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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
April 21, 2009, 10:25 am
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US Secrets Stolen
April 21, 2009, 10:16 am
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Military Aviation 12:08 am – Tuesday Chinese hackers steal F-35 data Washington, USA – Sensitive information taken on design and electronic instruments (WAPA) – The American newspaper “Wall Street Journal” reported today that Chinese hackers managed to access the secrets of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project, the costliest ever in the history of American defense with its USD 300 billion budget. The cyber-pirates, the newspaper continues quoting governmental officials expert on the matter, might have stolen a relevant quantity of data concerning design and electronic instruments, making it potentially easier to defend against this next-generation fighter’s attacks. Anyway, the sources added, the intruders couldn’t access the main information because they are kept on offline computers. The attacks have been spotted as coming from China, but establishing the real cause and the actual entity of the damage is not easy. A recent report of the Pentagon stated that Chinese armed forces are developing new online warfare techniques to compensate their lack of military resources. The Chines embassy denied all the charges of cyber-spying stating that “China opposes and forbids all forms of cyber-crimes. The Pentagon’s report is a product of the Cold War mentality intentionally fabricated to fan up China threat sensations”. In early March data about the presidential Sikorsky VH-60 helicopter were found on a computer in Tehran (see AVIONEWS). “Attacks like these – a former official trained on the matter said – appear to have escalated in the past months. There’s never been anything like it: other military and civilian agencies as well as private companies are affected. It’s everything that keeps this country going”. (Avionews)





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updated July 23rd 2018

     When a person enters a marriage, career or other turning points in life.They will encounter things which may tarnish their ideals. The Torah is there as a reference to help us preserve lofty principles and high ideals. When practical concerns  can threaten to block our vision. Rabbi Banah teaches that whoever occupies themself with the Torah (The Infinite Spirituality of God) for its own sake, his learning becomes an elixir of life as it states in the holy proverbs of King Solomon: “It is a Tree of Life for those who hold fast to her”l (Proverbs 3: 18). Not only is the Torah (The Infinite Spirituality of God) life for one who meditates upon it, but it gives life to the whole world, as the sages teach us : “If you recite Torah, you do a good deed for the world, for if it were not for the Torah the world long ago would have been reduced to a state of primeval waste and desola­tion.”2 This notion is further clarified in the teaching of Elijah the Prophet, as he makes known that from the Holy One’s Presence every day angels of destruction come down intend­ing to destroy the whole world and everyone in it. If it were not for the places of prayer and houses of study in which People sit and occupy themselves with the Torah, these angels would have at once destroyed the world and its people.3

Meditation on Torah arouses the love of God, by this Judgments that have been evoked are nullified. Not always though some times God uses these Judgments for the betterment of the world. At other time the force of the love of God evoked changes the nature of the world at a future time.

Know, the spiritual gifts earned by one spiritual works for the most part now are concealed. This is the nature of the providence guiding the world now. There will come a time in the future when the full power of all the Divine works will be revealed, all in the world will be surprised.

It is the light brought forth from the Torah that repels the severe judgments of heaven. Each little thing toward this end that we do has lasting effect, as our sages teach us a good deed never ceases to reappear in one’s house.4

The impression of its energy is there forever, it is always benefiting those present. Many times in ways presently unseen.

More insight into the impact of Torah is found in the teachings of Rabbi Elazar in the Holy Zohar, as we learn there that Torah gives life and freedom in this world and adeptness in the World to Come, earning its devotees fullness of days. 5

By Meditation on these Divine thoughts, it is like one lives in 2 worlds as the Torah is really not from this world.

Also in the Zohar, Rabbi Chayah teaches that whoever labors in the Torah upholds the world and enables each part to perform its function, and the whole world is as one organic body.6

Everything is more connected than we know !, again some times the results may not appear immediately or as we may expect but keep up the good work as its effect are so far reaching.

This is especially true in our time in this dark exile from Divinity, as Elijah taught Rabbi Chayah: “As long as the sages cling to the Torah, even if Jerusalem is fallen, the evil has no dominion over them.”7 But aside from the benefits Torah provides this world, for the immortal soul, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai teaches, he who has not laid up provi­sions for the journey from this world will have nothing to eat in the other world.8 In both worlds the spiritual and the physical Torah is the elixir of life, as Rabbi Yitzchak teaches; the Torah was given in fire and darkness so that those who study and occupy themselves in it are spared from the fire Of Gehenom (hell) and the darkness of exile.9 And specifically Rabbi Shimon teaches that if a man wakes at night to study the Torah, the Torah makes known to him his sin not through chastisement, but as a mother who gently chides her son. 10

Build that “intimate” relationship with the God.

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