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Some interesting words from the Kabbalist Rav Dahan
January 24, 2010, 1:22 pm
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Just found this the other day

Rav Dahan

Question: Tell us about the digging near Temple mount?
Answer: They themselves don’t know what they are digging for – it is GOD’s plan. The digging will cause the fall of the fake religions. And for the weak Jews, it will strengthen the Emunah. We know the Torah is Emet and need no proof to know it more. It is because of this political Israel leadership, and their eternal search for an imaginary peace with the nations of the world.

Question: Is it true that there are treasures of the Bet HaMidash in Rome, Italy?
Answer: Yes. They are placed in the Roman Pope’s dungeons. A Roman Ceasar wrote in a bood that they took the treasures of the Bet HaMidash, and the proof for it is the picture embedded in Rome’s gates of the Romans carrying the Menorah (there were many Menorot in the Bet HaMikdash). In Tripoli, Libya, there was a family friend who was friendly with the Pope and once, when they played Chess, he won him. The Pope told him he can ask him for anything. The friend said “I want to see the treasures of the Bet HaMidash”. The Pope agreed and he went down to the dungeons to view the treasures of the Bet HaMidash, he saw what he saw but a tremendeous light blinded him, till today.

Question: Can we understand from this that the Klipa is guarding the treasures of the Bet HaMidash till Am Israel merits to have it back?
Answer: The Gemara asks why the goats are always in the lead, even ahead of sheep?. The Klipa are always in the lead. Just as the outer (klipa) peel protects the inner fruit. The Mekubalim have the ability to remove the Klipot. It says in Masechet Sandhedrin, they once captured the Satan and chained him up. It is not our job to remove the klipot, THE HOLY ONE BLESSED IS HE will remove the klipot.

Question: We are in between wars, please give us some information about the upcoming war?.
Answer: The last war (Lebanon War II) is a direct message from THE HOLY ONE BLESSED IS HE. Since the Six Day war, we lost all the wars. GOD is showing us very clearly that we do not need weapons, soldiers, jets, bombs to win the war, as it happened in the Six Day War – one small nation against 7 big nations and we won, with very little.
This is what the pasuk “ה’ ילחם לכם ואתם תחרשון” GOD will fight for you, you keep silent” means – the leadership of Israel should NOT interfere in the upcoming war. If we want to win, we cannot interfere – GOD Will Fight For You . The Zohar HaKadosh, zs’l, says that if Israel does not interfere in this war, we will win. In the war during the time of Devorah  the Prophetess , a’h, against Sisra, the Kochavim (stars) fought the war and we won.
Sisra’s army was stationed at the valley, close to Nachal Kishon and Barak’s army stood on top of Har Tavor. Without GOD’s help, Am Israel would have no chance against Sisra’s army but GOD confused Sisra’s army. They imagined hearing clangs of chariots and horses approaching. Truth is Barak’s army had no chariots. Sisra’s army panicked and fled and Barak’s army had no need to fight. They gave chase and killed the enemy soldiers. GOD performed more miracles. Night was beginning to fall and stars appeared in the sky. GOD moved the stars directly over Sisra’s army and it shone on their iron coat of arms. They became unbearable hot and jumped into Nachal Kishon to cool off. Another miracle occurred. Kishon was a very small stream of water but in one moment, it swelled and became a raging river. The soldiers drowned, together with their horses and chariots.

Question: Is the Israel leadership towards its end?
Answer: Very close to this final day. Am Israel will need to choose either a leadership of human or the ultimate leadership of THE HOLY ONE BLESSED IS HE. Look at the education, parnassah, zivug, marriage, children – what leadership do you choose? We will choose THE HOLY ONE BLESSED IS HE to lead us. And it will be Shalom Al Israel…

Question: Is Moshiach spiritual or physical?
Answer: The Lubavitch Rebbe, zsk’l, was the Nasi. Each Rav over Talmidim can be in Chezkat Moshiach. Let’s not make errors – the Rambam, zs’l, says it very explicit – Moshiach is born to parens – it’s a live person that will reach extremely high spiritual levels, as did Moshe Rabenu, zs’l, did.

Question: Can you tell us about the Jews living in America? Why should they come to The land of Israel? Can you give them Chizuk (inspiration).
Answer: The Rambam speaks about it. Moshiach cannot come till most Jews of the world are in The land of Israel. Moshiach is delayed for this reason.
American Jews, this is up to you. Jewish Americans are in great danger of intermarriage. B’h, there are many returning to Judaism; keep strengthening, always be in touch with Jews of Israel, be sensitive to them, as if you are living here. Reb Nachman, zs’l, says that the spirituality of The land of Israel can be reached anywhere in the world. Feel the spirituality of The land of Israel.

You have much that is preventing you from coming to The land of Israel. It’s not wonder that at this time, you are still stuck there. Know this, the faster you will quicken your move to The land of Israel, who knows how many will join us in The land of Israel?! Whomever feels that Moshiach Tzidkenu is here and very close to being revealed, pack up your bags and get on the first plane, if possible. Purchase a one-way flight ticket ONLY and come here, never to return there.
Come to The land of Israel, we need you as the last LIGHT before Moshiach’s revealing. Who knows if you are the last button missing on the clothing of Moshiach? Therefore, you must hurry and speed it up and come to The land of Israel. We need your blend for his crowning. We will be zoche together to greet Moshiach Tzidkenu, speedily.

Question: In America there are so many Yeshivot, Chassidut, shuls, why are the American Jews stuck there and not coming here, including all Jews of the world?
Answer: There was a strict Halacha in the time of R. Yehuda, zs’l, not to live in The land of Israel, till Moshiach will be revealed. This is a machloket (division) that is over. Today, Judaism in The land of Israel is almost equal to Judaism in USA. Also the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs’l, pushed all the religious Jews to move to The land of Israel as well as Reb Nachman, zs’l. They both encouraged the Jews to move to The land of Israel and receive its spiritual LIGHT.

Question: Rebannu (Our teacher), who are the Netunei Karta that meet our enemies?
Answer: In Aramaic, Netunei Karta means ‘the guards of the wall’. They are originally from Hungary. I believe that their thinking will break and we will be united into one Degel (flag) – Degel of THE HOLY ONE BLESSED IS HE. The government of Israel also meets with the enemies, although they do it in secret. Netunei Karta do this to attract attention. They love the Jews but want attention – it doesn’t mean they are not good. If you go to their homes, they will invite you in, open their homes and hearts.