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The Big Hoshana
September 28, 2010, 2:58 pm
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God said to Avraham “If RoshHashannah will not atone for your  sins let Yom Kippor and it that wont do it let Hoshannah Rabbah”

Hoshannah Rabbah is the last day of Succot. The last day we have a chance of waving the Lulov Hadas arovot and Etrog to humble the nations and ourselves to the will of God !  Because of the gravity of the importance of this day its a custom in Isreal to stay up all night saying a tikun involving reading all of the “thillim”(psalms), Read the book of Devarim (Deuteronomy). And its especially purifying to take a Mikva before the sunrise after completing the “tikun”. Hoshana Raba’s is also called “The Night of the Seal” .  The main aspect of the judgment is done on the Hoshana Raba’s before midnight, so the Ar”i haKadosh says to complete reading Devarim before midnight. By our reading we intend to seal the Malchut . The moon represents the Sefira of Malkhut. The Ari explains that on Hoshana Raba the moon reflects the verdicts of all of humanity. The Zohar says when we stand in front of the moon our shadow reflects what will happen to us in the coming year. Those who will not live until  the next Rosh Hashana, will lose their shadow after midnight but it returns the following day.

All this prepares us for the morning meditation of   Hoshannah Rabbah  where we will make a circle 7 times, like the Cohaniam  did in the Holy Temple. These 7 encirclements are the completion of drawing the Lights of “Hasadim” (God’s Giving) that started to flow to us from Yom Kippur The Great Holiness of this day is reflected in the fact that many people wear white garments  as on Yom Kippor.

It is a time for the judgement on water, for which all life depends. As it is shown in Thillim its written “ He shall be a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season. His leaf shall not wither and all he does shall prosper”

So what is the spiritual sustenance call water ? Tomorrow we will say “Let those who offered the water libation in the Temple draw water from the well springs of salvation”

These waters are called by Isaiah “dew of light” ( 26)

also in Thillim its written “Like the dew of Hermon descending upon the mountains of Zion; for there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life for evermore.” (133)

From the Zohar we see that Zion is Teferet, the Harmony, beauty, balance which will descend on the Highest place in Israel Mount Harmon causing all to be sanctified in Supernal holiness with the arrival of our righteous Massiah and the Temple built quickly in our days.