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April 16, 2009, 3:48 pm
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A Russian boy has memories of previous life on mars
April 16, 2009, 3:44 pm
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Boriska – the Person from Mars
A meeting in an anomalous zone

”He could name all the planets of the solar systems and even their satellites. He was showering me with names and numbers of galaxies. At first I found it very frightening, I thought that my son was out of mind, but then I decided to check if those names really existed. I took some books on astronomy and I was shocked to find out that the boy knew so much about this science,” Nadezhda his mother said.

A round faced child with the big eyes, in a summer T-shirt and a cool baseball cap, completely unafraid of the adults, began an unbelievable story. About the Martian civilization, about megalith-cities and Martian space ships, about flights to other planets, and about the country of Lemuria on Earth, about the life of which he knew personally, having at some point flown here from Mars to this huge continent in the middle of the ocean and had friends there…

Many were shocked at two things. First, the unusual knowledge that a seven year old should not have had – not even every history professor could clearly talk about the legendary Lemuria and the Lemurians. You wouldn’t find anyone in a school or college with these memories. Science has not yet proven the existence of other civilizations, and, it would seem, is not in any hurry to prove this, being closer to the idea of the uniqueness of man in the universe. And, secondly, the speech of Boriska… It was not at the level of a child in the first grade: he used such terminology, such details and facts from the pasts of Mars and the Earth, that everyone was impressed. Only from the emotional outbursts could you tell this proper and sensible speech was from a child. “Could he have made it all up? Watched all the ‘Star Wars’ movies and started to make up stories?”

“It seems not… This did not sound like a fantasy,” argued my colleague, “More like it was the memory of the past, memories from his past reincarnations. These sorts of details can’t be imagined, they must be personally known…”
“When Boriska was born, I noticed that at 15 days old he already held his head up,” recalls Nadezhda. “His first word, “Baba” (grandmother), he said at four months old and from then on, you could say that he started to talk. He made his first sentence at 7 months, with the words, “I want a nail” – he saw a nail in the wall, although generally children start speaking much later. The most remarkable of his intellectual abilities were beyond the physical.” At the same time Boriska announced that he use to live on Mars, and that the planet was habitable, but that it survived the worst catastrophe in its history, the loss of its atmosphere, and now a few remaining inhabitants live in underground cities. At that time he often flew to the Earth on trade and scientific research missions. It would seem that he himself was a pilot of a space vessel. This was at the time of the Lemurian civilization, and he had a Lemurian friend, who died before his eyes…

“A huge catastrophe happened on Earth, where mountains exploded and a huge continent broke apart and sunk under the water, and all of a sudden a huge stone fell on the building where my friend was,” reported Boriska. “I couldn’t save him. And now on Earth we should meet again…”

Boriska sees the whole picture of the destruction of Lemuria as if it just happened, and suffers about the death of an earthling, as if he himself was guilty of causing it.
“But Lemuria was destroyed at least 800,000 years ago,” I said carefully, “and the Lemurians were more than nine meters tall – and yet somehow you remember all of this?”

“Yes, I remember,” replied Boris, and added, “certainly no one told me about it…”

Boris said In 2009 there will be the first great catastrophe on one large continent, and in 2013 there will be an even more powerful one.” Catastrophes will be connected with water,” Boriska said.

That representatives of science are truly interested in Boriska is an unarguable fact. Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Science Professor Vladislav Lugovenko of the Institute of Earthly Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Emission of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IZMIRAN) met with Boriska and invited him to Moscow for examination. One thing became clear to me after my discussions with Boriska: there is a basis to assume that these children have been inserted into Earth society with powers that are beyond the control of people – this given phenomenon has such a massive and intentional character, which has simultaneously been noticed in many countries.

Indigo Children differ in their unusual abilities, particularly their independent view of the world, knowing their own missions on Earth, being able to gather information and knowledge from the noosphere with the aid of this unforgettably open consciousness. Their role and mission in the evolutionary processes of humankind are not yet clear, however, one can suggest that it is not small. My research activity has brought me into contact with such Indigo Children.

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To get the most out of the Spiritual path taught here one needs to begin with the writings under the category called “The Guide”. The teachings there make a vessel so that one’s soul can ascend, and work with the meditative practices taught here. From learning  “The Guide” one will become familiar with the terms also that are necessary to access this wisdom.            So Enjoy and Grow !


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The Secret of the Omer
April 16, 2009, 9:44 am
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This is very secret stuff, so I can not say or explain now more than that which is written here. This is enough for those who understand.

