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9 – 11 Devil in the Smoke and predicted in Zohar over 2000 years ago to the day– What next
September 12, 2010, 9:32 am
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This a scary face or what ?

No sooner had US papers printed this picture than they received calls, asking if the photo had been faked to appear to show a face with horns. The answer from Associated Press was no.

Did this have any significance to Osama bin Laden’s sick mind?  The Muslim high point in trying to take over Europe ended when they were turned back from Vienna on September 11, 1683 A.D.

Amos 9:11

“In that day I will restore the fallen house of David. I will repair its damaged walls. From the ruins I will rebuild it and restore its former glory.”

The Islamic terror attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in the U.S. in the end of Ellul, 5761 was the first shot in the War of Gog  and Magog.

The beginning of the war was predicted in an incredible way by Rav Amnon Yitzhak, , the head of the Shofar Organization, who stubbornly claimed throughout all of 5761 that the war would start that year, and when he was confronted 2 days before the terror attack, he stubbornly said that the year was still not over, and the rest is history.

The matter was publicized in one of the newspapers at the initiative of deceased Arutz Sheva reporter Adir Zik z”l, who was one of the witnesses to the matter.

Similarly, the  leader of the Shomerei Emunim Hasidic sect said about 2 weeks before the terror attacks that the U.S. will pay dearly for its denying Israel the right to respond to terror attacks against it, and the rest is history.

It’s brought down in a number of commentaries, and expanded upon in the Malbim that the War of Gog and will be between Christianity and Islam. Only in its final stage will it reach the land of Israel.

The Holy Zohar at the Parasha ‘Balak’ (Numbers, Page 212) talks about many matters that are supposed to happen at the latter days there the “Zohar” almost 2000 years ago predicts that on the 25th day of the 6th Hebrew month, the month known as Elul in the “great city of Rome” there will fall  of 3 high towers and a wall., and that this WILL BE the triggering process which will lead ultimately to the coming of the Messiah.  in the year 2001, the 25th day of Elul was September 13th, and NOT September 11th….  That is pretty close to when the twin towers fell, and a wall (of the pentagon). A whole side of the American ministry of defense, the Pentagon, was destroyed. Thousands of people died in these incidents.

In the 18th century (1700’s), the “Genius of Vilna” stated that the Zohar text which described the devastation in “Rome” of the 3 towers and a wall on the 25th of Elul was “off by two”  days – the Zohar was then corrected so that the most correct version (Sifra d’Tsniutha) reads the devastation will occur on the 23rd of Elul – which WAS September 11th.

The Zohar was been a hand written manuscript for many years before the printing press, errors happen.

Here is the complete text from the Zohar

In the words of the Zohar it is described thus:

God will rebuild Jerusalem and there shall be a star flashing with seventy streamers and seventy flames in the midst of the firmament. It shall illuminate and flash for seventy days. It will appear on the sixth day of the week, on the twenty-fifth day of the sixth month. It shall disappear on the seventh day after seventy days. On the first day it will be seen in the powerful city of Rome. On that day, 3 high towers will fall and a wall will be destroyed. The ruler of that city shall die. Then that star shall be visible throughout the whole world. At that time great wars will be fought in the world, and no faith will be found among men.  A certain king will arise who will desire dominion over all kings. He will make war on two sides and prevail against them. On the day the star disappears the Holy Land will be shaken over an area of forty-five miles around the place the Temple used to be. A cavern will then open beneath the ground. From that cave will come forth a great fire to destroy the world. From that cave shall come forth a royal branch to rule over the world and be given kingship. Mankind will suffer calamity after calamity, and the enemies of Israel shall prevail. Then the Spirit of the Messiah shall rise against them to destroy Edom, burning the land of Seir with fire.

The 3 towers are the twin towers plus WTC Building #7 , The wall is a whole side of the American ministry of defense, the Pentagon.

Seir is the land of Edom, Rome is its offspring.

The fourth and last exile of the Jews is called exile Edom. In order to completely understand what is Edom, we must go back in history.

The ascent of the Roman empire began slowly as it assumed the rulership from the Greek empire. The Roman empire sprawled from England, including all of Europe, till North Africa, as well as the Middle East and of course, Israel. That’s how powerful she was at her peak. Most of the Edom nations are descendants of Esav.

After the disintegration and fall of the Roman Empire, the nations branched out under different rulerships. In every era, there was one country that was considered powerful, once it was Russia, Spain, Great Britian, France, Germany, etc. Many countries, each with different cultures, but all with the same denominator – the character of Edom and the features of their forefather, Esav.

At some point in history many Europeans immigrated to the new country – America. They are the descendants of Esav in different bodies. The same culture, same character, same traits, and the same Edom ancient ideology. Although the world is much more advanced today, one can clearly see that in our generation, America is the most powerful country – Edom.

The SENATE  ruled in Rome and the SENATE rules America.

America is Seir land of Edom.

All the “bad” things written don’t have to happen.

All the Good will come to pass. Its interesting to note as Moshe Feiglin brings down that 9-11 happened on the 23 of Elul, on the 23 of Elul also the Oslo accords were signed.

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Wow awesome post. I was complaining about frivolous comments today but I cant help but to give you props for this!!

“The ruler of that city shall die” = The trade center really was “ruler” of this city. Went to New York both before and after and it definitely missing something after.

Not much time left to prepare, this is pretty heavy and its sad because people don’t believe in God and are into the occult and sexual immorality, when now are like the final hours, the books are being sealed.

Comment by Jenny

I am glad you can see

They were shown this 2000 years ago

Comment by godssecret

You don’t even know how correct you are about this. There is so much more to this event. I’m writing a book.

Comment by John Scoone

It is time for more Americans to realize that US foreign policy is run by CFR front men in both parties. And really pay attention to what that foreign policy has achieved. It is time for Republicans to figure out what NeoCONS are. They are globalist socialists. Using America to fund and implement the NWO agenda of the Bilderberg Group.
The US is still arming ISIS. (see video)
This is worse than stupidity. It is diabolical.

Decades of /NeoCON/NWO/ /Bilderberger’s “Foreign Policy” has got America involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt ,Yemen, Sudan, Ukraine and ETC. The warmongers are still pushing for Ukraine, Syria and Iran. Our “Allies” have become “enemies” over and over and over! Most recent; the US armed the radical Sunnis (ISIS) in Syria to fight Assad’s Shiite government in Syria. Now the US is fighting the ISIS/Sunni/Al-Qaida slaughter going on in Iraq and Syria. The NeoCONs (ie. FOX, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Bolton, Charles Krauthammer and other CFR pundits), continue to push for attack of the Shiite governments in Syria and Iran.

If Assad falls in Syria; the radicals will take over just like they did in Libya after US/NATO/CIA meddling in Libya, and Iraq.

Americans better figure this out in time. Who will pay attention to covert US foreign policy and share?

Comment by eagleye28

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