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Dont feed the Devil, have Delight and Pleasure in the Light !
August 5, 2010, 9:31 am
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From Above (in the upper spiritual worlds) they give the power of  “giving”.

If one gets something from Above and then blemishes it, it remains below, but not with man. Instead, it falls to the sea of the Sitra Achra  (Other side).

If one gets some lights from above and cannot sustain them because one’s  spiritual Vessels of thought speech and action are not yet clean to be fit for the Light.

The luminescence must depart from him.

This luminescence falls into the hands of the Other side.

Thus the illuminations increase in the sea of the Other side.

After the full measure of the effort needed to correct his dirty lacking vessels has been completed.

The Other side gives him back everything she has taken.

This is the meaning of “He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again.” (Job 20)

All that the Other side had taken is hers.

As long as she has control over that man.

The whole matter of the ruling of  the Other Side upon man is so that he will scrutinize his spiritual vessels , These are his thoughts speech and actions.

Bring them into Holiness and to gather all one’s spiritual vessels that belong to the root of one’s soul, and bring them into Holiness, and gather the Light that belongs to him.

A correction is needed each time one has a descent.

What one has made to fall into the Other side he must raise up from there.

If one loses luminescence, this is something to regret.

This is similar to a person who placed a seed in the ground so that a big tree would grow from it, but took the seed out of the ground right away.

We can say that he not only took out the seed from the ground, but also corrupted it.

If one had not lost this tiny luminescence, a great Light would have grown out of it.

One cannot live without liveliness and pleasure.

This stems from the root of creation, which is His desire to do good to His creatures.

Every creature must go and look for a place from which it can receive delight and pleasure.

know that this ultimately refers to spiritual pleasures.


So when one works one is happy because he exerts himself.

One can continue in the work because the future shines for him.

This shines for a person in the present, and this is why he can continue the work.

He will not feel suffering from the exertion. This is what he enjoys.

The future shines for him in the present, this being light of the world to come.

This gives him the strength to be able to work now.

One cannot live if one has no place from which to receive delight and pleasure.

If God does not let one receive this sustenance from corporeal things, the body has no choice but to agree to receive sustenance from spiritual things because it has no other choice.

This is one way God uses poverty to strongly push one forward in a spiritual direction.

One must agree to receive this delight and pleasure.

When one is accustomed to keeping Torah and Mitzvot (God’s commandments) .

He will receive delight and pleasure.

Based on teaching of R. Baruch Ashlag

but different

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Today like I said I saw a post on GLP of yours that has not been active since march and noone replied it simply was on the front page, Because of God. I feel like Im possed its been since childhood im fighting something inside of me, a divine presence comes near me or touches my hand but cannot stay because Im not clean enough or holy enough. Now knowing that the darkness im battling is swallowing up this great light and taking it! I want to be free of evil. So I can have God inside of me and near me.

Comment by Jenny

My name is Shannon Shane Davis and I live in Eugene, Oregon. I have been recently released from prison after serving three years for Drug Possession charges. I am making the best efforts I can to change my life and improve myself through daily moral, spiritual, and physical habituation. While in prison I started studying Judaism and as a Noachite under the guidance and help of Rabbi Shmuel Spritzer of the Reaching Out, Lubavitch Prison Out Reach program in Brooklyn, NY. With the help of my good friend Dr. Samuel Aluwalanah I also learned how to read basic Biblical Hebrew and I spent time every day not only studying Judaism but also reading the teachings of the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad Chassidism and the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson. I also chose to participate in college correspondence classes through the mail through Portland State University and received As’ for my efforts. This inspired me to apply for Government grants to attend college when I was released. I am now working and going to college full time to accomplish a degree in Electronic Technology. I live in my own apartment and I meet with the only Jewish Orthodox Rabbi that lives in Eugene at least three time a week to study towards a Torah true Halachic conversion. I am a firm believer that there are powers that exist in this world that thrive off of man’s iniquities. Most people live their lives in complete ignorance of the consequences that happen in other realms due to every positive and negative action that a person does. These powers are not like the Science Fiction or Horror movies that we are all used to. The only books that I have found that even come close to explaining some of the true experiences that I have had are written about the sitra- achra and evil influence of the yetzere ha rah in Jewish mysticism. I firmly believe that I was not supposed to make it out of prison that the those powers had me firmly gripped. I feel now that they are not going to let their mistake go and that my soul is in grave danger. I am doing my best to live the appropriate life through honest repentance, teshuva and tzedakah. I have completely changed my ways but I know that the more I fight the more traps are set and the demons of the other side are as real as your next door neighbor. This may sound like a paranoid delusion but I can swear by the real occurrences that have happened in my life that it is very real. I am truly scared and I ask if anyone has any advice for me before it is to late please feel free to email me at gonnabajew@excite.com

Comment by Shannon Davis

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