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March 25, 2009, 2:34 pm
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1=א ,

ב =2

ג =3 Each Hebrew letter corresponds to a number

ד =4

ה =5

ו =6

ז =7

ח =8

ט =9

י =10

כ =20

ל =30

מ =40

נ =50

ס =60

ע =70

פ =80

צ =90

ק =100

ר =200

ש =300

ת =400



A military first !
March 25, 2009, 12:24 pm
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Anti-tank missile defense system stops attack on IDF tank

The “Trophy” system was activated for the first time during an IDF operation; force identifies and kills the Gazan gunman.

The Trophy missile defense system deployed with IDF armored units stopped an antitank missile fired by gunmen near the Gaza Strip security fence on Tuesday – the first time it was used during an IDF operation, and the first time a system of this type was successfully battle-tested anywhere in the world.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office reported that Trophy (known in Hebrew as “Meyil Ruah,” or “Windbreaker”) managed to identify and disable the incoming missile, saying no damage had been caused to the tank or its crew.

IDF tests Trophy anti-tank-missile system before deployment

“For the first time during operational activity, the Trophy system alerted and intercepted a missile,” the statement said.

Shortly afterward, IDF troops identified a gunman in the area and opened fire, killing him at the scene.

News of the 401st Armored Brigade’s successful use of the Trophy system was greeted with great fanfare in the IDF, which viewed the incident as “historic,” and emphasized that it had been the first successful application of any system of its type not only in Israel, but in any country’s armed forces.

No group in the Gaza Strip claimed responsibility for the missile attack on the tank.

“Terrorist organizations are constantly operating to target Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers,” the army said. “The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for maintaining the calm in the Gaza Strip and for any terrorist activity emanating from it.”

Trophy made its debut in August 2009, when the IDF declared it operational and began the process of outfitting a battalion of tanks with the system. It is an active-protection system that stops incoming projectiles by spraying a small blast of buckshot-like material in their path. It was developed jointly by Rafael and Israel Aerospace Industries.

A system of this type attained great importance following the Second Lebanon War, during which IDF Merkava tanks were repeatedly hit by anti-tank missiles fired by Hezbollah. It is currently being installed on every new Merkava tank being produced.

Rafael announced earlier on Tuesday that the United States had completed a six-week test evaluation of the system.



a highly-placed U.S. intelligence official late yesterday warned of the abandonment of Israel by the U.S
March 25, 2009, 11:28 am
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A certain American Military Man can be quoted as saying “With the current administration in the United States and the general negative attitude towards Israeli self-defense within its own government and in global leadership, Israel is doing an excellent job towards its own demise.”

When asked :


“I truly wish Israel would use nukes, but they do not want to be the second nation to responsibly use them because the third nation will make sure the first two are obliterated. Instead, Israel WILL LOSE 1/3 of her population in the coming “war” (not some skirmish like going into the Gaza,G-d fordid). She will then decimate her enemies in hopes of securing safety and peace for generations to come. She will be wrong as the Bible says, but that is something we will all witness (unless (glimmer of hope)) we are so lucky to have some sudden evacuation prior to hell on earth, though after a watching Band of Brothers all weekend, I have to admit our WWII ancestors truly faced such a hell on earth for what???? Did they sacrifice to permit OBAMA and his Commi friends to destroy the entire thread of a great society and burn every treaty we have with nations that have some moral thread left such as England? and ???? Oh well, too much to rant about. G-D just let the sh-t fly and leave me out of it, this time. Thanks.”

A U.S. Intelligence official “breaks silence” on Israel situation”

U.S. Intelligence Official about Israel: “This is just the beginning”

Northeast Intelligence Network director Doug Hagmann interviewed a highly-placed U.S. intelligence official late yesterday who warned of the increasing probability of abandonment of Israel by the U.S. and other Western countries based on what he termed “malicious intelligence.”

“Remember that term,” advised this well-placed intelligence official, “you’ll be hearing it again.”

“This is just the beginning,” stated this intelligence official, who wished to remain anonymous. This official stated Israel could be about to lose the support of the United States.

