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WHY ISRAEL Would decisively defeat IRAN and Syria completely
February 3, 2010, 7:13 pm
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We’ve built a flying saucer,

boasts Iran (even if it does

look like it belongs

in a 1950s B-movie)



It’s not clear how far or how high it can fly  – or even how

big it is and what makes it take off.

But an aircraft created by scientists in Iran is,

they claim, the world’s first flying saucer.

Called the Zohal – or Saturn in English – it said

the unmanned spaceship is designed for ‘aerial imaging’

but added it can be used for ‘various missions’.

The hardline Fars news agency illustrated its story with a

photo of a flying saucer, akin to one appearing in a 1950s

Hollywood B-movie, hovering over an unidentified wooded landscape.

The reports gave no indication of the spaceship’s size.

But they indicated it was small by claiming, somewhat

bizarrely, that it can also fly indoors.

‘Easy transportation and launch and flying, making

less noise, are some of the advantages

of the device,’ said ISNA, Iran’s students’ news agency.

‘The device belonging to the new generation

of vertical flyers is designed for aerial photography.

‘It is equipped with autopilot, image stabiliser

and GPS and has a separate system for aerial

recording with full HD quality!’

Iran, which prides itself on its 2,500 year-old civilisation,

is also keen to show that it is at the cutting edge of modern science.

IRNA – Islamic Republic News Agency

Iran has successfully tested a radar-evading aircraft, a commander said on Sunday, in the country’s latest announcement of technological advances as it marks the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The semi-official Fars News Agency, citing senior air force official Aziz Nasirzadeh, said the prototype of a radar-evading aircraft named Swordfish had been test-flown.

“The prototype of this aircraft … Completed all radar evading characteristics considered by us,” he said. “We are evaluating the data from the test flight and it will go into production after completing additional tests.”


Iran is embroiled in a dispute with the West over its nuclear program and often makes announcements of progress in its military capabilities, in an apparent attempt to show its readiness to respond to any military attack.

On Saturday, it officially started production of two new missiles, state media said, three days after it launched a rocket which can carry a satellite.

During the Feb. 1-11 period, Iran marks the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution that toppled the U.S.-backed shah.




The secrecy of Israel’s missile program parallels that of its nuclear weapons program. Even the name of the missile program is disputed. The “Jericho” designation is reported by some analysts to be the original name given to the contract signed between France and Israel.

WHY ISRAEL WILL decisively defeat IRAN if there is an all-out war.
1.Israel has more than 200 atomic devices vs Iran which may have 1 soon.Even if Iran bought nuclear devices from other rogue states, the retaliation from Israel would be the equivalent of 2,000 plus hiroshimas.
2.The 200 plus Israeli atomic devices are unstoppable by Iran i.e. up to 80 can be launched by submarines and the rest by ICBM or F-15s or F-16s
3.Israel has the world?s most advanced anti-ICBM missle umbrella which may be impenetrable by Iranian Shahib missles . Iran can only deliver their 1-2 atomic warheads by ICBMs with no other delivery capabilities.
4.Israel has a satellite system with multiple types of spy satellites which have reached the limit of possible resolution (defraction limit) generally thought to be about 10 centimeters and their satellite system is all weather. Together with their advanced UAV capabilities , this allows Israel to possess the most detailed photos and real-time imaging of all Iranian military installations .
5.The military technologic difference between Israel and Iran is wide.
Israel has about 10% of the world-wide arms export market which based solely on merit and immensely competitive. IF anything, it is nothing short of a miracle and a tremendous tribute to Israel (jewish ) expertise that they sell to so many countries which never take the side of Israel in any dispute. There are those ,who imply much of Israel?s technological edge is due to massive American aid. However, that aid also has restrained the development of Israeli military technology. American military contractors regularly and understandably, attempt to undermine Israeli sale of military technology when it is in direct competition with American contractors? efforts to sell abroad.
Israel might have double the foreign military technologic sales if the US had never blanketly prohibited Israel selling directly to PRC. This is understandable.
Iran sells nothing in world wide arms market. Their highly publicized Shahib 3 missle is nothing but a supped up version of the the 63 year old V2 Nazi ballistic missle. Israel supplies Israeli-developed military technology to most of the world?s top militaries including the USA, India, and China. China’s J10 fighter is thought to be modeled on Israel?s Lavi.,the Israeli developed Jet fight.
In terms of MBTs, Israel possesses 1500 consisting entirely of the modern highly regarded Merkava. Iran has approx. 500 all obsolete models including the T 72. In front-line aircraft Israel has approximately 800 with more than 500 being upgraded F15s and F16s. Israel also possesses in air refueling capabilities. Iran has about 250 front-line combat aircraft consisting mostly of obsolete older US and Russian fighters. It has no known in air refueling capability.
Israel also is way ahead in production and use of UAVs and sells various models to many countries including Great Britain. There are other areas of military technology Israel is far more advanced than Iran.

