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Strangest thing in the Moscow sky
October 15, 2009, 2:16 pm
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One of the most prominent members of the Geographical Society of Israel, writer, artist, journalist, radio host and the same “age” boxer planet today tells of a very strange incident 45-year-old Yefim Hammer, of Jerusalem

Was forty-five years, an eye opener Latvian media about unidentified flying objects seen in the sky over Liepaja, Ogre, Sigulda. Once this event shook the entire Soviet Union. But later, due to the incoming ban on the publication of such material, the story forgotten. Today, in his literary essays, which came into my novel associations “Amderma — walrus rookery,”            I remind you of the events

Let’s start with the newspaper notes.


Some liepaychane have witnessed a mysterious painting. The sky moves the luminous body, which can not be confused with the cloud, airplane or satellite. According to witnesses (one of which — the worker Hydromet), it was a hemisphere large, low-hanging above the ground, which is then rocked, quickly retreated behind the horizon, taking with them the fiery light, which was painful to watch naked eye.


“Communist” (Liepaja), December 1, 1967.


A strange halo cloud over Moscow had many in the Russian capital expecting a close encounter last Wednesday.

Millions witnessed an ominous ring-shaped cloud appear over Moscow’s western districts, prompting citizens to stop in their tracks to record the phenomenon and put it on YouTube.

The bizarre sight has taken the Internet by storm, so to speak.

We’re the first to admit that a photograph of the heavenly cloud appears to be photoshopped. It’s just so…perfect. But meterologists have spoken up and said the cloud wasn’t digitally altered. However, it wasn’t exactly what it appeared to be, either.

When the cloud initially formed, some UFO enthusiasts declared it to be a “true mystery.” Some even compared it to the giant spaceship hovering over Earth in the movie “Independence Day.” Reality quickly dashed any predictions of an alien invasion.


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