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Anti-Semitism exists as it is a part of the God’s plan is to use the Jews to test humanity, to see if humanity will, act humanely, or whether they will act cruelly to His people !.

Antisemitism is a form of Divine communication telling the Jewish people they are not raising up enough of the Divine sparks that are giving life to the evil forces by lack of performance of God’s commandments and their transgressions  or they have raised up enough of these sparks and its now time for the Jews to leave their place of exile. It is for these reason that there is aroused Antisemitism.


updated Febuary 16th 2015

One must use their ego in serving the God according to their religious path as the ego is their personal unique identity and independence. Without this Religion can turn into a strangling framework, that prevents the ego’s expression and its flourishing which is ones way of expressing their soul to God rather than being just a heartless robot. As the service must mean some thing to them. Some thing that impels their ego to love and cherish. If this is not so one’s being will respond to the external threat upon them of religious coercion as one would to a threat of strangulation, caused by the religious coercion by bringing in a invasion of foreign elements that are not part of the imposed religious coercion. By this they withdrawal from the religious coercion stranglehold which gives them personally no room for individuality, a place to be themselves. Many do with destructive outburst that destroy the boundaries of law and order they feel are imposed on them by religious coercion that trampled on their individuality, the essence of their soul , that should have made them to feel the ecstasy of Divine experience instead of the the lowliness of a “ slave”.

If this does not happen but instead one were to continue following in a religious path pretending to serve God and not doing the commandments for their own sake their comes a final detachment and evolving disintegration of ones inner awareness of their soul, their true self. And instead they are replaced with a obsessive-compulsive senseless religious fervor at best, which has no inner meaning really to them. They Just do it because the think they have too. At this point the real essence of this person disappears from reality. So they no longer have intuition, no tact, no consideration of the other, no room for the proper judgment, or even common sense. The “small still voice” of their soul’s intellect is extinguished its insightful voice is silenced. They become a ship of fools which has no captain.

As this degradation continues so does a loss of the ability to sense other peoples needs. As they don’t even really concern themselves with their own except for the most base things. This creates relationships of cruelty, disloyalty, lies, and betrayal. From here they destroy all that is around themselves.


The cultural model of most western societies

which are based on assimilation called the “melting pot” is not given over to accept nations proud of their culture and especially the culture of the Jews. For according to the True Jewish culture based on Torah law the western modern culture is considered one of sinful people, and their encounter with the Jew forces them to admit their moral deficiency. As it is from shared values that they in their Judaic Christian culture come from.




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