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The Omer Secret
April 18, 2010, 10:04 am
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The Secret of the Omer

This is very secret stuff, so I can not say or explain now more than that which is written here. This is enough for those who understand.

During the Omer period , we are slowly refined to become  proper vessels able to receive the revelation of the essence of the “higher consciousness.” This is accomplished by fulfilling the commandment of sefirat ha-omer (“the counting of the omer; the word for “counting,” sefirah is from the same root as “saphire,” the brilliant saphire stone ) Concerning this it is written “And they saw the God of Israel; and there was under his feet a kind of paved work of a sapphire stone, like the very heaven for clearness.” From the place the light of the omer shine down upon us. Each and every day of the omer that we count, we illuminate lights of  the omer (). It is known from the writings of the Holy Ariza”l,     is an acronym of “light” (), “water” () and “firmament” (), which reflect the three stages in the emergence of all things created during the first six days of creation (“with ten sayings was the world created,” in the secret of “from the thickening of lights did vessels emerge”). Every day of the omer we count, that is, we illuminate the omer causing sparks to ascend from below to above (the secret of the “returning light” in Kabbalah) by means of the process indicated by the final letters of the same words:  (“firmament”),  (“water”), and  (“light”). Which spell out omer (). Thus we understand that the secret of sefirat ha-omer is the process of the drawing down of  (“saying”) and refining elevating sparks from below. By the light of “counting”  the Omer, there is revealed and arises within one’s consciousness holy sparks of will and desire to make for God a dwelling place here below. By fulfilling the commandment of counting the omer we become connected to and there becomes revealed light of the primordial Torah, as it is unified with G-d’s essence before it descended to be given on Mt. Sinai in the month of Sivan, the next month.


עמר=ש”י1,, Chassidim spread out all 7 weeks of omer.2 “yichudim” in days of the omer draw “Chassidim gadolim”. These are days of “yonika” (of the klippot). Where there is arroused katnut elyon. This is the idea of when Hashem told Moshe to cast down the staff and it turned to a snake and he backed away from it in fear. With this katnut the yesod Z”a is joined in yesod ima (katnut-ibor) drawing nourishment from her . This katnut of Z’a is called נחש. This is the idea of the איילה. She is Nakavah in katnut. Whose womb is so narrow she must be bit in her genitals by a נחש to be able to give birth. Zivug in katnut depends on Atik. Zivug is like this all days of the omer till Shavuot. While in katnut the only way to get revelation of Abba and Imma is by arrousel of Atik. Its as splitting of the sea depended on Atik.(zivug of katnut, like the sea must be forced by working names of Ketter and the ע“ב names ). So Hashem (Z”a) said to Moshe why do you call to me (call to Atik).  On 7th day of passach even if it is called a time of katnut. There is reshimu of Gadlut ב of seder night. This is a aspect of birth (gadlut, from the zivug gadlut 2 of sader night). This birth caused by the biting of the נחש at her genitals gives the other side only yonika from the נחש (Nefesh), and none from reshimu of Gadlut ב, the high souls of ibor of seder night (aor penimi). Sitra only gets from filth and din of the physical zivug itself.  Her womb is narrow as there are only in it 5 givurot of םןץף“ך. 3 (the period of this ibor was only a few days)  Zivug of katnut  is שד”י + ד”ם=נחש . דם is revua of אהי”ה , שד”י is the yesod of Z’a.  The sefirot of these 50 days shatter the נחש , and make “Mashiach”.4

Within is  “A well that is sealed” which is in Bina. In it is the achroyim of  עבסגמהנן

And it includes 24 permutations of יהוה  in the aspect of uniting the big and the small ה . As it is said “4 letters make 24 houses, but there is not merit in the world for this. As the Rav writes as the time of birth approaches there begins screaming, but this is not so with the Supernal Mother רחבותהנהר as said in the Zohar (barashit 16b). Where she gives birth in head hachel of Holy seed, giving birth in silence. But the lower mother is alluded to by the אילה (deer) who does chesed with every part of the forest, giving food to all.When she gives birth kindness is shown from above because her womb is so narrow. So she does not give birth until the snake is invited by Hashem to bite the lips of the woman than she can give birth. At that time there is mercy on the birth, she does not die. The serpant only bites at the lower garment of the Kidusha of Asiyah. This deer very much needs mercy of Arich from above so to sweeten the hardness of the bones (protecting from the serpant) by the שע  lights.         שעקרע

There is a danger involved in teaching the secret of this Katnut called נחש, especially when one is in a state of katnut. The 49 days of the omer are 49 gates of Bina.5טל (dew) falls from Chuchmah in the 49 days of the Binna, which last till Shavout. This dew purified Yisrael from the filth of the serpent from the sin of the Atz ha dat.6 From counting out the omer goes out breath from “Adam elyon” which is Z’a.7 All 7 weeks of the omer are called days of “katnut”, as Chassadim and givurot (“penimi”) don’t spread out. In days of omer there is only tikun in “makiff”, there is no tikun to “penimi”.8 During the sefirot of the omer we are purified from the 5 unclean bloods of  “galut Mytzrym”, so to be pure on Shavuot. “Mochin chitzon” (makiff) go away with the “moch penimi” after the first night of Pessach. So these must be drawn level by level. The 6th and the 7th night of the omer one needs to draw the “mochin” of Abba, not Imma. Main thing is to intend each night יהו”ה, with its nikudot these are Chassadim being Nashama “penimi”. The first 4 weeks of the omer spreads out Chaba”d being being parzufim of Atik and Nakavah, and Arich and Nakavah. They spread till Nh”y of them. The last 3 weeks of the Omer (Pasach Shani) draw “mochin” of Chaga”t, being the parzufim of Abba, Imma and Yesoi”t to their Nh”y. Givurot spread in Nakavah in omer, as spreads chassadim in Z’a. The Givurot do not spread out until after the chassadim have spread in Z’a.9 By counting out the omer we draw sefirot of Z’a.10

