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The Store is open and all is Free-You need to know what You need and there is !



To get the most out of the Spiritual path taught here one needs to begin with the writings under the category called “The Guide”. The teachings there make a vessel so that one’s soul can ascend, and work with the meditative practices taught here. From learning  “The Guide” one will become familiar with the terms also that are necessary to access this wisdom.            So Enjoy and Grow !


Go ahead and learn !

It is like the God has a store and at that store He wants to distribute all the needs of the world for its growth completeness and ultimate peace. But you need to know how to get to that store , what is available, what it is called, what is needed now, and how to “place your order”
As there are many different faces of individuals there are a infinate variety of Divine energy which sustain the creation and guide its providence. And to them are infinate Divine Names that have Infinite levels of meaning.

And the most important thing is you get what you ask for, if you don’t ask you probably wont get, unless it is absolutely necessary for the creation. There are infinite things the God wants to give. When working a name according to the your understanding of the names functions and the love that rises the name up to its source accordingly will you the flow of Divine abundance.

Obviously God’s sustaining the creation and guiding its providence is more complex to understand than “human” physics and biochemistry combined.

One does not need to learn , know all these things , but a unique relationship exist between a man and his Creator when he become a partner in creation. Here is a “little” on how it works.
I say a “little” as this wisdom is infinite :