Everyone continues to accept the fallacy Israel due to it’s size would suffer more destruction than Iran in any nuclear exchange.
This is totally inaccurate for several reasons. Israel’s arsenal of nuclear weapons contains thermonuclear weapons despite what French Strategy believes. The father of the H bomb Edward Teller, actually spent time in Israel assisting them with the beginning of their nuclear weapons program including the goal of having thermonuclear weapons. While Israel is the only nation to have a nationwide anti-ballistic missle defense system, it is true that , as of now , it is definitely possible Iran could still have some of their missiles land in Israel. However, according to Anthony Cordesman ‘s  review of the results of a possible nuclear exchange , Iran would definitely suffer much more damage. The yield of Israel’s arsenal is much ,much greater than anything Iran could develop in the near future. Israel could also expand it’s arsenal at the same rate or even at a greater rate than Iran. Israel is a world leader in high technology. It has the most companies on NASDAQ , the listing of the top high tech companies in the world , except for the US. It is also a world leader in the computer field. Those who believe Israel’s high tech sector is just due to the yearly military aid from the US couldn’t be more wrong. Although Iran is much larger than Israel the majority of Iran’s industry is concentrated in Tehran. Tehran is located in a bowl. It is almost perfected situated to suffer maximum damage from a nuclear strike.  Israel also has a second strike capability with their 5 Dolphin submarines. This would not only be a second strike which Iran would have immense difficulty defending against. It also guarantees , if other neighboring countries attempt to attack Israel, they would also suffer nuclear strikes.

The detailed report compiled by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington last month, complete with graphs and diagrams, has been reprinted in thousands of copies in Tehran.

It is compulsory reading for its intelligence and Revolutionary Guards personnel because the Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities concludes that the Jewish state has all the resources necessary for a successful strike.

When asked recently, Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, agreed with this estimate. This week, president Shimon Peres and prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu both said that if diplomcy failed to halt Iran’s nuclear activities, Israel would be left with no option other than the military one. And Tuesday, April 14, the New York Times quoted an Israeli official as saying that Jerusalem would give the Obama administration until late 2009 to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment projects; after that, Israel will be forced to act.

For the past three years, US military and intelligence sources have used attributed and leaked assessments to the American media to emphasize that such an operation is beyond Israel’s capabilities because of the nuclear facilities’ wide distribution across Iran. At best, they maintained, the Israeli Air Force might knock out a few Iranian nuclear installations, but only enough to put Iran’s nuclear drive temporarily on hold.

The CSIS paper refutes this assessment and maintains there is no need to destroy dozens or hundreds of sites; the destruction of seven to nine targets would be enough to cripple the Iranian program, and lists them as follows:

1. Lashkar A’bad, site of secret uranium enrichment plants in the north near the Turkish border.

2. Tehranb, for the central laboratory for developing atomic armaments as well as more uranium enrichment facilities.

3. Arak, in central Iran, where a heavy water plant is under construction to manufacture plutonium for weapons.

4. Isfahan, in central Iran, near which a small research reactor and a cluster of laboratories for uranium enrichment, centrifuges and weapons development, are situated.

