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The Bear Dog Man
April 20, 2009, 9:44 am
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I was reading a 1908 News paper from New Orleans when I found this :



Other weird stuff are in this news paper, check it out

Something similar “maybe” has been seen in Michigan recently

Temple, MI 2009

During the frigid and snowy winter of 2008-09, two teenaged girls were babysitting for three small children at their neighbor’s farm near Temple, Michigan. As often happens in such circumstances, when darkness fell, the girls started hearing noises outside of the house. One of them saw a shadow move across the curtains in the living room, and they were both terrified.

They quickly shut down all the lights in the house, and after a few minutes, the sounds subsided. A few minutes later, they heard a commotion that seemed to be coming from a small barn about 50 yards from the house. Knowing the building housed chickens and sheep, the girls feared that a bear had wandered on to the property seeking an easy meal.

One of the girls grabbed a digital camera and stepped out to a side porch, just in time to see what she described as “this huge dog,” rounding the side of the barn. She raised the camera, and watching through the viewfinder, was shocked when the animal stood on hind legs.

“He looked right at me,” she said in an interview later, “and I pushed the button just as he turned and ran away in the dark. “

This is the image she captured.


When the homeowners returned a few hours later, the girls showed them the photo. The man went out to the barn and found “a lot of prints, big ones.” He intended on photographing and measuring the prints the next morning, but several inches of snow had fallen, erasing that evidence.

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