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Concerning war crimes and atrocities commited by Isreal in the war in Gaza
October 22, 2009, 7:47 am
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Have you heard about the Saudis sending war planes to indiscriminately
bomb civilians in Yemen because  ONE  of their soldiers was killed by a
Yemeni rebel who happen to be Sunni?  It happened on November 5, a few
days ago.

The rules that apply to Israel are not the same rules that apply to the
rest of the world, except when it works to Israel’s detriment.  In
particular, no one but the Israelis give a damn about Arab civilians.
The issue is Israel’s right to inflict casualties in its own
self-defense.  Of course Israel has the right to defend itself. Everyone says so.  But only as long as Israel doesn’t hurt any Arabs. By world standards, Jews always have the right to grovel in self defense. Just not to interfere inadvertently will oil price.


According to the article on Yahoo news: “Saudi jets dropped bombs on
crowded areas including a local market in the northern province of
Saada,” Hawthi spokesman Mohammed Abdel-Salam told The Associated Press.

“They claim they are targeting al-Hawthis, but regrettably they are
killing civilians like the government does.”  He said the attacks were
followed by hundreds of artillery shells from the border. “So far, three killed have been pulled out of the rubble, including a woman and a child who perished when their houses were bombed and burned down,” said Abdel-Salam.

What?  There hasn’t been a U.N. outcry?  No commission has been appointed?  It’s not headlines in the New York Times, or the LA Times,
or CNN?  What you haven’t heard about it at all?  What if it was Israeli planes dropping bombs on terrorists in Lebanon?  Here, the Saudis claim the al-Hawthis rebels killed  ONE  Saudi soldier.








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