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lakes, structures, life on MARS- PHOTOS
June 24, 2009, 5:49 am
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  1. MARS:

    lakes, structures, life – PHOTOS

  2. Here is a rover photo of a  skull on Mars


  1. Strange pile of rocks on Mars ???   taken by one of the Mars Rovers:
  2. A collection of  photos of strange objects  on Mars.

    Picture taken by one of the rovers  some thing strange

    What’s this strange stuff,with floaters ?

    lakesand vegetation ?

    Or the forrest?:

  3. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4.  another  satellite photo with two strange structures marked next to each other..by the shores of the “lake” ?
  5. a satellite photo :
    Satellite photoof  lakes ?

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so cool! It could be just a rock…

Comment by lovelifelikeyourself

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahfirst of all that skull isn’t human. If it doesn’t look human it isn’t. Second of all we need proof that that thing is from mars. Chances are it isn’t. Don’t believe the freiken internet. You can do just about any thing with it. If mars ever did have life on it there would be no human skulls left on it. The skulls wouldve been evaperaded awy because of the intence carbon dioxide. Axually they wouldv been resorected before mars died And soon mars will be resorected only if it ever had a spirit. Butt if God put earth here chances are he wouldve put a dead planet that finished its test somewhere else so it wouldnt distract us from our test on earth the way it is now stay here every one.

Comment by Maroni ( not my real name)

No. It’s just a storm trooper helmet left there a long time ago from a galaxy far far away!

Comment by John Doe

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