“I have every reason to believe, based on what I’ve seen at my level of [security] clearance especially over the last several years, that Israel will soon be completely on their own… or worse.” When asked what could be worse than losing the support of the United States, he stated: “when our administration provides more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation.”

According to this official, the U.S. has been slowly proceeding down this road. He cited the 2005 surrender of Gush Katif to the Palestinian Authority as one critical example of the slow dismantlement of Israel as a viable nation. “Despite critical intelligence outlining in every possible manner imaginable that this would be a disastrous move leading to the events we are seeing today, it was done anyway,” he stated.

“We are seeing the very scenario play out today that was outlined in intelligence briefs three and four years ago. Knowing that, there is something very wrong with this picture,” he stated.

He added that Western media is also playing a very big role in the current war in the Middle East, thanks, in part, to carefully worded statements prepared by political officials in Washington. Officials in the current administration, like some previous administrations, submit carefully crafted informational releases to a media that is controlled by those having special interests that are contrary to a legitimate peace in the Middle East.

“The game is rigged. At the highest levels of power in the U.S. and even by some in power in Israel, the game is rigged,” he emphasized.

The next obvious question in this interview was, of course, “how is it rigged?” followed by ”how are you in a position to know?”

This official responded by stating that he has spent the last two decades serving in “an unfortunate position where intelligence and politics meet and often collide.” Now, merely days away from retirement, he stated that he is looking forward to leaving his position after conducting over 20 years of intelligence work “that has been molded and massaged to advance the agendas of a select few.”

He continued: “When an intelligence work product that has been thoroughly and properly vetted is submitted to those in Washington, and I see a completely different and entirely inaccurate product intentionally submitted and aired in the media, only to be told ‘that is the way it must be,’ then I know it’s time for me to leave.”

“It is obvious to me that most Americans don’t understand or don’t care what is actually happening in the Middle East relative to Israel. People don’t understand history, or have been subjected to revisionist history based on lies and more lies. Add to that a media that fails to provide an accurate assessment of what is taking place in Israel, in Gaza, and you end up with a very bad situation for Israel,” stated this source. He added that the disinformation coming and going to and from Washington is getting worse, as is the media bias against Israel.

The events currently taking place in Israel are extremely perilous for Israel and especially perilous for the national security of the United States, according to this source. Contrary to the accepted assessments of “Middle East experts” in the news, our intelligence services have “ample evidence to prove active collusion and support between HAMAS and other terrorist organizations, both Sunni and Shite. Further, there is a level of Iranian complicity in this war that is not being talked about, or being dismissed out of hand because of the schism between the Sunni and Shia sects,” stated this source.

“I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you;

I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.
I will bless those who bless you,

and whoever curses you I will curse;

and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

The Lord to Abram, Genesis 12:2-3

Within the quote from Genesis above, which is primarily known as the “Abrahamic Covenant,” very probably lies the destiny of the United States of America should our government “curse” the State of Israel and abandon her to face the numerous and very powerful existential threats alone. That covenant made by the Lord was unconditional and made eternal through the unilateral sealing of it by God Himself as recorded in Genesis 15.

Blessings or curses are rendered unto specific individuals or entire nations depending on whether they bless or curse Israel. This is the extremely perilous domain into which the United States of America has recently been taken by the dictum of a world-socialist elite who have in the past decade determined our national policy with respect to Israel.

Concern over these passages as they could relate to the United States of America has been a great concern ever since it became increasingly evident that the U.S. was imposing a political will upon that which the Lord had ordained as His Will for Israel and His people and the Land given to them. The reestablishment of the State of Israel in 1948, exactly as foretold in Deuteronomy 30:1-10, Jeremiah 32:36-44 and Ezekiel 36 and 37, are prophecy in the process of a literal fulfillment. These facts are an unmistakable indicator of where planet earth resides within the prophetic timeline.

It is my opinion that the events we are witnessing at this time are setting the stage for the next great war in the Middle East,