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Supriem Rockefeller and Palestinian-Husám Bajis working on rebuilding the Temple of Solomon
October 11, 2009, 2:44 pm
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Wes Penre, October 4, 2009 at 9:10 AM: I have been very busy with other research lately, so I haven’t followed Supriem and his whereabouts as strictly as before, but I am now communicating with him again and have signed up as a friend on his Facebook.

We have corresponded back and forth some and he is bringing my attention to his important connection with Prince Bajis of Jerusalem, who is, among other things, working on rebuilding the Temple of Solomon. He is best friends with the Mayor of Hebron and his family owns the land around the Temple Mount.

Supriem desires to create a one world government called Allied Union and the One World Currency will be the Allied Unit.

Supriem Rockefeller and the Prince are supporting each other on their missions and have been seeing each other in person to discuss current and future events. In the following comment on Supriem’s Facebook page, the Prince is indicating that they are soon going to meet again:

Prince Husám Bajis: Looking forward to sipping a cup of Turkish coffee or an espresso and meeting up again for dinner and a glass of wine to relax and exchange thoughts. I also hope that you would accompany me sometime to the Rockefeller Museum so I can talk to you abou…t my pet project in hometown of Lifta, the Western gate to Jerusalem which is the last remaining village inside Israel proper that was once settled by people from Palestine, and today is vacant and waiting for us to flourish it’s gardens and water it’s plants to bring it back to life. As you may know I am a rightful heir to the Solomon garden of Lifta-Jerusalem. Kind regards and wish you a wonderful night and a Thursday full of excitement and joy, from Hebron which is where am at for the moment – BAJIS

Husam Bajis
Executive Director, Brazilian Palestinian National Interest Committee

Since December 2006, Husam Bajis (born September 15, 1976), known simply as Sam, has served as Executive Director of the Brazilian Palestinian National Interest Committee (BPNIC).  BPNIC’s directive is to bridge the gap between Palestinian nationals and the nation of Brazil by supporting programs that maintain relations between Brazil and the Palestinians.  In the course of bridging social and economic gaps between the two nations, BPNIC looks to distribute grants to institutes in Brazil fostering education significant to a future Palestinian state and allocating additional funds to BPNIC’s training and capacity building initiatives and providing assistance to Palestinian nationals in Brazil.

Bajis provided consulting services in Information Systems in the United States starting from 1999.  Before starting an IT consulting company in 2005, Bajis also served as a consultant on promoting Palestinian self-determination through media outlets in the United States.

Born in Springfield in the State of Illinois, in the United States of America, Bajis has also spent 10 years pursuing early education in Jerusalem at College des Freres and shadowing his father who served on Yasser Arafat’s PLO National and International Relations Department’s special envoy team to the United States in the 1980’s.  Bajis’s father was born in Lifta Jerusalem, and is an 8th generation Jerusalemite from a family that descended from the Hebron region.  His mother was born in the village of Jish near Haifa, and is from the Ayoub family.  Upon his return to the United States, he completed a bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University and master’s degree in management information systems from the University of Illinois.









Make the symphony of the world
October 11, 2009, 9:20 am
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When you can see that God is there, everywhere. It makes it alot easier to rely upon his help, to ask for it. To know that he will come through for you. God sees and knows all. It can become as clear, as you know that your own father would do everything in his power to save your life. You will come to see that God is right there with you and will not fail you. You should know that a basic privilege that everyone has is a right to be successful.

No matter who they are, where they find themselves, and to where they have fallen. They just must find the right thing to do from deep inside their heart, and go for it. But don’t come to think that just because God will help you it will be easy to accomplish your desires. You will still need to take up whatever idea it is that you want God to work with you upon and make this your life. Think upon it, dream of it, live on your idea. Know that this is the way to success, and this is the way that has produced people with great accomplishments. If what you desire to accomplish is for your good God then will help you succeed. Each person has gone through a certain amount of a “wild goose chase” trying to reach for things that are not theirs to take. If something seems to be lacking, this is from God, and there are reasons for it. When you find yourself accomplishing your desired goal this will bring you to real trust in God. Then nothing can take it away. What ever your doing if God is with you you will succeed. God always wins.

