeying the full covenant of Abraham’s full ritual the reason for the two parts of the Jewish circumcision.

The part of the Abraham’s covenant called Brit Milah is Hebrew and means the document of Moses and some actually call this hard to understand ritual the circumcision of Moses (taught to him by God the Father!). Those that have wisdom let them understand. that I have no choice but to do this. God will put anyone who disregards this adamant letter of wo/mankind into refinement (Malachi chapter 3!) knowing the reapers God Angels will judge you. know that the judgments placed on each of your individual souls, hearts, minds, and blood will be how your reason the knowledge of this letter. I have no inclination or clue as to what these maybe judgments could be. Please understand I am not perfect and if the world doesn’t heed or respect this letter and the information of its contents you will go into judgment by the Spirit of Error and the Spirit of Truth. Do I really care. I love your spirit, but your soul needs a lawyer and I can represent you if you believe in me. Remember I am not the most high. Nor am the *WORD* of God.

If you don’t read this you will eventually learn. You have know clue what Spirit is with me.

Excerpts from the book of Matthew 13:24-30; 13:36-43, mentioned in the Holy Bible!

Ҥ The Parable of the Weeds
13.24 Another parable he put before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field;13.25 but while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 13.26 So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also. 13.27 And the servants of the householder came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then has it weeds?’ 13.28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?’ 13.29 But he said, ‘No; lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. 13.30 Let both grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.'”

“13.36 Then he left the crowds and went into the house. And his disciples came to him, saying, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds of the field.” 13.37 He answered, “He who sows the good seed is the Son of man; 13.38 the field is the world, and the good seed means the sons of the kingdom; the weeds are the sons of the evil one, 13.39 and the enemy who sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the close of the age, and the reapers are angels. 13.40 Just as the weeds are gathered and burned with fire, so will it be at the close of the age. 13.41 The Son of man will send his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all evildoers, 13.42 and throw them into the furnace of fire; there men will weep and gnash their teeth. 13.43 Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their;”

Honor the true Ten Commandments of God. know these are the rules that we are to be obedient to along with the golden commandment listed below. Most know that Jesus Christ did away with the other Laws of the Torah that included not needing animal sacrifices anymore. For he was the mediator that fulfilled the old covenant Laws as well as being the one that showed us God no longer needs us to do barbaric animal sacrifices. Or fall into self-condemnation and suffer the wrath of God the Father’s indignation if you bring these precepts back into existence. Jesus Christ first came as a sacrificial Lamb (the mediator – the sacrifices of creatures of nature would no longer be used as a blood sacrifice for are insinuations and he was lead to the slaughter; He will return as the Lion of Judah and no one can get to the Father unless they believe in Jesus Christ first. For he is a path to the Learn the true *Golden Law* of the Torah which is unconditional *Love* (Roman 13:8) and abideth steadfast in this hope and truth. For live with the carnal minded (Romans 8:7; Genesis 3:15!) thinkers and act like Samuel the fallen angel and the Spirit of Lilith a seducing spirit that makes men fornicate against the Godhead drinking the wine of Her indignation.

“Romans 13:8 “8] Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for *s/he* that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.”

“Romans 13:9-10 “(9)… and if there be any other commandment. it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt *love* thy neighbour as thyself.
[10] Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”

“Roman 8:7 “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God;”

My brother and two nephews believed by faith and Brit Milah (Hebrew custom which means document of Moses!) worked on them and they did not act on my words. And they did not physically do what I explain to do or believe in; in this letter. Know I am commanding no one to do Brit Milah on themself or anyone else. They my brother and two nephews believed and God did it for them and cleansed what was needed from their souls. But they have faith like a Mustard Seed. Most lack the faith somewhere because there understanding of scripture passages is not followed by sound counsel coming forth from the Holy Spirit or Holy Angels of the Truth God. Believe what is in this letter. Do not rely on your own judgment and sound counsel or a groups prayer vigil. This is what God’s *Will* & *Truth* is. It is to obey & honor the Ten Commandments and for man to understand the Spirit of Enmity is in everyone unless you do Brit Milah or call Jesus Christ you savior, king, redeemer, & Lord.

No matter what book you subscribe to as being ordained from the Holy Spirit and *Divinely* written such as the Christian Bible which translation is now perverted because of so many translations from learned men insight on scripture. *I* believe Holy Angels my Spirit Guides come from Godhead. You can question my revelations all you want. I am not God. But I know God supports me something you have no idea how to discern.

I am fully open to the spirit world. My guides tell me the ascension the Christians call the Rapture will happen in 5 years and a few months (how do i know this? when the Bible and Jesus Christ say otherwise!) easy…I never said the exact date and time. I am making a prediction on what the Godhead, Holy Spirit, and Divine Angels of God has given me insight to. I am a child of God/dess. I come speaking from the source of the all living and manifestation of the divine all that is. We are all one people. There is divides and rifts amongst the tribes of Earth referred to as people. I came up out of the waters on Earth. This symbol (waters) is a symbol which means people of all tribes, creatures tongues, dialects, races, creeds, doctrines etc… of Earth and all that exists here. I represent the Law of Moses and I am telling the Torah no longer needs to be used. I was Moses in a past life. I know this because January 11th 2001 the archangel Michael came to me and rebuked the Devil Satan from me. Samuel is locked up on the planet. Satan; he is now hoping Satan will free him (Samuel). Satan is a fallen Angel/Spirit!