Folding of legs of Arich is when Nh’y Arich is included in chaga’t of Arich. Then Arich raises and cleanses the vessels of מ”ה beggining at Nh’y of Atzilut, rising all that fell into Briah. מ”ה is king of Teferet of Nh’y of Arich. Chesed of Atik is Ketter of Arich. In Passach there is recieved flow from Chesed of Atik. There is no Rachamim except from the Skull. The skull of Arich is Bina of Atik, it contains all its “mochin” in one ח ל ל (cavity). The skull is Bina it is the “hachel” of Chuchmah, that is hidden within. All Reward of Saddekem is from the Skull from the 400 worlds of whiteness it illuminates. From here also is the ט ל (dew) to awaken the dead. In the skull are 3 x 13 tikunim = 39 illuminating this whiteness. The 10 curses upon Adam for the sin, 10 on Chavah, 10 on the snake and 9 on the land together being 39 curses nullify the 39 lights of Arich. (these curses are nullified by guarding the 39 malachot of Shabot)  The skull itself has 50 gates of Binna. From the place where the hair parts above the skull illuminates 613 paths in Z’a giving reward for Mitzvot. 9 lights of spirituality go out of the depth of spiritual thought from the gate of the skull as 613 lights. All of them are “Chesed” called ט ו ב and “Emit” called ח י י ם . These 613 paths that are carved in the skull are “Keter Elyon”. They are the 613 Mitzvot. Chesed of Atik is revealed within the skull of Arich with Yesod and Dat of Atik. ע ” ב corresponds to the forehead of Atik, it raises the chesed of Atik. In the forehead of Atik is zivug of nikudot. It is the Chuchmah of Abba and Imma. From there goes out new Nashamot from lights that are even highter.8 In the In the physical where the hair parts on top of the head is the white path of dat of Arich that is concieled. This path that divides in the middle of the hair is chuchmah called ים. Dat goes out from Chuchmah from this side and that in the secret of the branches of the 32 paths of Chuchmah. This is given in דרך ים which is the essence of Teferet in the secret of Dat. The 32 paths are revealed in Bina from the side of Arich. Which is the secret of the skull and the hairs which dress from one face (arich) to another (Z’a). From ו to ו as in וא”ו This is the secret of Keter in the center. The 2 ו are 2 aspects of hair. They are the secret of יוד הי ואו ה”י . Its 3 י are 3 brains as אל”ף , skull and “air of the hairs”. These are in rachamim in Arich and din in Z’a. Chesed of Atik is revealed from the forehead of Atik then to the 8th dikna and from there to Abba and 13th “dikna” of “mazel” to Imma, but Abba and Imma are from Bina of the Chuchmah of Arich. The 8th and 13th dikna are called “mazel” they decend to the belly at the heart of Arich. They float upon Abba and Imma. The 8th “Mazel” is the letter א formed from י ו ” י , while the 13th “mazel” is the א made of י ו ” ד . From the Forehead מ צ ח ר צ ו ן of Atik is drawn א ו ר פ נ י ם . Becouse the Yesod of Atik is hidden in the chest of Arich Yesod is called ש ל ו ם . סתימא מחשבה is Chuchmah kadmah in Keter. It is אור גנוז these are the lights in Keter called Arich anpin. Chuchmah of Arich is called “avira”(air) and is the letter “י”, it is the ק ר ו ם. There are 2 “karum to the brain. They are both aspects of “dat”, and the letter ” ו ” . One cleaves to the skull, and the second to the brain. The second is the letter י ו ” ד . The letter ” ו ” is Teferet, its bottom is Yesod. It is a circle. Like this the brain spreads out in “iggulim” one in another (iggulim of brain spreads. From the bottom of the ו of the אויר of the karum). The brain is sustained by this “karum”, it is Keter the brain is Chuchmah-“golam”. From the “karum” spread out 32 paths of Chuchmah, but they are closed by Bina called “moch Stima”.  The “karum” seperates aspects of Chesed of Ketter so that below cannot recieve the 3 upper lights. The “karum” is a “rekia”.It is the Tikun of “Attika Kadisha” called Radl’a, to set this “rekia”. The upper 3 lights of Arich are sealed away by the “karum”. The conduits of Arich are of 13 kinds, called Holiness. There are within them 410 conduits. These are from 3 ה ו י ה of 3 ע”ב in the head of Arich. Each ע ” ב has 4 י ו דן and each י has 10 making 400. Including the 10 letters of ע “ב is 410. The 13 conduits are these 3 הויה which is 12 letters plus the “collel” makes 13. From these is drawn great light from the “kotze dshare” which illuminates the “mochin” of Z’a from “mochin” of Arich. Then is drawn to Yaakov and then to Rachel. ק ו ד ש is 410 cooresponding to the 410 conduits. They spread outside through the forehead in1000 myriad lights in 370 myriad worlds being 370 lights , 4 ה ו י ה spread out in the tikun of Z’a. The Hair of Atik is the 13 “kotze de share” of arich. If these hairs do not flow, there does not go out “moch stima”. “moch Stima” goes over by way of the “karum” of Avir by hairs dressing Teferet of Atik. Teferet is ו , this is why the hairs are ווי”ן . ֹ” י” the source of the hairs is “moch Stima” Chuchmah of Arich. In “Moch Stima” is the point “י ” which is Yesod of Ketter. this is ” י ” in the א ו י ר . From this “י ” of HVYH is made parzuf Abba of Atzulut. The Givurot of Atik in “moch Stima” Arich is called א ל ה י ” ם .  The 3 ווי”ן are 3 kinds of Hair. Nashamot are enjoined in hair, being 3 parzuf of Nashamot being of the face of the Lion, ox and eagle. These allude to 3 kinds of hair and malachim being Gavria”l from the face of the ox. Michia”l from the face of the lion and the camp of Rafia”l from the face of the Eagle. The hairs are malachim. By these hairs the camps spread below. By this is the nourishment of Nashamot which is the secret of sparks called אופן and גלגל . Nashamot nourish from ofanim, the gilgulim are upon them. They are beneath the chayot. From there spreads out flow to the malachim. In Arich hairs go over by “moch Avir” and go out of the “gulgulta” (skull) of the head which is Ketter. The skull is Nashama of Arich.Being Nashama of Nashama of Yechida. Arich is called Ayn-sof. There is drawn one “kotze dshare” from the back of the head of arich to the head of Z’a. From there, there is drawn one “kotze dshare” till the head of Malchut. From there flow of ט ל of arich goes out to all those occupied in Torah to enliven them. From the head of Arich many hairs decend to the back of the head of Z”a. The “karum” is fixed by Teferet. There is “avir” between “karum” and brain which is Teferet. The head of Arich called “avir” is the Ruach of Arich. Being Ruach of Nashama of Yechida. The “avir” is fixed by Netzauch and Hod. It is the fixing by the hair which is the aspect of “oar Chozir”.The “karum” covers “moch stima ” of Arich. There enters flow through “chesed Illah”, this Chesed is revealed in the “metzauch” and spreads out from the 8th and 13th “mazel” “notzer Chesed ” and “Vnake”. Givurah Atik is in chuchmah of Arich and is called “moch Stima” from here spreads out Imma that is called “Botzina Dcardinita”(Dark lamp) which is Bina. The 3rd head of Arich “moch Stima” is the Nefesh of Arich. Being Nefesh of Nashama of Yechida. This is the source of all “Dinnim” in the world, it is the place of spreading out the light of the Ayn soff hidden in Keter. The light decends the length of the sefirot. This “Botzina” is the source of and essence of light from Ketter. Binna of Arich is called Keter. “Botzina Dcardanita” is the נ”ב dinim. It spreads “dinim” “Botzina” is “kav Mida” it is the letter ה it measures every “midah” as this world is created in the power of the letter ה. It sets limits. This “kav” is ב”ן . It spreads out the light to 6 sides, and cleanses the kings of Edom. The “Botzina” reveals the 13 “tikuny dikna”. “kav Midah” measures the rising of the waters which is Chesed.  “Botzina DKardanita” is ס”ג which is in the “moch” of “avir” of Arich. This dresses in מ ” ה in “moch Stima”. The 3 ” א ” of מ ” ה are 3 “avir”, they are 3 vessels dressing the 3 ” י ” of ס ” ג . מ “ה is the vessel the body of ס ” ג . Which is the “moch” (brain) dressing in its Vessel.  From Chuchmah are made vessels for light according to the needs of the world.When Chesed Atik is in Keter Arich it’s also called “avira”. Then there goes out a “ruach” (spirit) hidden in Atik called י ו”ד it goes out from the אויר (avira)-air. It is the י ו”ד of Abba. The Ruach of Chuchmah is the agency of Nakavah of Atik. It is the level of Scent. By this the level of thought is raised. י ו ” ד is Chuchmah it is the Ruach of Atik, Keter. There is no greater yichud than this. The dikna of Arich spread out in “moch stima”. The 13 “dikna” of Arich are Ketter and Chuchmah of Arich. 20 internal “aorot penimi” of Keter and Chuchmah of Arich stand and strengthen 13 “aorot makiffim”. they go out from the pores of the hairs of the “dikna”. From “moch Stima” goes out whiteness going out from hair from “Chesed Illah”, whiteness goes out from “Radl’a”. “Dat elyon” is “Chesed illah” it is ע”ב in “moch Ratzon”. 2 spirits go out of the nose of Atik, one to Z’a and one to Nakavah. The 2 nostrils each need one letter from מ נ צ פ ” ך.

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