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Matto”t-The Angel Mattatro”n
December 15, 2009, 1:11 pm
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Updated April 9 2016

Matto”t-The Angel Mattatro”n

The “Oaf “ (bird) is the angelמ”ט about this it says, “Because the bird of heaven will raise up the voice” (Ecc. 10:20). This voice is the recital of “Sma” which includes the six week days, and he rules over them, and he takes that voice and flies with it until the middle pillar which is “the voice of Hashem on the water” (Psalms 29:3). There is no water but the Torah which is “the voice of Hashem in beauty” until six voices and he is the seventh of them from the mother. (Zohar Tikunim)

This is the beginning of the Hidden and secret wisdom concerning Matto”t.

This is the Beginning of my newest book. The book in its entirety is 120 pages and there is no repetition , just full of secrets.

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Nothing like this has ever been published before in any language !

Enjoy !

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That was very interesting!

Comment by Alexander

Coming by for a visit, if other documentation, please kindly forward. Thank you for accuracy. More at base of linked. Out of touch? no. Timeline in play. Servent to Great Glory. Here for a time. Allot of Updates. Loving Change = Only Thing Permanent. How could it be otherwise..? Selflessness Full Bandwidth Perfect Love Loyalty : )

Walk creating only Good karma.

Be the Friend of God secretly if you must to get started I tell people. Time to reveal All. Accuracy Paramount. They have seen this post above as reference posted. Good use of Internet. More is good if 100% accurate.

Comment by Matt Erwin MaTTeRWiN

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