5. Natanz, the main center for uranium enrichment.

6. Ardekan, at the southern tip of Iran, where more uranium enrichment facilities are located.

7. Saghand, Iran’s main uranium mining region.

8. Bushehr, on the Persian Gulf shore, Iran’s biggest nuclear reactor built by Russia.

9. Gachin, near the Strait of Hormuz, the site of more uranium mines and enrichment facilities.

Complicated tables set forth an array of technical details showing how many PG bombs Israeli Air Force F16I or F15F bomber-fighter planes can carry, how much fuel is needed to reach their Iranian targets, and at what stage of their return journey they would need to refuel.

This think tank finds Israel has enough aircraft as well as the necessary intelligence and electronic resources for the task – contrary to previous estimates.

The authors propose three attack routes for a potential Israeli operation against Iran: an eastern route over Saudi Arabia; a central route over Iraq, and a northern route over Turkey, Syria and northern Iraqi Kurdistan. They point to the third as Israel’s best option in view of the superiority of its electronic warfare (EW) capabilities.

Israel continues to maintain a powerful arsenal of “Jericho” ballistic missiles, capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to any point in the Middle East. Israel is also pursuing a military satellite program and has deployed several batteries of the Arrow missile defense system to shield against the missiles of its neighbors. Israel maintains a sizeable arsenal of ballistic missiles that would enable it to deliver an offensive or retaliatory nuclear strike against any potential regional target. The core of Israel’s arsenal is its fleet of two-stage “Jericho” missiles. Israel’s Jericho-I missile is estimated to be capable of carrying a 450 to 650-kilogram payload up to 500 kilometers, and the Jericho-II of carrying a 750 to 1,000-kilogram payload considerably more than 1,500 kilometers.  It is estimated that the Jericho III entered service by 2008.

The Jericho III is believed to have a three-stage solid propellant and a payload of 1,000 to 1,300 kg. It is possible for the missile to be equipped with a single 750 kg nuclear warhead or two or three low yield MIRV warheads. It has an estimated launch weight of 29,000 kg and a length of 15.5 m with a width of 1.56 m. It likely is similar to an upgraded Shavitspace launch vehicle. It will probably have longer first and second-stage motors. It is estimated that it will have a range of 4,800 [3] to 7,000 km [4][5](2,982 to 4,350 miles), and probably significantly greater with a payload of 350kg (one Israeli nuclear warhead). It is believed that the Jericho 3 is inertial guided with a radar guided warhead and silo-based with mobile vehicle and railcar capabilities.

The Jericho 3 will give Israel nuclear strike capabilities within the entire Middle East and Europe. The range of the Jericho 3 also provides an extremely high impact speed for nearby targets, enabling it to avoid any ballistic missile defenses that may develop in the immediate region[6].

On 17 January 2008 Israel test fired a multi-stage ballistic missile believed to be of the Jericho III type reportedly capable of carrying “Special warheads”.[2]

If Israel chose to take military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities, it might opt not to send IAF jets on a mission but rather use its arsenal of medium-range ballistic missiles, a report published by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) said Tuesday.

The Jericho III, Israel’s most advanced version of its custom-designed ballistic missile, is capable of carrying a 1,000-1,300 kilogram conventional payload or a 750kg nuclear warhead over a distance of up to 7,000 kilometers. With a smaller 350kg nuclear warhead, the missle’s range can be extended even further.

According to the NCIS report, 42 missiles would be enough to “severely damage or demolish” Iran’s core nuclear sites at Natanz, Esfahan and Arak.

“If the Jericho III is fully developed and its accuracy is quite high then this scenario could look much more feasible than using combat aircraft,” the NCIS report said.