Soon I will step on the world stage. I am a Seer, Priest, Disciple, Translator, and Messenger of God. My birth rite is this. I am a Hebrew Priest and a Rabbi ordained by Angels of God. I have been educated by angels of the Holy Spirit the Holy Sophia of God. I am from Jesus Christ family

Anyone associated with Hatafat Dam Brit … Brit Milah and does not claim it is Jewish hogwash represents God. Beware my brethren for very few know how to discern the spirit world completely.

I am not the Elijah to come. I am not the archangel Michael. I am not one of the two witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation of the Christian Bible.

Like in the time of Moses & Noah when God protected those that abided in Moses & Noah’s guidance they were protected. Trust me. I do not know yet exactly now everything God has planned for me or those that do heed my counsel. I do know this those that believe in Brit Milah a ancient Hebrew custom will be protected during the time of change on Earth.

Use a dye on the needle when doing Brit Milah. Learn it this ritual. I am not telling anyone to do this ancient ritual. But God has taught me much and I am preparing to step onto the world scene


The world needs this information. Please help me spread this to the world. I come speaking directly for God.

This is added wisdom I learned to do for this tradition which has been on Earth since the time of Abraham & Sarah. It is mentioned in the book of Jasher & the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Though the custom the ancient ritual itself is not included in any scripture. It has been put in some out dated books & written about by sages etc… in olden times. Have faith my friends. Soon the physical ascension the physical rapture will happen. Getting back to what else is needed for this custom to be done propperly. Take a natural dye & stick it on a small needle’s point. Then insert it into the male penis. Hit the shaft of the penis the sphincter muscle that opens & closes where the urine enters the urethra canal & then exits the penis at the whole on the outer part of the male membrane. Prick it lightly. This blood vessel in the males body leads directly to the heart. you will circumcise the male heart this way and Jeremiah 4:4 will be done. Then Enmity will flee your seed genesis 3:15. This is a scripture passage from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Please read Hebrews chapter 8 & 9 for better understanding of the conditions of the New Covenant. Further understanding is excerpt from the Dead Sea Scroll the “Damascus Covenant”.

“Jeremiah 4:4 – Circumcise yourselves to the LORD, and take away the foreskins of your heart, ye men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem; lest My fury go forth like fire, and burn that none can quench it, because of the evil of your doings.”

“Genesis 3:15 – And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; they shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise their heel.”

“Excerpt from the Damascus Covenant document “2 And on the day on which the man imposes it upon himself to return to the Law of Moses the Angel of Mastema (ENMITY) will depart from him if he make good his word.” …

Extra information! Brit Milah – Hebrew words & means Document of Moses!”. I am Brit Milahed properly. Also this used to be called the real “Law of Moses!”. Jewish sages & Rebbis throughout the ages have changed words to not only suit Zionist agendas but satisfy their own greed. Lazy spirits they indeed are. The Torah is called the Torah of God. Not the “Law of Moses”. The Ten Commandments, animal sacrifices, & the other precepts of the old Testament are establishing laws of the nation of Israel and is also not the “Law of Moses!”. Acts 15:1 used to say the “Law of Moses!” not the circumcision. Also the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church sit in the seat of Moses.”

“Acts.15 [1] And certain men which came down from Judaea taught the brethren, and said, Except ye be circumcised after the manner of Moses, ye cannot be saved.



Jewish Basics : Traditions

Brit Milah Tradition
Special Considerations

Hatafat Dam Brit: When a child is born as if circumcised, or has been circumcised before the eighth day in a hospital, a ritual called Hatafat Dam Brit is required. This symbolic circumcision involves drawing a drop of blood from the shaft of the penis. The child is also named at this time.

Conversion/Adoption: When both parents are Jewish, the child is Jewish. If only one parent is Jewish, the child’s religion is determined by that of the birth mother. If the birth mother is not Jewish, the child must be converted. For a boy, the first step in this process is Brit Milah, followed by immersion in a Mikveh (ritual bath), usually at the age of one year. If a male child born of a non-Jewish mother is adopted by Jewish parents, he also must undergo conversion. The process is as described above. The adoptive parents assume responsibility for circumcision and Mikveh as well as for the many other educational obligations that lead to the child’s understanding and acceptance of Torah and Mitzvot. An older child or adult male who wishes to convert to Judaism also must undergo circumcision, or Hatafat Dam, and Mikveh.


The three main participants, the father, Mohel and Sandak, wear Talitot.

On the first Friday night after a boy is born, it is customary to celebrate by gathering in the home of the newborn to welcome him This is known as Ben Zakhor (also Shalom Zakhor). G-d finished the creation of the world with the Sabbath and introduced peace and rest. Thus Shabbat surrounds the newborn with an aura of holiness and enhances his entry into the Covenant of Abraham, our father.

The redemption of the first born son of a Jewish mother requires a Pidyon Haben. If the father or mother is a Kohen or Levi, the child is exempt. The ceremony takes place on the 31st day of the child’s life. If this day falls on Shabbat or a Yom Tov, the ceremony is postponed until the first following weekday. A religiously observant Kohen is needed.

Proper Brit Milah Observance
The Tradition of Brit Milah.


At 7:50 am 02/04/11 the Principality Angel Mariel came to me. This entity said to me, “tell people that they need to do Brit Millah. This is a commandment of God.”

For the light you have inside to show One needs to take a deep look at how they treat others. To repent means you realize ceasing to work deceptions, stop lying, stopping accusing others & stop tempting others passions.

God bless you all my friends! Know that I have always loved you.

Selah (Hebrew word that means blessings!)
Love +Victor Michael Lashewitz
Aries 03/31/1971
The holy Angel Barthawlamuel is my guardian angel!

Comment by +Michael Lashewitz

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