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Escape from the Desolate land
November 9, 2010, 9:50 pm
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A Mitzvah (BIBLICAL COMMANDMENT) that one takes upon oneself.

Moves one towards greater Kedusha (Holiness).

That gives one strength.

A Mitzva ‘comes,’ meaning that one is brought to perform a Mitzva

This is by the kindness and mercy of God

A “ Mitzva”; brings another Mitzva as its reward.

NO good deed is left unpaid.

One’s whole aim in the work is to increase the glory of heaven,

in this world.

This is called working to raise Divinity from the dust.

The Holy Divinity is called “the collective of the souls.”

They receives the abundance from the Creator.

 Who dispenses flow drawn to the souls.

Abundance is transferred to the souls By the unification of the Creator and His Divine presence that is hidden in the earth.

Then abundance extends to the Souls.

However, when there is no unification, there is no extension of abundance to the lower ones.

Except the minimal amount of flow needed for survival.

This is because the Creator wants to delight His creatures.

Therefore He thought of dispensing the abundance.

Souls will come and they will receive the actual abundance.

This is the nature of the creation.

Make sure to get your portion.

Do not let time pass you by.

You need to do something about it.

Do the Mitzvot, commandments.

The receiver of the abundance is called “Holy” .

Know, ultimately the thought of the Creator is the whole reality.

The Creator is particularly meticulous with the righteous.

In all the worlds according to the receivers.

 They limit and restrict themselves to various degrees.

They thus remain below in lower worlds of consciousness.

Above, they are aware of everything those below do.

By their thoughts, words and actions, the lower ones induce the abundance to come down from Above.

The Creator is particularly meticulous with the righteous.

Regard a minor act or word as if it is an important act as if one would be breaking the most serious prohibition in the Torah.

And cleave with the Creator.

When those below feel a slight prohibition as a serious one,  Above they regard the small things he does as great.

One who regards the small things and says that the Creator is very meticulous about them is considered a great person above

Such a person is beloved above.

The righteous suffers for committing a transgression to the extent that he feels pleasure when performing a good deed.

To some the whole world is nothing more than meets the eye.

To them the world is desolate place with the people who are there.

 They do not know of more than that.

His “truth” is according to his present feeling and he has no knowledge of actual reality.

 Only according to his emotions and sensations.

In the desolate land where he lives he is impressed only by  harsh punishments, this is how he learns.

With him the Creator is not very meticulous, he does not know God.

But when he has done to much damage harsh punishments come.

 He has grievances at why such harsh punishments are given.

Thus he lives in the desolate land.

Yet, he would never think that he himself is one who caused this to fall upon him.

He will always blame anyone else.

In any  case he is forced to “move”.

When he has been sentenced harshly and the verdict has been executed, this is his type of providence.

He is sick with amnesia concerning what God wants, he will never see his actual state.

It is possible to brake out of this cycle.

One must consider their every move, that they have already broken the king’s commandments.

That they have a distorted perception of reality.

 That this is their banishment from the settled world.

Where the love of God grows in the hearts of men.

Now, it is possible by this recognition that his memory will begin to work.

 He will begin to feel just how far he is the settled world.

By repentance he can be delivered from there and brought back to the settled world.

As he begins to feel that he has grown far from his origin and root.

From cleaving with the Creator.

One’s greatness is measured by one’s measure of Dvekut (cleaving) with the Creator, meaning on one’s measure of nullification before the Creator.

One works in order to bestow from the root of his soul.

Dedicating all of his powers only to God. 

One should think and concentrate on that point alone.

This is the sign that one is walking on the path of truth.


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Aloha! I’m a friend from GLP and I want to thank you for all you’ve posted there and links to your blog. Thank you for shining the TRUE light! You may be amazed to know that I have taken my first steps into fully converting to Judaism. 🙂

Comment by Deborah

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