The report also predicted that a Jericho salvo on Iran might draw an Iranian counter-attack with its own Shihab ballistic missiles. The Islamic republic might also take action against Europe and other countries, by choking off oil exports, hitting US assets in the Gulf, or ordering proxy groups like Hizbullah to attack Jewish targets outside Israel.

With regard to regional Arab states, the report claims such countries would not condone any attack on Iran, even though a nuclear Iran threatens them as well. However Israel’s reported arsenal of some 200-300 nuclear weapons would make it hard for the Jewish State to label Iran as an existential threat.

Israel’s presence in the Golan Heights and the West Bank, perceived as an occupation, would also make it hard for Arab states to side with Israel in any regional conflict, according to the report.

Iran’s determination to acquire nuclear weapons, the NCIS report said, is correlated to the degree to which it sees Israel as a threat to the survival of the regime there. The report assessed that Iran would withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty based on the argument that it needs to acquire nuclear weapons to protect it from aggression by Israel and the US.

The range of the Jericho 3 also provides an extremely high impact speed for nearby targets, enabling it to avoid any Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) defenses that may develop in the immediate region. The Jericho 3 is believed to payload of 1,000 to 1,300 kg. It is possible for the missile to be equipped with a single 750 kg nuclear warhead or two or three low yield MIRV warheads. It has an estimated launch weight of 29,000 kg and a length of 15.5 m with a width of 1.56 m. It is a three-stage solid propellant missile. It is believed that the Jericho 3 is inertial guided with a radar guided warhead and silo-based with mobile vehicle and railcar capabilities

A different system, which can also be deployed with the MLRS platform is the ground-launched version of the IMI Delilah precision attack loitering missile. The Air to Ground version of this missile, known as “Hanit” (spear) is already deployed with the Israel Air Force, IMI is offering a ground launched version of the missile. To demonstrate A ground launch capability, the company recently launched a booster-augmented version of the missile,. The rocket booster provides initial acceleration and altitude positioning the missile in optimal conditions to start the jet engine and for the cruise phase.

Israel has developed LORA (Long Range Artillery Rocket), which is similar to the U.S. ATACMS.  Each LORA missile weighs 1.23 tons and carries a half ton warhead. With a range of 300 kilometers, GPS guidance is used to land the warhead within 30 feet of the aim point. You can get a LORA missile on a target within ten minutes of the order being given.

Delilah-GL’s (the ground version) and -SL (for the naval version) missiles are offering surface-to-surface attack capability with the same performance as the air to ground attack missile. Delila GL is designed for operation from standard artillery rocket systems, such as IMI’s autonomous rocket launchers, carrying two missiles each. The missile can also be used to accurately engage surface vessels at sea, with precision and ranges exceeding all current coastal defenses.
Delilah-GL has a maximum range of 150 km using autonomous navigation and guidance. With a modular design that provides high operational flexibility, including loitering and re-attack with man-in-the-loop control capability, Delilah provides a cost effective weapon capable of engaging maneuvering and relocated targets at high precision, ensuring target engagement and destruction with pinpoint accuracy during day, night and adverse weather.

Israel also possesses the U.S.-supplied Lance missile. The Lance is a liquid-fueled, short-range, mobile, nuclear-capable missile with a range of 130 kilometers and a payload capacity of at least 210 kilograms.

According to a report by the Congressional Research Service, Israel had deployed, Jericho missiles on mobile launchers and on underground wheeled transporter-erector-launchers or railroad flat cars.

In October 2003, the Los Angeles Times, citing Israeli and U.S. officials, reported that Israel had modified the American-supplied submarine-based Harpoon anti-ship missile to carry nuclear warheads.

Iran better back down and Syria if they know what’s good for them should stay out of any possible conflict.