ש”י1, Chassidim spread out all 7 weeks of omer.2 “yichudim” in days of the omer draw “Chassidim gadolim”. These are days of “yonika” (of the klippot). Where there is arroused katnut elyon. This is the idea of when Hashem told Moshe to cast down the staff and it turned to a snake and back away from it in fear. Zivug is with yesod ima in yesod Z”a. This katnut of Z’a is called נחש. This is the idea of the איילה. She is Nakavah in katnut. Whose womb is so narrow she must be bit in her genitals by a נחש to be able to give birth. Zivug in katnut depends on Atik. Zivug is like this all days of the omer till Shavuot. While in katnut the only way to get revelation of Abba and Imma is by arrousel of Atik. Its as splitting of the sea depended on Atik.(zivug of katnut, like the sea must be forced). On 7th day of passach even if it is called a time of katnut. There is reshimu of Gadlut ב of seder night. This is a aspect of birth (gadlut). This birth caused by the biting of the נחש at her genitals gives the other side only yonika from the נחש (Nefesh), and none from reshimu of Gadlut ב, the high souls of ibor of seder night (aor penimi). Sitra only gets from filth and din of the physical zivug itself. So Hashem (Z’a) said to moshe why do you call to me (call to Atik). Her womb is narrow as there are only in it 5 givurot of םןץף”ך3 Zivug of katnut  is שד”י +  ד”ם=נחשדם is revua of אהי”השד”י is the yesod of Z’a.  The sefirot of these 50 days shatter the נחש , and make “Mashiach”.4 There is a danger involved in teaching the secret of this Katnut called נחש, especially when one is in a state of katnut. The 49 days of the omer are 49 gates of Bina.5 טל (dew) falls from Chuchmah in the 49 days of the Binna, which last till Shavout. This dew purified Yisrael from the filth of the serpent from the sin of the Atz ha dat.6 From counting out the omer goes out breath from “Adam elyon” which is Z’a.7 All 7 weeks of the omer are called days of “katnut”, as Chassadim and givurot (“penimi”) don’t spread out. In days of omer there is only tikun in “makiff”, there is no tikun to “penimi”.8 During the sefirot of the omer we are purified from the 5 unclean bloods of  “galut Mytzrym”, so to be pure on Shavuot. “Mochin chitzon” (makiff) go away with the “moch penimi” after the first night of Pessach. So these must be drawn level by level. The 6th and the 7th night of the omer one needs to draw the “mochin” of Abba, not Imma. Main thing is to intend each night יהו”ה, with its nikudot these are Chassadim being Nashama “penimi”. The first 4 weeks of the omer spreads out Chaba”d being being parzufim of Atik and Nakavah, and Arich and Nakavah. They spread till Nh”y of them. The last 3 weeks of the Omer draw “mochin” of Chaga”t, being the parzufim of Abba, Imma and Yesoi”t to their Nh”y. Givurot spread in Nakavah in omer, as spreads chassadim in Z’a. The Givurot do not spread out until after the chassadim have spread in Z’a.9 By counting out the omer we draw sefirot of Z’a.10 The 7 weeks of the omer are 7 sefirot of Malchut called Shabat. They are completed and expressed in 72 names. Their main body is 70, the 2 extra are witnesses. These 72 ascend by the letter “ו”, which is Z’a.11 Bahir is Teferet, it is the light of Shabot from Pessach till Shavuot, this is light of “mattan Torah”12 There is to be דקדק in regularity in what one does during 49 days of the omer. The zohar warns of this in many places. They are the 7 midot of the Ayn-Sof.13 Work “temurot” of  יהו”ה (names) as מצפ”ץ כוז”ו (these get past the narrow womb).14 Beware of “din- givurot” of  םןץף”ך, draw “chassadim” מנצפכ . It was becouse of the arrousel from above of katnut at this time that the 24,000 students of R. Akivah died. The had hatred for one another in their hearts, and did not act respectfully toward each other. But Rabbi Akiva himself was from Dat. Which is the secret of Gadlut. Mikvot during the Omer are of “living waters” cleansing and purifying yisrael for 7 weeks, before recieving the Torah15

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Let it be known clearly that there are those specifically The Holy Rabbi Shalom Sharibi who wrote that working with the Divine names during the Omer is very dangerous and one should not. One should not Pray with the “cavanot”, the Divine names. That this will arouse judgment on oneself so beware.