The Omer that is performed each year  for the sake of building the Malchut towards  completion. The Omer-Offering is in order to rectify the Shechinah and the Jewish people  and the world each year from Passach to Shavuot . However, the main tikun will occur at the end of days. The tikun of the Malchus and the Jewish people are one and the same thing, since they are her structure and limbs. She emanates throughout each Jew, and she is Klal Yisroel. Every tikun to the Jewish people and their deeds are all within her, for they are her spirit.Shechinah—Divine Presence—is within every Jew, and therefore selfrectification automatically brings rectification to the Kingdom of God on earth,the Malchus.

The 7 weeks of the omer are 7 sefirot of Malchut called Shabat. They are completed and expressed in 72 names. Their main body is 70, the 2 extra are witnesses. These 72 ascend by the letter “ו”, which is Z’a.11 Bahir is Teferet, it is the light of Shabot from Pessach till Shavuot, this is light of “mattan Torah”12 There is to be דקדק in regularity in what one does during 49 days of the omer. The zohar warns of this in many places. They are the 7 midot of the Ayn-Sof.13 Work ”temurot” of יהו”ה (names) as מצפ“ץכוז“ו (these get past the narrow womb).14 Beware of ”din- givurot” of םןץף“ך, draw ”chassadim” מנצפכ . It was becouse of the arrousel from above of katnut at this time that the 24,000 students of R. Akivah died. The had hatred for one another in their hearts, and did not act respectfully toward each other. But Rabbi Akiva himself was from Dat. Which is the secret of Gadlut. It was on the 33 day of the Omer Rabbi Akiva’s students stopped dieing. Also on the 33 day of the Omer the matzah we took out of Egypt ran out and the Manna began to fall from Heaven. on ל”ג Rebbe Shimon revealed the Highest secrets of the Torah and then passed on. Mikvot during the Omer are of “living waters” cleansing and purifying yisrael for 7 weeks, before recieving the Torah.  In perke Avot chap.6 are listed 48 ways the Torah is acquired, these coorespond to the days of the omer, the last day includes them all.15

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Let it be known clearly that there are those specifically The Holy Rabbi Shalom Sharibi who wrote that working with the Divine names during the Omer is very dangerous and one should not. One should not Pray with the “cavanot”, the Divine names. That this will arouse judgment on oneself so beware.

Learn ayal that drinks as ayalah and sepent bites, and redemption in Zohar Vayachal p.247 (eng) ,219b “R. Shimon and Eleazer his son”, other ayalah in Bashalach


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Peace Salaam Shalom!
The manna of Omer is the ratio of right hand palm! What is that ratio? it is the unit and tenth of Golden Ratio, what is that? it is the Two Tablets of Torah law, 1 and 8! look at palm of each and very right hand, 18 appears to be there as the darkest of three line on the palm. Please check the five books of Moses in golden ratio, 16:18 and you will see what i mean to tell you. The Eclipses are bound by torah law of 18 years(saros). The UNiverse rotate the spin of r1^8ht hand only, Torah hand! The number of Amidah prayers is on r1^8ht hand! Just try readong the 8 in Hebrew/Arabic/ Math! The 8 is an /\rc and covenant for creation is based on this /\rc, Golden Ratio has the golden /\rc of covenant, for Bani Israel 18 Amidah, for Christians 18 bendictions, for Muslims 18 Sura Kahaf, for Hindus 18 vedas, for buddhists 18 Mudras or positions of Buddha, and so on. Location of Hamikdash and vessel of Manna is in Golden ratio too. I believe the redemption is us and so is Mashiach among us too, just not welcome yet i see.

Comment by Maschiach Ahamid






“This is the thing which the Lord has commanded. Gather every man according to his eating, an omer for every man, according to the number of your persons, in his tent.

And the people of Israel did so, and gathered some more, some less. And when they did measure it, each had an omer”
(Ex 16:16-18)

Comment by godssecret

OMER is beyond measure, when we count all stars, we find them to be to many to be counted, but we find a golden measurement to know that no matte how less or how many more we count, they all have same ratio in creation 1618. 1618 itself is Omer ratio, it is a ratio that binds all creation to one book of l(*fe, cha(*, 18! Golden ratio is formed by the Shemoneh Esreh(the eighteen) and the 18 Amidah are also based on this very digital scroll of Torah based on two digits, 1 and an 8! Omer is also known as ratio of r18ht hand palm. Gensis of life is based on exodus 1618, leviticus 1618, deuteronomy 1618 and numbers 1618, beit Hamikdash too is located and can be found per this Omer ratio 1618. The temple of Sacrifice serves as the third temple as it is the first temple too. 8 is an Ark in Hebrew Arabic math and the covenant for all mankind is just 1 and same covenant! Quran 1618″ And if your were to count the blessings of your Creator, you will not be able to , but your Lord is most forgiving and Merciful”.

Comment by Ahmed(*rfan

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