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Israel is the leader in UAV technology. Eventually, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) will replace manned jets fighters and bombers. This is due to the physiologic limits on the human body. For example, aerial vehicles with military applications will soon reach a speed which the human body will not be able to tolerate.UAVs also can be as small as a toy. Therefore, they have a natural stealth factor just because the absence of a human pilot makes their size smaller in many cases (depending on their capabilities). UAVs also can make maneuvers which manned aircraft cannot do , because the G force is so severe, human pilots would loss consciousness.

Comment by Joe Hamilton

I believe that no matter who comes against Israel, God will not allow Israel to be destroyed in it’s entirety ever again.m The Bible has never been wrong once, and not this time either. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, Amen.

Comment by tom abraham


Comment by drbooshka

I don’t think so.

Israel can use nukes to win the war, but they wouldn’t dare cause that’ll make the whole world will be against them then.

The whole world will be in an uproar. Israel can try and fight without nukes but if they do they’ll totally be demolished.

Iran’s got Pakistan right next to it. I’m from Pakistan and our airforce won a flawless victory against Israel back in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. 16 of our inferior Mig 23s shot down 3 Israeli superior F-16s.

Pakistan will definitely help Iran and they’re right next door. Plus Iran’s got a really good airforce also.

If God was with Israel as the bigotted Christian 2 comments below me says, then why’d God let them get slammed by Hezbollah and why’d God do nothing when Israel was defeated by Egypt in Syria in 1973 and had to beg America for aid. If Israel’s so good, why does it get pampered by America.

Hezbollah’s a small militia group with only 16 000 members and they shredded Israel in 2006. Imagine, what Iran, they could do, if a small militia group, funded by it, can cause that much damage.

Bring it on Israel. Come. We’ll slam you into pieces. The 6 Day War was your greatest victory and you never have and never will win a war like that again. This time we won’t sit down while you destroy our airforce. We’ve got Anti-Aircraft missiles on the ready. Iran will win.

I’m happy that my country Pakistan won against Israel, a flawless victory. Iran will win an even better victory.

Comment by Hussain

I don’t think so

God Gathered millions of Jews after thousands of years Back to the land of Israel as the Bible says

“Pakistan won against Israel, a flawless victory.”

I don’t think so.

You got a link for that ?

Last thing I heard Israel is live and Kicking

If Pakistan would have had its way Israel would not be here

God Gathered millions of Jews after thousands of years Back to the land of Israel as the Bible says

A peaceful solution is Better

Comment by godssecret

[[I don’t think so

God Gathered millions of Jews after thousands of years Back to the land of Israel as the Bible says]]

I’m not talking about the Bible. I’m talking about the facts. Jews can stay in the Holy Land, but the Holy Land shouldn’t be a Jewish Land. It should be a land for all 3 great faiths, cause all 3 find it Holy.

Most Jews in Israel, about 98% are not semites. They’re a mix of European, Arab, Persian and African. Very few have Semite blood in them. There’s more Palestinians with semite blood than Israelis.

There’s Christians, Jews and Muslims who have Semite blood and are descended from Isaac, so why should one have a greater right over the other? The Holy Land should be one in which all 3 faiths live together in peace and have equal rights and self-determination.

[[“Pakistan won against Israel, a flawless victory.”

I don’t think so.]]

Yes they did. Former Israeli President Ezer Weizman even writes so in his autobiography:

“On Eagles’ Wings: The Personal Story of the Leading Commander of the Israeli Air Force”.

Plus you can look it up on google, wikipedia or any Encyclopedia. In fact, look up “PAF Yom Kippur War” on any search engine and it’ll confirm our flawless victory against Israel.

Still, Pakistan and Israel aren’t on too bad terms. I mean Israel helped us during the Earthquake in Kashmir, when many of our civilians died.

I would love peace and it is a better solution, but peace means that all people of the Holy Land have equal rights to self-determination and opportunity, whether they’re Jew, Christian or Muslim.

We’ve lived in peace for centuries with Jews. We can continue living in peace if Israel gives equal rights to the Palestinians.

