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An awakening from above.
July 18, 2010, 8:29 am
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I am going up to the Holy Ari for the After party it will be more intimate

I will have all of you in mind


In order for one to achieve the truth, there must be a sensation that one must obtain the truth before they die.

One must examine and see that one has not deceived himself.

Truth means to bestow.

The opposite of that is fraud and deceit, meaning only to receive selfishly.

The most important thing is to not want anything except to bestow.

Any reception is flawed.

Take the other extreme, meaning bestowal.

The force that compels to work, is only God’s greatness.

These efforts and  labor yield  benefit and pleasure.

One’s work and effort,  remains one’s energy for eternity.

Don’t be to a person who has the power to build a whole country, and builds only a hut that is ruined by a strong wind.

If You remain in Kedusha (Sanctity), then all the forces remain for eternity.

Believe that the Creator receives one’s work.

God attributes the work to you, He welcomes and wants all the works.

Use faith to walk in ways of bestowal.

. If one has doubts one must know that they probably do not walk in the way of bestowal.

With bestowal faith is enough.

This is all that pleases the spirit of the people.

Only their bodies are in disagreement as it is working with the will to receive.

However, “the spirit of the people” is already spirituality.

And “pleases” by the righteous extending bounty for the whole generation.

They feel the bounty that has been extended.

As an awakening from above.

They are given the Lights and the attainment of supremacy over physicality.

But the wicked live only to be receivers.


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