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Treasure or nothing to eat In the next world-The choice is yours
June 29, 2009, 9:32 am
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It cannot be expressed enough how transient our stay in this world is,

People live their days in this world like they are going to be here forever, but this is just not the case their body will eventually be left to rot in the ground. You “soul” is the “real” you so you better learn to live with it . As you body wont take you to far.

We can view a bit of this knowledge from the teaching of our sages in tractate Horayot-that a scholar takes precedence over a king of Israel. If a scholar dies, there is no one to replace him, but any in Israel can be king.25 We can see that the highest position in this physical world, that of being king, is of no value. The only thing that should be of concern is a concern of the soul.

It is the “Divine knowledge” of the wise man that lives forever, this directs his upright kind behavior. A Holy wise man who can call forth mercy from heaven is more valuable to the world then a king who is not a wise man, See how Moses so many times saved thousands of lives in the Bible by evoking Mercy. Many times the God makes a decree as he wants prayer from those who are below. Again if you dont ask you may not get.

Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yochanan both teach that the Torah was given in forty days and the soul is formed in forty days, so that whoever keeps the Torah, his soul is kept; whoever does not, his soul is not kept, as is taught in tractate Menachot. 26

The soul is formed in the first 40 days a fetus is in the womb, before this it has no permanence in the body. So to to receive Torah (Divine Awareness) takes a considerable amount of effort and time. People can lose their soul in the next world if they pay no attention to its needs in this world.

This physical-spiritual interdependence is further clari­fied in the teaching of Elijah the Prophet, from whom we learn that if a man reads the Five Books of Moses, the Prophets, the Writings, Halachah (Law), Midrash (mystical writings,secrets of the Torah), and attends to the busi­ness of the yeshivah (house of Spiritual study), showing less concern for the business of the marketplace, the Holy One will say this world and the World to Come will be Mine and yours together, the Temple will be Mine and yours together.27 These things the Holy One wishes to share with us, as Rabbi Yitzchak teaches in tractate Menachot that men lure each other from the way of life to the way of death, but the Holy Blessed One lures one from death to life, out of the narrow mouth of Gehenom (hell), its mouth being so narrow to keep the smoke in though it is deep and large.28

again we can not stress how insignificant our stay in this world is, if you don’t recognize the work of your soul while you are here. Not only do you have to learn to connect to the source of your soul above to drawn down divine energy for the betterment of the world ,but also for you own personal growth. To reveal your higher soul powers you know not of. But here we are informed that mouth of Hell, its mouth being so narrow to keep the smoke in though it is deep and large. This is telling us that the way to hell is not always obvious. One must be careful where they walk, their path could God forbid take them down. Know Hell is like a washing machine, every one goes there for no more than 11 months. Then a choice is made whether the soul requires physical incarnation again or will they stay in the upper worlds. Hell is said to be large as there are many damages one can do to themselves. Do not turn your life into a living hell !

The deliverance from Gehenom (Hell) is not the only reward of the Torah, as it says: “Tables of Fatness.” When a man has right conduct and study of the Five Books to his credit, he is given one angel. If he has the Five Books, Prophets, and Writings to his credit, he is given two angels to guard him. When one has all these and also  Mishnah, Midrash, Halachah, and Aggadah, and puts him­self under the guidance of the sages, the Holy One Himself keeps watch over him, as is taught by Elijah the Prophet.29

These spiritual forces we inherit influence our lives and will give you insight, but this requires great refinement.

All these supernal gifts and much more than can be de­scribed are the good for the righteous, but even on the physical level, Rabbi Shimon ben Akashiya tells us in tractate Kinnim the intellect of uninstructed people becomes dis­tracted as they age, while this is not so with scholars of Torah: the older they get, the more their minds become composed. With aged men there is wisdom and understanding in length of days.30

This is so as they connect to the source of their soul’s supernal intellect. Much like how Samson in the Bible had supernal strength.

In the Book of Lamentations, the Prophet states, “Arise, cry out in the night at the beginning of the watches; God will see Thee” (Lam. 2: 19-20). Concerning this, Rabbi Chayah teaches us in

tractate Tamid that for one who learns Torah at night, the Shechinah faces him. The disciples of the wise increase peace in the world,31 and this increase of peace is not only from His inward peace, which is a treasure in and of itself, but, as Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel explains in trac­tate Avot-d’Rabbi Nathan,whoever makes peace in his house, the Torah ascribes to him as though he has made peace for every individual. Each person is a king in

his own home.32Concerning the Crown of Torah, Rabbi Abba ben Surangeya teaches that from much Torah study, God will remove your evil passions and you will hear good tidings, you will become a Angel.33

In the next world.

Sanhedrin 90b 92a, 2a,Avodah Zarah 3b,Horayot 13a.,Menachot 99b,Tanna d’Bei Eliyahu Zuta, ch. 14,Menachot 99b,Tanna d’Bei Eliyahu Rabbah. ch. 18,Kinnim 25a,Tamid 32b.,Avot d’Rabbi Nathan 28a,Midrash Rabba Bamidbar 14:4.

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Good you have the bible now all you need is a book of Mormon and a Docterine and Covonants And a Pearl of Great Price to go with it and then your set and while your at it why don’t you through away that tora. Your right about most of what you said but your wrong about alot too. Hell has nothing to do with fire that was a mis translation from Greek and a book from other country. And also there’s no such thing as losing youre soul because you are your soul just like you siad remember. And also when you die your spirit leaves youre body butt you will not have a body for a long time and then youl get resorected at the end of the molenium. I now Jewish people or what ever you are you seem to be a mixture of things don’t believe in the plan of salvation but you should look into it. You also left out alot of what happens after you died i just gave you 1 small peice of it but youl have to talk to some LDS missionarys to find out the rest. But stay away from the Reformed LDS or what ever they changed there name to and stay away from the other fake LDS that still believe in poligomy because those guys are the fake Mormons. Theyv been lead astray.

Comment by Maroni ( not my real name)

The Truth is big Bigger than Lds

Go ancient, lots of mistranslations in and from greek

don’t believe in the plan of salvation

there is a plan of salvation
but contrary to popular opinion no one will just “save you” you must do the good you can
by this you will be connected forever to the light
and turn from evil

keep reading this web site has alot more to say and teach

very ancient stuff , uncorrupted traditions from Biblical Prophets

Comment by godssecret

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