The Holy Land should be a Land of Peace, Justice and equality for all its citizens, not only Jews.

[[A peaceful solution is Better]]

I totally agree.

Comment by Hussain

“I’m not talking about the Bible. I’m talking about the facts. Jews can stay in the Holy Land, but the Holy Land shouldn’t be a Jewish Land. It should be a land for all 3 great faiths, cause all 3 find it Holy”

If you are talking about “the Holy Land,3 find it Holy, 3 great faiths” you are talking about the Bible.
As the “Torah” is the foundation of Islam, and Christianity. Thus Mahamud speaks so many times of Moses in the Koran and the rest of the Torah things, and Christians pasted our Bible the Torah to their so called “New Testament”.

If you are talking about “the Holy Land,3 find it Holy, 3 great faiths” you are talking about the Bible.

Should Mecca be equally for all 3 faiths or only Israel ?

The Christians have Rome, Muslims Mecca and the Bible says the Jews have Jerusalem as its written :

“In the words of the Prophet Isaiah :

” And it shall be in the last days that the Mountain of the house of YHVH shall be established on the top of the mountains and be exulted above the hills. All the nations shall flow into it. Many peoples will shall go up and flow into it and say come let us go up to the mountain of YHVH to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, and we shall walk in His paths. For out of Zion shall go forth the Torah and the word of YHVH from Jerusalem. He shall judge the people among the nations and decide among many people. They shall beat their sword into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, nation shall not lift sword against nation neither shall they learn war any more ” (2:2-4)

“Most Jews in Israel, about 98% are not semites. They’re a mix of European, Arab, Persian and African. Very few have Semite blood in them. There’s more Palestinians with semite blood than Israelis. ”

Whether a Jew is a Semite has no bearing on this issue, we have been in exile for over 2000 years or more. My wife is from India by the border of Burma. She looks Indian/Chinese
She is from the lost tribe of Menasheh the son of Joseph. Here people through all these years sing a song of the splitting of the Sea when they left Egypt.
Coverts also a just a legitimate Jews as any other ?

” The Holy Land should be one in which all 3 faiths live together in peace and have equal rights and self-determination.”

You think that, how about in Mecca think Jews and Christians should be able to pray as they like there ?
Is it not illegal presently -public non Islamic worship in Mecca

Israel is a lot more open to religious pluralism than Saudi Arabia or even where you live.

“Pakistan won against Israel, a flawless victory”
if they would have been victorious Israel would not be here. The goal has allways been to “push all the Jews into the sea”

“I would love peace and it is a better solution, but peace means that all people of the Holy Land have equal rights to self-determination and opportunity, whether they’re Jew, Christian or Muslim.

We’ve lived in peace for centuries with Jews. We can continue living in peace if Israel gives equal rights to the Palestinians.

The Holy Land should be a Land of Peace, Justice and equality for all its citizens, not only Jews.

[[A peaceful solution is Better]]

I totally agree.”

Well then

“It should be a land for all 3 great faiths, cause all 3 find it Holy.”

I totally agree as Isiah says :

” For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” (56)

You know any Islamic Authorities for the Wak Islamic authority that controls the Temple mount
The Koran permits eating “Kosher meat”, we could all pray together and eat.

A religious peace agreement

but as it is now only Islamic prayer is allowed on Temple mount. The government of Israel honors the Islamic authorities on this issue and does not let Jews pray on the mount.

I personally believe a religious peace agreement is the way forward beyond the Politics,
real peace can only exist among friends

I know the Rabbinic authorities who could make such a thing happen

Jewish allows praying in a masque Koran allows kosher food

What you think about this ?

You know any Islamic Authorities for the Wak Islamic authority that controls the Temple mount ?