You just need to push forward. Dont give up and quit prematurely and then you will succeed in accomplishing your goal. You want help from on high. Ask God for help.  It begins by recognizing His Presence. In earlyer generations there was no doubt. There were many  revealed miracles and prophets. In general, the later generations are run from a policy of concealment. Even if this whole world is created in a way which the Divine Presence, and knowledge of the existence of God is miraculously concealed. Miracles happen for people who know of both worlds. If you have doubts, you need more knowledge. Don’t misconstrue God’s ability with you. Don’t create obstacles between you and the truth. What ever you assume responsibility for you will be awarded power to deal with it. One person can even save the world, it has happened many times. To succeed you need to be strong, fortified, and triumphant in all the places that it is necessary to fight. Even if you have help from on high. Nothing good comes easy. Just do your part and He will put the finishing touches on it, customize it, and take it all upstairs to complete the job. What ever it may be. Every single second the entire order of the worlds is changing. They rotate, orbit, and move in totally new paths, never known from genesis. They create fresh combinations, interactions, and interrelationships find what you have to do and go for it now. There is no time like now. There is no room in success for procrastination.

One must fight with all their strength to enter into the secret of the God. What is it that you do? This is what you are. Accordingly this is what you will receive now or latter. What you do will come back to you. There is no doubt concerning this. The only questions are when, and how will these things effect your body and your life here, and your soul which is eternal. A good deed brings one result, and a bad deed another. Kindness will invite kindness from heaven which supports and protects. The Holy is by our hands and in our deeds. Always be gentle. This shows a level of refinement of your soul. Acts of exceptional wickedness and goodness bear fruit in this life. Deal with difficulties while they are still easy. Don’t wait for them to become a major problem. God sometimes sends us problems as a wakeup call. One who is aware may not have to be reminded from above. So don’t create self created problems, misery or disaster. Its better to avoid these experiences in our lives.

Know that every vicious thought will rebound. So avoid thoughts of hatred and jealousy.  Ignore the vicious  competition among people. They will one day come back to you with tremendous power. Once you set them in motion you will have to bear their fruit. Remember this and avoid much evil. Misery that has not yet come is best avoided. The main thing is to work on those things that will bear fruit in the future, towards this end all our forces should be directed. Every one has heard the expression “be careful what you ask for you may get it”. When calling out to God if you are persistent you will be answered, but the results may be different than you anticipated. Especially if you are not doing what is expected of you or worse doing the opposite. It does not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expects from us. If you call out to draw God’s attention you will find it. Man brings upon himself what ever befalls him. Harm does not originate from God who is the source of all good. You need to accept that God really knows what He is doing in your life. Many times when we fall by misfortune this is only so that we can come to some thing better. Know, descent is for the sake of ascent. The husk precedes the fruit. The bigger the ascent one must come to, the bigger the descent that must precede it. So don’t obsess on the past and dwindle away by it,  use it as a springboard to achieve.

Its up to you to turn each affliction and all its bits of suffering into fruitful stepping stones to blossom, flourish, and grow into new levels. Whatever the situation capitalize on it. Its like finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Go for it, and if you do not give up you will find it..

One must be in pursuit of a oneness with their humanity this is the first step in spirituality. Only a good person will be accepted to the inner chambers before God. The Divine Presence dwells only with the righteous. There are those who seemingly countless times they make schedules, agendas, itinereries accompanied with strong resolutions, descisions, and pledges to finally fulfill them – to no avail. Dont be as these, be reliable. At least make yourself like a person with whom you would be happy to befriend and associate with. When radiant joy and love emerge they are contagious. People like to keep in the company of such people. When looking at another person find and focus upon the good within them. A Divine thought is an action. Becareful to not misjudge people. So if you need to judge others do so in a scale of merit. This can actually arouse the good that was hidden within them. This is true even before the supernal court. So look at each person to see their good. Don’t embarrass people or bring them to shame.  Know each person in the world in a way is like a limb of one’s own body. So in a sense we are all responsible for one another, and even more the welfare of another in some way effects our own. So be supportive of people helping them with positive purposes with what ever they need. Don’t think about only what you want all the time. There are other people in the world besides yourself, and they need you.

How would the body function if the heart decided it did not want to share its blood with the liver. realize that all are one. All the souls are collectively one supernal organism and giving to someone else is tantamount to giving to oneself. One has to nullify their own needs and emphasize the other persons. This nullification itself elevates the person to inclusion in the ‘beginning of all beginnings’-the infiniteness of God. He has it all. This opens the gate for the one doing it to receive all good. Every one is given by God certain blessings and gifts which are given so that they can be shared with others in a natural way. You should help others without expecting anything in return. Your motivation should be a natural friendliness.  By serving others you will find dignity in life. According to the way you give there will be given to you. What ever you put in you will get back. What you do comes back to you. Do a great act of kindness and one will come to you. We are involved in the symphony of the world !