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February 3, 2010, 9:48 am
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What a person forgets of his Torah learning is not wasted (G-d forbid),

for in the World to Come and the messianic future, he will be reminded of all

the Torah learning he forgets, as the sages state.

Memory yichud

ע”ב + קס”א = 233 = ז כ ו ר

angel of forgetfulness is called Mas



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Thanks for these notes about the Hebrew Gematria. Where are these scanned images taken from? Are they from a book about Hebrew Gematria? If so, what is the author and name of the book? Thanks!

Comment by Gematria Scholar

I am the Author, this is part of

a new book I will publish in a few months, still working on it

please God

Comment by godssecret

I just don know what to say. This blog that is called a blog is cheated is the explanation. This is much more than a blog. I have read and I have become afraid, I have swept not knowing why and I have been so strirred in my spirit that I have not been able to sleep.
I was going to ask about the pages that were posted here and I see that is from a book that you are publishing. Have you finished? For you to have the book and me not have is the sin of the desert ” to pass a nomad knowing where water is and not share is the sin of the desert”. Please contact me through my email. Are you on facebook? Where?



Comment by Moshe Ben Avraham

Blessings and Shalom,
When is the book due out.I would very much like to purchase the book. How might I proceed?


Comment by Moshe Ben Avraham

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