Comment by godssecret

bitch shut up israel is powerful

Comment by Darnell Finch

Wow! Your statements are so far from the truth that I actually feel sorry for you. Israel completely humiluated the arab world in 1973. Not only was Israel out numbered, but it was attacked in all directions and still kicked all tha arabs counties teeth in. You other statement that Mig 23’s shot down 3 F-16’s is another out right lie. The F-16 wasn’t approved by congress for construction untill 1976. It didn’t even exist yet. Oviously your pro Iranian, and that fine, but don’t just make up fake stories. You totally sould like a lying fool.

Comment by Brian

Dude don’t dare to talk about Israel’s Air Force,you know what happened to the PAF’s volunteers in 1967 war with israel….Even right now you guys can’t beat no one in middle east can beat IAF….I’s a Christian from india…i don’t care whats written in bible, but i’m damn sure by seeing the history No middle east country including iran can beat Israel, Iran is not capable of what they say, they might have cute missiles…but israel has the world’s best anti-missile batteries(Iron Dome,Iron Fist and ARROW).also what about Israel’s missile, when iran fires Do you think israel’ll just take them ?Remember they won the war in 6days against 13 army’s men and supply in 1967….DOn’t ever say they can’t kick Irani Ass….

Comment by sarjan

totally agree with ya.

Comment by dennis

Well 1 small step to show Jewish and Muslim customs can get along on a label of cheese of all places a small start yet welcome. Shalom and Saalam

Comment by minibabybelkosher

Hey Hussain, try actually reading what you post. Israel was not soundly defeated…they were suprised attacked by TWO nations and after holding defensive for 3 days, Israel said @#$% this and pushed withing 60 miles of Cario…..Egypt and Syria had FAR more casualities, over 10,000 deaths compared to Israel’s 2,500…..

So before you go spouting your ignorance, which nation has gotten stronger? Israel was a complacent army back then, no real worries and they still kicked Egypts and Syrias as both which had help from Russia even.

So, I’m pretty sure 40 years later with 10 times the army and nuclear arsenal, that Israel would take care of business in the entire middle east…..

Anyway, my main point is, you don’t even read what you cite…..even wikipedia shows Israel victory…..

Comment by Matt Bob

Hussain will also tell you that their army beat the Indians in all the three wars they had against the Indians.

Comment by Gopal

ISRAEL, you should know that the west has put you in its wings like its baby. Oh yes one day just near here IRAN WILL KICK YOUR ASS. ISRAEL should prevent what happened in the past to happen again but you don’t learn. The will not support you forever and it does it woll not be the super power forever so behave.

Comment by fabrice

Israel thinks it can beat Iran. It can beat it now but it will not beat ever wold particulary th arabs islamist you should know where you came from. Pliz what happened tou in the past might come to you ISLEAL.

Comment by fabrice

we know well, there have been many wars

Comment by godssecret

Never US or even ISRAEL try Islamic Republic, IRAN is the World power today believe it or not.

Comment by YAHAYA

“IRAN is the World power today” ONLY IN YOUR AND THEIR MINDS

in reality they are living a delusion and if they stay the present course its about to end with a


Comment by godssecret

I find it amusing how christians, muslims, etc. all hate each other and want to wage war. If your religions had any substance it would tell you to keep it to yourself and be between you and whatever God you believe in. Religion has caused war since the beginning of mankind and still has a role today. This should tell something about yourselves and what you believe in.

Comment by Devin

Egypt was able to kick Israels a** so i bet Iran could!
But as the cowardly nature of Israel it would need help of America.
But Iran only and Israel only. Iran would be having Israel for dinner xD

Comment by zahid


That why Egypt lost the Sinai and Gaza to Israel

What you talking about ?

Comment by godssecret

Completely True, Iran is Not capable of what they say…all their public words bla bla bullshit, its only to make their citizens to not get scared on their asses….I don’t think Egypt is going to fight Israel anymore cause they learned their lessons in early wars…if israel is going to attack Iran before that IDF must take down Hamas and Hezbollah’s missiles in a Ninja way…kinda secret mission then when the war breaks out israel doesn’t have to worry about these terrorist low lives….I beliveIsrael can win the war with iran….I was shocked to hear when one of the guy from Iran Govn said that Israel can’t stand for a week…its was making me laugh for hours..this completely doesn’t know whats he talking about…..has no knowledge and not worthy to be a officer or whatever position he’s in.in other words he’s Homie……well i hope my govn(India) give you guys a support by halting the oil from Iran, but i don’t think they gonna do it for now…..well victory for Israel>>>>>>>>>

Comment by sarjan

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You have done a outstanding job!

Comment by Free Horoscope

This is what I think. America and Israel are some serious pussies. America has been beefing with Iran for over 30 years. Jews/Israelis and America take so much junk about how they keep all options on the table while the only thing they do is look like a bunch of scared nations. Iran has technology that is at least 40 years behind America and Jews. Yet these two nations are seriously scared of Persians. Turks destroyed Persians, took over their country and made the Selcuk Empire after that. Mongols, also related to Turks genocided Persians and killed 20% of their population. Turkic Afghans invaded Persia twice, defeated it and killed Persian royalty and aristocracy for all Persians to witness. Big bad America and super-tuff Israel are scared shitless of Iran. It’s amazing that will all those resources, f-35’s, aircraft carriers, nukes, intelligence agencies, trillions of dollars, etc., you people are afraid of Persians. Meanwhile, Persians still shit bricks from Turks and the knowledge that we can activate 15 million Azerbaijanis in Iran at will through the Turk Djinn way. You kafirs are a bunch of pussies. All you kafirs are good at is psychological campaigns, trying to cause fear and submission and being sinful kafirs. Other then that, any Turk sees through your bullshit and knows you are merely pussies. We will unleash the djinn on the kafir, especially America and Israel for being some super pussies. All the tough talk, movies about tough guy Americans and Israelis, and you people can’t do shit but play scary movie on the internet and tv. Like a bunch of fruitcakes. We don’t even need Muslims like that and won’t even let your nations convert to Islam to save yourselves. We will just let the djinn devour America and Jews for being useless pussies. Go start a war with Lichtenstien or something and make some movies, video games, music and tv shows about how heroic and tough you guys are. Ha ha.

Comment by ALI

America took down the gov of Afganistan and Iraq easy

Israel took apart the Arab armies of the world a few times
the last last few encounters Israel was under great international pressure to show “restraint”, they had nothing to do with showing capability

Comment by godssecret

As for Iran, they know their tough guy shit works on the kafir but not with a Turk. You Persians will be our bitches until the day the Earth ends, when we end it.

Comment by ALI

To be frank,those Arab boys talking rubbish are bunch of idiots that lacks knowledge of what they are talking about.Israelis missiles have been tested all over the world with an unequal capabilities.All the Arab countries will be defeated by Israel within a week if it will be an all out war without mercy.Israel only go after commanders in the so call gorilla warfare in Lebanon and palestine minding the effect on the citizenry.God has said it and no one born of women can dispute it.That land was given by God to the Jews and no country can seize it from them …..period.

Comment by austin

I have come to realised that these Arab boys are not educated at all because frm the way they reason and comment here you will have no doubt that they are still far behind.They should sit down and memorise little about Gulf war and how America s might brought down the govermnent of alqaeda in Afghanistan.It took only one week for Saddam army to fall even when all precautions were taken to prevent civilian casualties.The Chinesse and Russians are still using the lesson of Americas recent war as way of modernising their own military to be able to face the challenges of modern warfare of which america and Israel are already masters.Iran should go and test its missiles on cows in the desert first to ascertain its competence before considering confronting Israel with them.Iran should know that Israel dosent consider Hisbollah and Hamas as treat in anyway if it will be an all out war with Iran because Israel will not be fighting a war of mercy.Watch out Iran and stop bragging.

Comment by austin

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